Caroline and Jim at the Bit

Alpha Bit

Being a part of the larger Mapleton-Deadwood community is important to us. In fact, it's a natural consequence of the original vision: if indeed we are to change the world, not by proselytizing or politicizing, but rather by allowing a fullness of spirit and openness of heart to be dominant in us, then it follows that an invitation to some exposure is in order. That's how Alpha-Bit came into being.

In the beginning we could scarcely afford it, but since creating a common ground for meeting the public was a priority, we borrowed on credit established in our "previous" lives. The result is a bookstore-cafe in which we offer useful services: healthy food, well-selected books, quality notecards, and crafts. The name, a bit of Alpha, reflects the true purpose of extending to the greater community a certain kind of atmosphere--a lightness of spirit, friendship to strangers, and an openness of who we are and what we are about.

Alpha-Bit is located in Mapleton where Highway 126 and Highway 36 meet, just over an hour's drive west of Eugene and 14 miles inland from the coastal town of Florence. For more information please call (541) 268-4311.

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