New! Curtiss Lumber Co. Heisler No. 2, Garibaldi, OR, Sept. 22

The RailsNW group organized a steam trip scheduled to run from Garibaldi to Salmonberry, OR on September 22, 2007. I signed up, motivated by all of the midwest fans postings of the 261, 2816 and 844 steam all over the place. Needed some steam. I got to Garibaldi about an hour before the boarding call and got a runby as the Curtiss Lumber Heisler steamed into the station with the consist of two open cars, two RDC's and a caboose.

Good briefing by BobJ, Jill and Kerrigan and Kyrian Gray, concerning photo lines, safety, and details of the trip. About 60 people boarded for the trip. Three were missing. Off we went. The Pacific NW TV meteoroligists really missed the call for rain. The weather was great, sun, clouds, blue skies. The Grays called for a runby at Rockaway Beach. Wow, the missing folks caught up with us. They had flown in from AZ and due to traffic problems arrived in Garibaldi just in time to watch us depart the station. They were now aboard.

There was a nice park alongside the line at Wheeler, so another couple of runbys were staged there.

A lunch break had been scheduled, and kept, at the Nehalem Bay Winery. Nice lunch served after everyone got off the train. The Heisler backed down the right of way for servicing.

After lunch, the train performed a runby returning to the winery to pick up us passengers. Everyone boarded and we were about to leave. Bad sounds were coming from the Heisler. We sat for a while, the engine disconnected and ran forward a ways, and it was obvious there was a problem.

After a long wait, the announcement was made that the Heisler had a mechanical problem and would not continue on. All passengers were then repositioned into the RDC's, and the open cars and steamer were left behind as one of the RDC's were powered up and started dragging us back to Garibaldi. We even had an RDC runby (crawlby?) on the return.

Here is a shot of the well organized photo lines, some of the best I have seen,

And some other shots of the engine and train.

Back in Garibaldi, the Rayonier 90 still sits in display and looks pretty good despite the rods lying alongside.

All in all it was a very enjoyable day and trip. I'll be back for the Salmonberry run.

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