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(a) mark pressed in paper indicating superior quality
(b) a small sign and art studio specializing in superior quality.

 Carol Chapel of Watermark Signs

Watermark is a studio specializing in logo developments, sandblasted signs and gold leaf on glass.

Watermark can design a logo that is appropriate for all your advertising needs, then translate that logo into a letterhead design or vehicle identification or sign advertising.

Watermark can design the image you want to project.

A Sandblasted sign will give you a dimensional sign that looks as good years from now as it does today. Add gold leaf to that dimension and you will have a truly handsome sign. Or, a sandblasted sign can be painted. Either way you will have a sign to be proud of.

Signs are the hardest working form of advertising a company can have. Compare the price of a nice sign to newspaper, radio, T.V. or yellow pages advertising and you'll discover the sign is a bargain.

Gilding can be done on a variety of materials, from glass and wood to high density urethane or even vehicles.

In the past a genuine gold leaf sign indicated a merchant or professional who was established and took pride in the community.

It still does.

In addition, it is a beautiful way to stand out in the crowd. Burnished gold on a window glass reflects every movement passing by. The reflection animates the sign and draws attention to itself.

If you want special treatments, such as sandblasted glass or glue chipping along with gold leaf, Watermark can do that.

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