McCloud River Railroad Photo Special

Your humble website owner was privileged to ride with some of the most famous railfan photographers, authors and publishers on this special, organized by Martin E. Hansen. I did not attend the night photo shoot on October 18. Martin wanted us to form up at O630 on the 19th, which we did, and it was cold, good for steam. First light was about an hour later, and we took advantage of it. No. 18, McCloud's 2-8-2, is, as Martin says, "very photogenic." It doesn't hurt to have Mt. Shasta in the background, either.

First light alongside Mt. Shasta

Very early in the morning

"Glint" shot, morning sun

Fall colors

Close beside the rails

Past the water tower at Bartle

Nice background

Pretty locomotive

Near the end of the adventure

It's over

Yours truly in the cab

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