Circuit Strut

What Is Circuit Strut?

Circuit Strut is a two-part aluminum extrusion that combines both a mechanical channel for attaching theatrical lighting instruments to an integral electrical conduit.Circuit StrutThe shape and size of the systems lends itself to utilizing virtually every kind and make of electrical connector used in the entertainment lighting industry. The system can also be used to hang and power other equipment such as video monitors and speakers. Applications of this product can include theater, concert touring, tradeshow booths, display windows, theme parks, etc. There will be a variety of hardware designed and made available, in due course, that will add many mechanical attachment and electrical possibilities, such as electrical contractor applications.

How is Circuit Strut better than other hanging equipment?

Circuit Strut is the only product that combines an independent universal electrical cavity with a fully adjustable mechanical track. This allows any number of fixtures of any size to be used on the same track. Furthermore, the configurations of the instruments can bechanged at any time to support new lighting requirements. The unique recessed snap cover, on which most receptacles are mounted, keeps the receptacles within the overall perimeter of the channel, protecting them from most external abuse. Most other related Circuit Strut Light Barproducts have no place to mount the electrical receptacles in a convenient manner, and/or they do not have the fully adjustable mechanical attachment channel. Lastly, one side of the main channel is designed specifically to receive the industry standard multicable connector, the 19-pin Socapex (of which many clones now exist).

Why is Circuit Strut's design superior to other designs?

Circuit Strut was designed with over 20 years experience in the industry. Most every possible scenario was thought about during itís design phase. Each probable connector and hardware possibility were drawn in CAD and massaged to fit into the final design. No other system has had this degree thought put into a final commercially available product in the applicable industry(ies).Circuit Strut

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