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Recommended Reading

  • Auvine, Brian, Michel Avery, Barbara Streibel and Lonnie Weiss. Building United Judgement: A Handbook For Consensus Decision Making. Fellowship For Intentional Community: Rutledge, MO, 1999.
  • Auvine, Brian, Betsy Densmore, Mary Extrom, Scott Poole, Michel Shanklin. A Manual For Group Facilitators. Fellowship For Intentional Community: Rutledge, MO, 1999.
  • Lakey, Berit. Clearness. New Society Publishers: Philadelphia.
  • Sheeran, Michael J. Beyond Majority Rule. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Of Friends: Philadelphia, 1996.
  • Snyder, Monteze, Joanna Schofield and Cheryl Gibbs, ed. Quaker-based Consensus Making: A Manual For Workshop Participants. Earlham College: Richmond, IN (in production).
  • Web Library of Consensus Articles
  • Group Decision Making Tool Kit
  • Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Handbook
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