This was a great show and an unforgettable experience for a steam fan. The Saturday excursion of 3751 and her train to the south rim of the Grand Canyon on GCRy track was really something. GCRy ran their regular steam powered excursion as well, and provided 4960 as a double-header helper to the 3751 partway to the canyon. All three engines posed at the Depot with El Tovar visible in the background. The return trip actually consumed four hours, with double headers, one train running past the other, and a triple header at sunset. My grandson Austin went with me and we took lots of photos. Great trip!

Star of the Show, ATSF 3751

3751 and 4960 doubleheading

3751, 4960 and 18 at Grand Canyon South rim

3751 crew working Saturday morning

Same three, photo by Austin Alameda, age 10

Drake, AZ. Hell's Canyon. 500 people got this shot! By Austin

The obligatory wedge shot, 3751

Photo Line

3751 Runby

Another doubleheader

4960 Arriving Williams, by Austin

TRIPLE header with 18, almost dark, by Austin

Passing Paulden, going home, by Austin

Needles, 8/20, Photo by Roy Forbes of Kingman

Needles, 8/20, Another by Roy Forbes

Grandpa, by Austin

Thanks to BNSF, Grand Canyon Railway, SBRHS, NRHS, National Park Service, all the volunteer crew members for a great show.

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