How To Visit

Each year hundreds of people visit Alpha. Visitors make a significant contribution to our lives, and all are welcome who are interested in this kind of cooperative living.

Daytime visits are most easily arranged. Please call ahead (around 7 o'clock PM Pacific time is a good time). We have a limit to the number of people we can handle at any one time, and an initial visit is usually limited to three days (longer if you are travelling a great distance). Weekdays are preferable to weekends, as we can integrate visitors into the work schedule more easily (most of the community has weekends off). There are also animals here, both wild and domesticated, so if you must bring pets, you may need to keep them in your vehicle.

We prefer that our visitors participate in the life of the community as much as circumstances allow, Most likely, for those physically able, this will include sharing our work - one of the best ways to get to know Alpha. We do not request monetary contributions, although they are welcome.

We recommend that visitors first see Alpha-Bit, our store in Mapleton; it is located at the junction of Oregon highways 126 and 36, just over an hour's drivewest of Eugene and 14 miles inland from the coastal town of Florence. Detailed directions to the farm may be obtained at Alpha-Bit.

Although we are online, visits are best scheduled over the phone. If you have any further questions, please see our FAQ, call us at (541) 964-5102, or visit our store.

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