In The Beginning

In 1971, four people in Philadelphia discovered a strong bond of agreement among them - an agreement that went beyond words. They shared a powerful spiritual "leading" - indeed, a compulsion - to embrace like-minded people in intentional community and to have faith in the spirit they felt. They realized that the social and political activism in which they were engaged needed to be relinquished, and something drastically different and really quite simple needed to take its place. They wrote in a prospectus, "The renewal of the social order, we now see, must begin with ourselves. We seek to change our basic assumptions and patterns of daily living; to accomplish this we must alter our patterns of thought. We must live ourselves into the future we seek."

They felt with a deep certainty that for them a rural, holistic community needed to happen, and quickly - and events seemed to coalesce to bring it into existence. Within one short year of that initial vision, the land was found, funds were raised, like-minded people gathered, and community life began. As though by divine design, the name for the community was discovered: The old homestead, it turned out, had once served as a tiny post office named Alpha. How fitting! Alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, meaning "the beginning."

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