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Why Alpha?

We come to this point of beginning from many directions.

Each of us has spent years in the city living, working and hoping for its revitalization. We have major portions of our lives and energies working for peace and social change. We have come to realize, however, that our work, while necessary and gripping, is outwardly focused. We have sought to change the minds, hearts and actions of others, but we now see that the renewal of the social order must begin with ourselves. As a result, we seek to change our basic assumptions and patterns of daily living. To accomplish this we must live ourselves into the future we seek.

Socially we envision a modified style of family life that overcomes the isolation and rigid classifications of single persons, couples, and separate families. We intend to encourage and succor nuclear families in Alpha; and we consider physical privacy for each individual to be an elementary right and need. Simultaneously we seek to correct the isolation and built-in tensions of the nuclear family which has occurred in the industrial age. Children and adults alike need to share emotional and physical support with more than one or two individuals. Community members of all ages should participate together in the living and growing of each other.

Economically, we place greater trust in the strength and stability of an integrated cooperative living/working group than in separate, competing economic units. Recent American experience has bestowed prosperity on many, but some of us remember it not always being so and are concerned for the future. We are of the opinion that a family-like sharing of our resources and skills affords greater security than bank accounts or individual property. This, of course, presupposes a spiritually and psychologically integrated "family," complete with love, care, and responsibility of a true family. Without retreating into economic isolation, we wish to retrieve some of the self-sufficiency of our lives which is made impossible as single individuals in a society sharply dependant on technology. Technology has made obsolete the romantic era of the pioneer; technology has even made obsolete the notion of a genuinely self-sufficient nuclear family. A measure of self-sufficiency today can be accomplished only as a group.

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