4449 at Cruisin' Sherwood, 2008, plus Curtiss Lumber Co. Heisler No. 2, Garibaldi to Rockaway, OR, Cab Ride, June 15, 08

After my initial exposure to the Oregon Coast Scenic Railway last September, I decided to book a cab ride this season, and since I was committed to help the ORHF at Sherwood on June 14, booked June 15. The increasing price of gasoline was a motivator.

I drove to Sherwood early Saturday morning and arrived just as the car show opened. Ran into a lot of old friends and went to work in the concession booth. "Daylight Dave" was on hand and had a supply of new T-shirts with the Sherwood theme for this year.

Dave Brown, Martin and Marie Hansen were also volunteers.

The big guest of honor.

Pretty '59 Corvette.

Larry Miller and Daylight Dave at work?

Doyle must have said something hilarious.

Durango's Buick and Martin's Saleen Mustang.

Our concession booth.

Last shot before leaving for Garibaldi.

I motored over to Garibaldi, and as I pulled up to the motel, there was Curtiss Lumber Heisler No. 2 backing down from the station. My camera got very little rest.

Backing up.

The next morning I got out early to watch the Heisler build up steam. Interestingly, the GN F unit 274 which belongs to Doyle, is stranded there at Garibaldi due to the track damage between Nehalem and Banks from a December storm.

Heisler backing up with the static display 2-8-2 No. 90 in the shot. Looks like an active yard.

I boarded for the cab ride and engineer Aaron Zorko is throttling for departure.

Fireman Dave Proffitt at work.

Tracks ahead from the fireman's side.

Aaron oiling around at our stop in Rockaway.

Dave took a "hero shot" of yours truly after reboarding the engine.

Dave during the reverse move to Garibaldi.

Aaron during the reverse move.

I shot the next trip departing Garibaldi for Rockaway.

Last year I said I would be back for the Salmonberry run. This was even better. Another good day.

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