Waldport Walkers

Where were YOU? Photo taken on our sixth or seventh hike, along an access road to a reservoir off Blodgett Road. A very beautiful place.

Here's another, taken on September 14 about two miles along Ten Mile Creek road.

The Waldport Walkers meet at Keady Wayside, the corner of Maple Street and Highway 101, at 9:30 AM on Mondays and Thursdays. From there we decide where we will hike for the day. Come join us.


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Waldport. Photo by John Beauchamp.


The city of Waldport now has a trails committee, which meets every first Monday at the Waldport City Hall, at 3:30 PM. You are all welcome to attend and contribute to the discussion. Mike and Marjorie, please contact Robyn at

Robyn sent a report from Mondady, October 21, 2019, along with the photo: Here are Today's walkers pics which I thought would be nice as we had two new to me people join me today, although they've been with the group before I joined up a few months ago.  Mike and Marjorie.  The hike was along Lint Slough, and many mushrooms types were observed.

Mike and Marjorie, please contact Robyn at robynlas@gmail.com

Robyn sent this report and photos from Monday, October 7. I see Bob, Robyn, Brad and Bill. Need identity of the newcomers. Bill brought a couple visiting friends along for the hike, we hiked from the Cape Perpetua visitor's center and took the Oregon Coast Trail over to Cummins Creek, and then walked up the Cummins Creek Loop Trail just a bit before we turned around and retraced our steps back to the visitor's center.  It was a lovely walk.

Thanks again to Bill, your scribe joined the hikers on Wednesday, October 2. Robyn, Bob, Brad and Kay, Bill and Jim ventured to Cape Perpetua, and chose the Gwynn Creek trail for our hike. It was an excellent choice, as always. About 1 1/2 miles up, Jim, Brad and Kay reversed course while Bill, Robyn and Bob continued on. Photos taken at the point we split up. It was a great experience for me to get back into the group once again.

Thanks to Bill, here is his report from Monday, September 30, 2019. A few people walked the Woodland trail today, photos attached if you feel up to posting on the website. First photo has from left to right Brad, Kay, Bob and Bill. The second one has Brad, Kay, Bob and Robyn. Brad and Kay said that they used to walk with the group at the time of John Mare. Bob is a newcomer.

WE ARE STILL HERE!! ON Wednesday, September 25, Bill Ratteree sent the following: attached a couple of photos from a small group which got together on Monday at Keady Wayside, then went to the small waterfall up Blodgett Rd. The three ladies in the first photo are left to right Robyn, Karen with her dog Westly and Kelly. In the 2nd photo you have Karen + Westly, Kelly and Bill.

After getting rid of malware and recovering, we may be able to continue to update this site. On June 3, Karen sent this photo of herself, Lyle and Westly with a report that they walked about a mile and a half south of Keady Wayside, on the beach, and I assume returned. Karen asked for others to join them, and I second that request. We had too much fun in the past, hiking. Let's continue.

HI folks, to anyone who still checks this site. Your webmaster, Jim, suffered a stroke on April 30 which did a real number on his memory, brain type. It has taken until today for me to figure out how to get on to the site to update the files. I do not intend to keep it up in the future. If any of you (Karen?) would like to take over, please let me know. My email address is fitzrr@pioneer.net and I would also like to hear from anyone who has read this recently. Please let me know. If there is no interest, I may just wipe out the entire history. I don't want to do this, but if no one views it, why not? I have enjoyed hosing it, but my memory problems need to be addressed. Thank you for listening. Jim.
Terry reported Monday, April 22, "Linda Marley and me at Driftwood beach with a minus tide " and I thank Terry for the report and these photos.

Terry's report for Thursday, March 28, stated that he and Karen, with Marley and Westly, hiked the beach north of Driftwood, and ran into Susan along the way. Is anyone else going to join Terry and Karen? Thanks Terry, for the pics, too.

Terry reported that on Thursday, March 21, he (with Marley) and Karen (with Westly) hiked to Patterson Park beach. From Terry's photos, they found the "Big Stump."

Your scribe went out to hike later than our usual gathering time, as has become his new caregiver role. Decided to try the Woodland Trail on Monday, March 18, and found Terry (with Marley) and Karen (with Westly) coming down the trail from their adventure today. Photos from Terry show that they stopped at the playground and let their canines play with the seal statue there. It was good to see them, and gosh, three of us at once on the same trail after a long drought.

Terry has sent reports for Monday, March 11 and Thursday March 14, where just he and Marley have shown up, and he asks "Where is everyone?"

I am back after another visit to OHSU for 12 days. If anyone has anything to report, please let me know at "fitzrr@pioneer.net." If there is no interest, I may just give this up. 500 hikes may have been enough.

Terry sent a report for Thursday, January 31. He, with Marley, LindaMarie and Brenda hiked the Waldport bridge. They observed seals feeding and heading to the sandbars. Pics by Terry. I was gone, another trip to OHSU. If anyone hiked on Feb. 4 after the snow, please send me a report.

Hike number 501 took place on Monday, January 28. At Terry's suggestion, he (with Marley), Colleen, Karen (with Westly) and Jim decided to investigate the newly installed frisbee golf course along the Woodland Trail. A lot of effort went into the construction of this enterprise. We were happy to see that the tree which had fallen across the trail had been removed (thanks City workers). The frisbee course is complete with "tees," "holes" which are baskets, and the natural beauty of the forest as a course, and it is well signed. Photos below of our hikers at a tee, a hole, and on a bridge which was constructed as part of the course. Interesting investigation today.

We awoke on January 21 to the bright light of what was variously called "Super," or "Blood" Moon, which experienced a total eclipse last night. It soon disappeared behind our usual clouds. This was also Martin Luther King Day. Among the celebrations of the day was the 500th Monday Hike for the Waldport Walkers. 500! dating back to June 2009. The large turnout of hikers consisted of LindaMarie, Colleen, and Jim. Jim had noticed that the aviation warning lights on the tall cell tower north of the river have not been operating for a couple of weeks, so suggested that Legion Road be revisited to check the tower. This we did, and noticed that there are many more vehicles parked along the edge of the road, making the place resemble a homeless camp, which it may be. We did not encounter the past "lakes" which have been filled and graded. We did encounter a gate about a mile and a half in, with Private Property signs, so we reversed course. Returning to our usual parking spot, we ventured down the power line access road a ways. Tried a selfie with my little phone and got a few other shots.

A clear night guaranteed a sunny but cold day on Monday, January14, along with an east wind. Those conditions prompted Colleen, LindaMarie, Karen (with Westly), Terry (with Marley) and Jim to head for shelter in the forest. We decided on the Lint Slough trail, and on the way in stopped to pay tribute to our late friend and fellow hiker, Jack Christensen, at his memorial plaque. We encountered Father Joseph of St. Anthony's with his dogs Allie and Sophie, coming out in the opposite direction after hiking the trail. LindaMarie and Jim elected to skip the end of the trail and reversed course about 3/4 of the way in. We trust the rest of the group made it all the way. A reminder that next Monday, the 21st, will mark our 500th Monday hike, and we would welcome ALL of our former hikers on the above list to join us on that day. We will most likely celebrate with lunch somewhere in town, Grand Central Pizza? Todays photos to follow.

For our first hike of 2019, we tried something different. We hiked up the Woodland Trail, then took Crestline, Range and a few other streets to reach the site of the proposed new development south of Norwaood Heights. From there we hiked the remnants of the former trail that ran from the Forest Service headquarters up to Norwood Heights then down Norwood to our beginning site. Sue, Karen (with Westly), LindaMarie, Terry (with Marley), and Colleen joined Jim for this adventure. There was a lot of evidence on the Woodland Trail that high winds had blown through the area. See the first picture for the largest debris found on the trail. We also found several of the new Frisbee Golf tees along the trail, which is evidently destined to be a golf course. Thanks Terry, for your photo.

I'm back. As it turns out, LindaMarie took charge of Monday hikes on December 17 and 24, guiding new folks to the Woodland Trail and the bridge. Thanks, LindaMarie. On New Years Eve 2018, Mike, LindaMarie, Terry (with Marley) and Jim elected to stay close to town and do a double trip across the bridge and back. We got a report from LindaMarie about her river cruise in Europe and her adventures since returning back to Waldport. Just a reminder that on the third Monday in January 2019, the 21st, our 500th Monday hike will take place. All are welcome. There will be a "first" (of the year) hike in Yachats tomorrow on the Amanda Trail, and it is usually a big event. Happy New Year to all of you.

Thanks to Terry for the pic. Rick Frost called today and wishes all of us well.

Your scribe did not hike on Monday, December 17 after returning from my wife's stay at OHSU all last week. Probably will not show up Monday Christmas Eve as well. If anyon did hike last week please send me a report at fitzrr@pioneer.net. Thanks.

Monday, December 10 was a nice day. Kevin, Karinne, Karen (with Westly), Sue and Jim decided to revisit Cape Perpetua. The surf was wild and we parked at the spouting horn and hiked the Oregon Coast Trail south to Gwynn Creek, then up the Gwynn Creek trail again, partway. Karen educated us on the difference between sword ferns and deer ferns. As you know, Gwynn Creek has a regular fern forest. Thanks to Kevin for the pics. I forgot my camera.

Monday, December 3 was cold, just above 40 degrees. Jim's daughter Laurie was visiting, and the two of them were joined by Sue and Harry. Laurie, Sue and Harry had never experienced Gwynn Creek trail at Cape Perpetua, so that is where we went. Parked at Neptune Beach after experiencing a short delay on highway 101 due to "Bridge Work." Gwynn Creek was running pretty strongly and was audible for almost the entire hike, and the trail was as invitingly scenic as always. We saw many elk slides and quite a variety of mushrooms and other fungus. Another fun day.

Even though it had warmed up on Monday, November 26, only five hikers gathered for today's outing. Karen (with Westly), Mike and Marjorie, Kevin, returned from South Africa, and Jim decided to stay close to home and chose Blodgett Road for the day. Much conversation took place in a group this small, and the hike went by quickly. Mike and Marjorie are returning home to Colorado, and Marjorie sent two of the photos below. Kevin told of adventures with elephants, giraffes and other animals in South Africa.

Only 8 more hikes to go, for number 500, some time in January 2019.

Nine hikers met on Monday, November 19. During the hike we found out that this was Michele's birthday, so we celebrated it as we walked Amanda's Trail as far as her statue site. Those celebrating were Michele, of course, Mike, Colleen, Harry, Lynne, Terry (with Marley), Andy (with Tucker), Karen (with Westly), and Jim. This is always a beautiful hike and today was no exception. We always pose for pictures at Amanda's site, but tried a few other spots today. Didn't want to exceed the speed limit of 30 while hiking, and wanted to show the forest, lots of trees, along that trail. Thanks Terry for the group shot.

Thanks, Terry for the pics and report for today, Thursday, November 15. Terry (with Marley), Harry, Karen (with Westly), and Andy (with Tucker) ventured out on the beach from Curtis Street.

Following a few very cold mornings, Monday November 12 was sunny and windy, which invited us to return to the forest, so we chose old favorite, the fish ladder. Three of us had not been there before. We welcomed the return of Mike and Marjorie, joined by Harry, Karinne, Karen (with Westly), Terry (with Marley), Lynne, Sue and Jim. As we drove up the road to our starting point, we noticed several vehicles parked along the way, and assumed that they belonged to hunters, though we did not encounter anyone on the trail. That trail is always a wonder to behold, and those who had not ventured there before were duly impressed with its beauty and the "surprise" which greets us at the end of the road. By the time we returned to the cars, it had gotten much warmer, another nice hike. Pics by Jim and Terry.

Here is Andy's report from Thursday, November 8. It looks like they hiked Cummins RIDGE trail which I don't think we have ever done as a group. Report: On this clear and chilly morning, Terry with Marley, Andy with Tucker, and a new member Harry, tackled the Cummins Creek Wilderness Area south of Cape Perpetua. The slow and steady climb was quite and shielded from from the brisk coastal breeze. Total hike was just under 4 miles. Terry found an unusual fungi which I’m sure he looked up as soon as he got home.

It was raining and the tide was high on Monday, November 5, so we went inland to the South Jetty trails in Newport. Karinne, Terry, Sue, Ineke, Paul, Colleen, Andy (with Tucker) and Jim hiked the new and old trails to the South Jetty sharing conversation along the way. Photos by Jim and Terry, one with the tiny mushrooms we spotted along the way.

Andy reported the Thursday, November 1 (how did we get to November already?) hike with some nice selfies. Andy's report: What started as a wet and drizzly morning soon evolved into an excellent day for a hike. Karen with Westly, and Andy with Tucker, took on the 804. We parked at Yachats State Park and worked our way to Starr Creek and back. Luckily the steps to the beach have yet to be removed for the off season.

Here is Andy's report from Monday, October 29: On this last Monday of October, we were fortunate enough to get a break in the rain. Pat, Karinne, Sue, Ineke and her husband Paul, Bill, Andy and Tucker, elected to hike the Amanda Trail. Pat is a new member, and Karinne is a returning member of our group. Unfortunately the terrain proved too hard on Pat’s knees, so Pat and Sue split off to hike the 804 trail. Photos from Andy.

Will this fog ever lift? Monday, October 22, seven of us wished Lindamarie well as she is leaving for a European river cruise. We seven, Ineke, Colleen, Terry (with Marley), Karen (with Westly), Andy and his visiting son Jeff (with Tucker) and Jim, who had been hyping Beaver Creek for weeks, actually went there, or as it is now known, Brian Booth State Park. We inspected all of the work which had been done by state employees since our last visit. Obviously there are plans for expansion of the facilities there. When we reached the bridge over Beaver Creek there was a sign there stating that the marsh trail was closed, but there were plans to construct a walkway across the marsh, which we look forward to using. There was evidence that the Alder trail had experienced vehicle traffic, but we did not explore it. As we reached the steep part on the east end of the loop, the trail had been blocked by brush, and a new trail started to its right. We did not explore that and did not go to Snaggy Point. There would have been no view from there with the fog. We did accomplish about four miles. Thanks, Terry for the added photo.

Thursday, October 18 report from Terry along with the photos: Giant spruce trail with Terry, Lyle, Andy and Lindamarie.

A beautiful sunny Monday October 15 attracted 9 hikers to Keady Wayside. Bill, Terry (with Marley), Lynne, Lindamarie, Andy (with Tucker), Michele, Kevin, Susan and Jim decided we had not been to Cape Perpetua for quite some time, so we decided to park at the Spouting Horn and hike the Pacific Coast trai to Neptune beach. It was a good choice and the tide was perfect for access to the beach. On sunny days like this the ocean is a sight to behold, beautiful. We did see a few other hikers including a couple with an unfriendly dog. Our canines made it past that one OK. Photos by Terry and Jim.

Andy sent the following report for Thursday, October 11: For this sunny Thursday morning, the East Coast Waldport Hikers (LindaMarie, Joyce with Angel, Karen with Westly, and Andy with Tucker) elected to hike the Woodland Trail with a twist. The East Coast comes from the recent discovery that we all have roots on the east coast. The Twist comes from Andy leading the group and not paying attention. We end up having to walk down Crestline for a portion of the hike. The city of Waldport is building crushed rock pads; presumably for the disc golf course.

Monday, October 8, when Columbus Day was celebrated, was very foggy and rainy. For our 485th Monday hike, Kevin, Andy (with Tucker) and Jim donned their raingear and planned to beach walk to the port, then go to Lint Slough. The tide erased the first part of that plan, so we walked city streets to the Slough Trail and went close to the end of it and returned. The post office was quiet for the holiday, and even the wildlife seemed subdued, though we did spot a flock of Canadian geese with a heron friend in the slough. Tucker enjoyed the hike.

Andy's report from Thursday, October 4: On Thursday October 4th, our small group of three elected to walk the east side of the Alsea Bay Bridge. A little chilly heading out, but the sun greeted us for the return leg of our hike. Andy (with Tucker), Karen (with Westly) and Lindamarie. Thanks Andy.

On the first day of October, our penchant for beach walking continued and we returned to Driftwood Beach. The tide was going out and there was plenty of beach to hike. Mike and Michele brought their visiting friends Neil and Theresa, Terry brought his son Dan (and Marley), Andy brought (Tucker), and they were joined by Susan, Lindamarie, Ineke and Jim. It was another perfect day for a hike and we enjoyed each others company. After reversing course near Seal Rock, we encountered Rick running along the beach. Photos by Jim and Terry.

Terry reported the following from Thursday, September 27: My son Dan and Lindamarie were the only ones with me today. Nice leisurely walk at Driftwood beach, we found a number of agates.

Another beautiful fall day greeted us on Monday, September 24. Colleen, Lynne, Terry (with Marley), Brad and Kay, Sue, Ineke, Andy (with Tucker), Susan and Jim decided to hike the South Jetty trails at the South Beach State Park. Six cars transported the 10 hikers. Some new signs have been installed defining the Old South Jetty trail, which we hiked and it is a beautiful sight. We thought it should be renamed to "Huckleberry Trail" as there were many, many huckleberry bushes loaded with berries along the way. Upon reaching the south jetty we enjoyed the sights of the bay, the bridge, and the lighthouse across the bay. Our return to parking was on the new trail. Thanks Terry for additional pics.

On Thursday, Sept. 20, Lyle, LindaMarie and Karen (with Westly) hiked south from Paterson S.P. It was a wonderful sunny day and the high tide was not a problem because the beach there is wide. The round trip was about 3 miles. Thank you for the report, Karen.

Monday, September 17, drew Andy (with Tucker), Michele, Colleen, Terry (with Marley), Lynne, Susan, Bill, Sue and Jim to Keady Wayside. We once again selected a beach venue, this time north from Driftwood Beach. It was a beautiful day and much conversation took place, including Andy's story of Tucker being attacked by a pair of Newfoundlands, requiring medical attention. We were all thankful that our "heavy" rain shower over the weekend was nothing in comparison to what our fellow citizens are experiencing in the Carolinas thanks to hurricane Florence. Neither of our canines were interested in posing for the group photo. Terry then sent one which shows Marley posing.

On Monday, September 10, the tide was a negative 0.7, so a beach venue was chosen, north of Curtis Street. Terry (with Marley), Karen (with Westly), Colleen, Paul, Ineke, Lindamarie and Jim motored to the parking area and set out on the beach. Lindamarie reported that there was a hike last Thursday, and Finn and Barb were present along with a few others who hiked the beach from Patterson Park. We made it to the park at Ona Beach despite low visibility from the seemingly ever-present fog. We also encountered another group of 10 hikers. Photos by Terry and Jim.

Labor Day, September 3rd, and sunny weather, attracted nine hikers. LindaMarie brought homemade blackberry muffins to share, and they were delicious. Sue, Lynne, Mike, Michele, Colleen, Gwen and Jim joined her in welcoming Bill, of France, back to the fold. After our usual discussion, the Woodland Trail was selected. This produced quite an adventure. How can one, or nine, get lost in the middle of little Waldport? We had planned to meet at the City Park where Michele promised to release her inner child and go swinging. Seven of us reached the park, but Michele and Lynne were not among the group, having paused for a rest along the way. Jim then set off for the end of trail, and after reaching it, and backtracking, could find no trace of the others. Upon returning to Keady Wayside, all but Bill were present, and then he appeared. Three groups, apparently all lost.

The second photo should be titled "search party." Next week we will hike tethered together with ropes.

On Thursday August 30th the tide was low and the air was still.... the perfect morning for a beach hike. Our very small group of LindaMarie, Andy and Tucker quickly decided that Curtis Street was the place to go. Thanks to Andy for the report and photos.

Monday, August 27, following much needed nighttime rain, hikers gathered at Keady Wayside. Colleen, Sue, Gwen, Andy (with Tucker), John, Andy's visiting friend, and Jim decided to honor founder John Maré's birthday by revisiting one of our old time haunts which we had not done for a few years. We hiked across the Alsea Bay bridge and found, happily, that the trail from the KOA campground to the beach was still in use and navigable. Down we went and hiked along the beach perusing the new home and homes under construction at Bayshore. It would appear that the motel is in operation as we observed guests going and coming. The only downside of a bridge hike is the sound of heavy traffic crossing it. Despite that, we enjoyed the hike and introduced some folks to this hike for the first time.

On Thursday, August 23, Terry sent these photos with the comment that Lint Slough was the trail of the day. Hikers were Brad, Kay, LindaMarie, Terry (with Marley), Gwen, Andy (with Tucker), and John, a lifelong friend of Andy's, visiting from Washington.

On Monday, August 20, Karen brought her sister Barbara, visiting from Pennsylvania, to Keady Wayside, along with Westly. Sue, LindaMarie, Terry (with Marley), Gwen and Jim decided to aquaint four hikers who had never been there to Blodgett Road. Once again the foliage alongside the road into the "cooler" was covered with dust, as we noted at the Fish Ladder a few weeks ago. We are seriously experiencing a drought. Our hikers who had not previously experienced this trail were impressed by the beauty of it. Big Creek had become Little Creek with the drought conditions, but we could hear it running. Once we reached the South Lincoln Water District reservoir we explained the saga of the Captain, our landmark in the tree, to the new hikers. Another day of cameraderie.

On a overcast Thursday morning, Gwen, Brad, LindaMarie, Andy and Tucker gathered for our August 16th hike. On Gwen’s suggestion we elected to hike the Amanda Trail, just south of Yachats. We started the hike on a portion of the Oregon Coast Trail at the mouth of the Yachats River. This was a new experience for all except Gwen who served as our guide to the vistas and history associated with this trail. Thanks to Andy for the report and photos.

Wednesday, August 15 saw the dedication of Waldport's Lint Slough Trail to the memory of the late Jack Christenson, City Councilman and member of our Waldport Walkers. A very nice plaque has been placed at the first bench on the trail. Family members, friends, neighbors and City Councilpersons attended. The Walkers were represented by Susan, Betsy, Heather and Jim.

On Monday, August 13, the tide was a very low -1.2, attracting clammers and crabbers to Keady Wayside. Hikers met there, too. Susan and Owen, Michele, Colleen, LindaMarie, Gwen, Terry (with Marley) and Jim elected to take advantage of the low tide and hike the beach north of Drift Creek. The tide was so far out it was hardly visible until we reached the rocks near Seal Rock. Susan found nine starfish on one of the rocks and Owen found a big pond on the rocks populated by crabs. It was also very hazy. Group photos by Terry and Jim captured the hikers, rocks and ocean. Others have a few members and show the haze and far out tide. We enjoyed the morning.

Thursday, August 9, reported by LindaMarie and new hiker Gwen. Gwen is visiting from Sedona, AZ and joined LindaMarie on Thursday. They in turn welcomed back Finn and Barb, who are enjoying their usual summer visit to Yachats. The group of four hiked the Woodland Trail.

On Monday, August 6 as we approach two months without rain, Michele, Lynne, Terry (with Marley), Sue, Susan, RickS, Betsy (welcome back), Colleen, Jim and Owen, visiting Rick and Susan, met at Keady Wayside. We decided it had been a long time since we visited the fish ladder and that was selected as our destination. On the road into the venue, it was evident that there has been no rain, as the foliage alongside the road were covered with road dust. As we hiked it was difficult to discern any creek noise until we got close to the end. We decided that the trail has gotten longer since our last visit (right!). The road showed some improvement where that stretch existed that was sort of dangerous looking. Even the moss on the trees looked dry. Most of the photos are not posed, and they are provided by Terry and Jim.

Terry sent the following short summary for Thursday, August 2: Alsea bridge today both sides, across and back and across and back, no safe crossing of 101 on the north end of the bridge. From Terry's photos, hikers were LindaMarie, Terry, Brad, Kay and Lyle.

We continue to be blessed with great hiking weather. Today we welcomed new hikers Bill and Liz (with their pituaua Rocco) who have recently moved to Yachats. Joined by Terry (with Marley), Lynne, Colleen, Shelly, LindaMarie and Jim, the decision, which was influenced by a very low tide, was made to go to Curtis Street and hike the beach north to Ona Beach. That we did, spotting a couple of eagles, several humans and dogs along the way. Photos include group shots by Terry and Jim, plus some that will make it difficult to find yourselves in, but were taken to illustrate just how far out the tide was.

Today marked our 475th consecutive Monday hike

On Thursday, July 26, Terry sent these photos and a short message that these hikers hiked the beach at Patterson Park. Looks like Terry (with Marley), LindaMarie, Brad and Kay, and Lyle were the hikers. Thanks, Terry.

We have received a message from Waldport Mayor Susan Woodruff stating that a memorial plaque will be installed on the Lint Slough Trail dedicating the trail to our departed colleague and city councilman Jack Christenson. The ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday, August 15 at 2:30 PM. All Walkers are invited.

Monday, July 23 started out foggy but turned into a very nice day. We welcomed new hikers Sue and Hanna, Michele's visiting daughter, plus welcomed back Paul and Ineke. They were joined by Lynne, LindaMarie, Michele, Karen (with our lone canine, Westly) and Jim. We decided to hike to the Giant Spruce at Cape Perpetua. Jim wore his "Do Not Follow Me" button after leading everyone on recent "mountain climbs." We parked at the Cook's Chasm area and went to the Visitor Center. There were a lot of people there and we met many on the trail. Karen reported that last week when she performed her docent duties there were more than 500 visitors who checked in at the center. This may be due to the fact that we are the coolest place in the USA compared to the heat waves everywhere else. We did a lot of visiting at the Spruce and at "Mary's Secret Place" where Cape Creek gurgled by and Westly waded around. It was an enjoyable day.

On Thursday, July 19, five people gathered at Keady Wayside to walk today. Terry with Marley, Betsy, welcome back, Brad and wife Kay, and Heather. It was decided to walk Blodgett Road. A quick and easy walk for Thursday. The pirate was still in the tree, and the water level was low in the creek. Thank you Heather for the report and thanks to both Heather and Terry for photos.

There was no report for Thursday, July 12. Monday, July 16 found a group of enthusiastic hikers gathering at Keady Wayside. Wait, who is this? John Maré 's car is arriving, and look, Mike Mare, Christy, and their children Jeremy and Grace are in town and joining us in the Waldport Walkers group that Mike's parents founded. The Mare family members were joined by Heather, Kevin, Michele, Lynne, Brad, Terry (with Marley), Andy (with Tucker), Colleen, LindaMarie and Jim, who suggested hiking Beaver Creek, now known as Brian Booth State Park. Jim's neighbor had informed him that the rangers had done a great job trimming and grooming the trails there, so off we went. I had proposed that we hike the loop to the Snaggy Point Trail, which I promised everyone would not be as steep as our usual hike up the loop trail at the entrance to the park. I was wrong. Michele started calling me "Indiana Jones" as we mountain climbed, but the trails were well groomed, as reported. When we reached Snaggy Point and took the obligatory photos, Mike called his parents and we enjoyed a conversation with John and Margaret in Tucson. After all the exertion, we were surprised when Kevin's Strava showed that we only covered 2.6 miles. It felt more like 5. Thanks to Terry for photos, and Heather for one of the other photographer. A fun day, and good to see the Mare family members again.

The sunshine on Monday, July 9 seemed to arouse more interest in hiking, as 11 hikers met at Keady. In fairness, Michele and Lynne had both returned from travel, and they were joined by Terry (with Marley), Colleen, Heather, Kevin, Shelly, LindaMarie, Andy (with Tucker), Mike and Jim, who collectively selected Gwynn Creek Trail for today's venture. As with most of our venues this year, the trail had accumulated a lot of new growth, such that in places it resembled a cave. A few new springs had sprung, making new wet spots, but as usual the beauty of this trail was evident. We did split into three groups, but managed to get back together. Notice the parking lot--does it take this many vehicles to transport us to our starting points? We had parked at Neptune Beach.

On Thursday, July 5, Terry sent the following report: Lint slough today with John visiting from Arizona, LindaMarie, Brad, Terry, and of course Marley. Thanks, Terry, and for the photos, too.

We all talk about how fast time goes by, so it is not a surprise that one half of 2018 is behind us. On Monday, July 2, Jim had made a promise to Father Joseph Hoang that he would take him to the trails at Cape Perpetua. The two of them met Heather, Terry (with Marley), LindaMarie, John, visiting Brad, and Brad at Keady Wayside. We ended up parking in different locations at the Cape, and went separate ways. Most of the group took the Giant Spruce Trail, while Jim and Father (with Sophie) elected to try the Discovery Loop Trail, which the group had not done in years. We two discovered that we had missed the Loop and in fact were on the Cook's Ridge Trail, so we reversed course to the Visitors Center. There we met the rest of the Waldport Walkers, who had been joined by Mike, Colleen, and Shelly. Thanks to Heather for photos. Various groups at different location pictured.

Thursday, June 28--We went to Curtis St for our walk today it was low tide. Saw the duck family on the bridge over Beaver Creek Walking today was Terry with Marley, Karen with Westley, Coleen, LindaMarie, Brad, and Heather. It was a good walk, lots of tourists on the beach. Fishermen in the surf, and several fishing boats just off shore. Thanks to Heather for the report and photos.

Following a light rain on Monday, June 25, Heather, LindaMarie, Colleen, Shelly, four roses, were joined by single thorn Jim and we decided to go mountain climbing. The St. Perpetua Trail at Cape Perpetua was chosen. Heather mangaged to get all of us into her vehicle, and Shelly showed us a place to park which avoided using the Visitor parking lot, partway up the access road to the campground and viewpoint. We did climb the trail which had a few puddles not seen before, and showed LindaMarie the CCC stone house at the top. She did not get to experience the spectacular view from there, as the fog was quite thick. Pics show Heather next to the giant snag on the trail, LindaMarie and Shelly with Colleen higher up waving at them, a new pose at the CCC house, the fog, and a very confused foxglove spotted on the way down.

Thursday, June 21,  Hikers Lyle, LindaMarie, Brad, Shelly, Kay, Andy and Rick with canines Briggs and Tucker once more ventured up to the Woodland Trail.  Although overcast, it was warm with the sun peaking through on occasion.  We wandered around up on the trails enjoying the trees as well as the huge skunk cabbage.  Rick and Briggs were back in town for a few days and Briggs embraced the walk with his usual exuberance.  Another morning enjoying this coastal gem. Thanks to Rick for the report and photos.

Once again there was no Thursday report. On Monday, June 18, new hiker Lindamarie arrived and explained that she had seen our ad (where?). Kevin, Colleen, Terry (with Marley) and Jim decided to start her off with our home grown Woodland Trail, which we did. Lindamarie is a recent arrival to Waldport from New Jersey, and has already discovered some of the hiking wonders of our area. We noted that some of the big trees at the lower end of the trail are showing signs of decay at the bases and probably will need to come down soon. We covered all of the exits of the trail at the upper end and returned on the old road, showing Lindamarie the entire venue. No one stopped to play on the jungle jim or swings at the city park, but Terry did photograph the resident seal. Pics by Terry and Jim.

Would anyone reading this mind if I did away with the complete list of hikes at the bottom of the page? It just makes loading time longer.

After receiving no report from Thursday, June 7, and waiting at Keady Wayside on Monday, June 11, your scribe was getting worried that our group was dissolving. Wait! Who should appear but Heather, who was welcomed back, then Shelly and Colleen arrived. Jim was the sole thorn among the roses and Shelly suggested Amanda's Trail. Despite some trepidation concerning mud after a day and night of rain, off we went, all in a single vehicle and without any canines. What is happening? Apparently that rain and subsequent sun really encouraged the flora, as everything had grown and looked very healthy. We discovered many species of wildflowers, more to follow. When we reached the statue of Amanda, a tree had fallen very close to the statue, blocking access to the remains of the bridge. Many trinkets have been placed around Amanda, and we found a slug which had crawled up to her neck. Slugs and a snake were spotted along the trail. When we returned to Keady, Heather got out her book of Oregon Coast flora and it was determined that the downed tree was a red elder and one of the other flowering plants was a pink monkeyflower. This place is a beautiful adventure.

Amanda was actually in sunshine. John, we could have used your floral expertise today.

Another sunny Monday on June 4 made us recall last Monday's request by Michele to visit Cummins Creek, but Michele was not present. We elected to take her advice, and as we were departing Keady Wayside, who should appear but Michele and Mike. They were accompanied by Colleen, Shelly, Susan and Rick with their visitors Peggy and Mark, Terry (with Marley), and Jim. Cummins Creek trail was as delightful as always, with sun breaking through the elegant forest of Douglas Fir and other varieties. As usual we made it to Gillian's log. Photos by Terry and Jim. One of Michele alone enjoying "her" venue, as did we all.

The fascinating beach north of Curtis Street has become a favorite venue. Here is the report from May 31, Thursday, thanks to Terry and forwarded by Pam

Curtis st. with new walker Tory, returning walker Shelly,Karen with Westly and Terry with Marly. Drizzely only walked 3/4 of the way to the Ona Beach park. Hoodies don't work in the light rain! Marly thought Westly should not be held for the picture and was trying to jump at Westly to tell him to get down. bad boy!

More sun on Monday May 28 beckoned us to the beach, so Terry (with Marley), Rick (dogless), Lynn, Mike and Michele, Colleen, Betsy (welcome back), and Jim motored to Driftwood State Park, and we hiked north on the beach. Three rivulets were encountered, and we learned that they weren't as deep as they looked, but Betsy elected to not try crossing with the shoes she wore. Marley had a good time until two other dogs decided that they did not like him, but all ended peacefully. It was very windy on the beach and the sand was drifting, but it turned out to be a very nice hike. John, Kevin passed on the content of your telephone conversation and it was shared with the walkers. Thanks Terry for most of the photos. We missed Pam and Zephyr.

Thursday, May 24. Terry sent these photos, and Lee, Lorraine, Mike, Michele, Terry (with Marley) , Colleen, Rick, Susan and Joyce (welcome back!) walked the 804 Trail. Thanks, Terry.

On Monday, May 21, we saw the sun once again. Jim's daughter Laurie was visiting, and she and her dad were joined by Terry (with Marley), Kevin, Mike, Michele, Colleen, and Pam (with Zephyr). We thought the 804 would be perfect on this sunny day, but also decided the wind would deter us. We elected to visit Cape Perpetua and hike the Pacific Coast Trail to Neptune Beach, which we did. Actually Pam and Colleen were not at Keady when we left, but they arrived at the parking spot in Colleen's vehicle, which held the big Z in the back. For some unknown reason, Terry did not appear at the parking spot. As always we split into three groups, and Kevin and Michele set a new speed record reaching Neptune. Pam and Colleen were, unusual for them, the trailers, as Z had to stop for a drink at the creek. We never did get all together for a group shot, but had to post Laurie, meeting Z for the first time, showing both of them howling, Michele meditating atop a rock, walking through the tunnel. Apologies to Mike for only catching his back side. Zephyr had a great time frolicking in the surf and chomping up remains of crabs on the beach. It was another fine day. Pam, I know there was something you told me MUST be reported, but I forgot what it was. Please let me know.

Thursday, May 17, 2018: Eight walkers and five canines gathered together at Keady Wayside on this calm, overcast morning. Colleen, Michele, Karen (with Westly), Rick (with Briggs), Mike, Terry (with Marley), Andy (with Tucker), and Pam (with Zephyr) agreed that a beach walk was in order and the decision was made quickly to head to Curtis Lane for a hike to Brian Booth SP (aka Ona Beach SP). This particular spot seems to have recently become one of our favorites beach jaunts. With a minus 1.5’ tide we discovered the parking area already crowded and had just enough room to squeeze in our 5 vehicles. Once on the beach we were struck by the influx of people who had shown up to to enjoy beachcombing, agate hunting and surf fishing. Although a lot of sand has been washed in lately, today’s extra-low tide exposed more of those unique porphyria algae covered basalt rock formations with their intriguing tunnels and holes. As the photos convey, all hikers (both human and canine) experienced another wonderful, heartfelt morning together on our magnificent Oregon Coast. Thanks, Terry, for additional photos.

On an overcast Monday, May 14, seven walkers and three canines with commitments to other things later in the day, decided to hike our short but beautiful Blodgett Road venue. Rick (with Briggs), Andy (with Tucker), Pam (with Zephyr), Lynn, Mike, Michele, and Jim enjoyed each other's company and the trail. We quickly reached the reservoir at trails end, where Rick and Lynn both photographed the captain, who is still guarding the facilities there. Our group photos, one enlarged to reveal the identity of the hikers, were taken there. The pups enjoyed the stream, Big Creek, and found some good tasting stuff to graze on nearby.

On Thursday, May 10th, Waldport Walkers Michele and Mike, Terry (with Marley) and Pam (with Zephyr) welcomed back Andy who brought his 6-month old puppy, Tucker, for initiation into the WW tribe (aka Z’s "pack") with a hike up to the Fish Ladder. This woodland trail never disappoints with its quiet, gentle, peaceful beauty that bathes our spirits and wakes us up to the harmony within. It was fun to watch Tucker "dance" along with us, so light-footed and elegant with his ever-curious attention to everything. We did encounter mud puddles galore and saw lots of newts soaking up warmth on the gravel...probably somewhat displeased with having to scramble into the brush to avoid being stepped on. Pausing at the ladder, Terry made his usual water perusal for fish while we enjoyed the sun peaking out, watched Dick's Creek rush merrily to the sea. and expressed kind wishes for our good friend, Jim. Back at the parking lot Tucker, only a little "tuckered" out, joined Z in a brief rest while we bid each other our fond farewells. Thank you, Terry, for photo! And for the report, Pam.

Monday, May 7 was a nice day. Once gathered at Keady Wayside, Kevin suggested Lint Slough Trail, as he had learned that more maintenance had been accomplished there, including the installation of new benches along the trail, and he wished to report on the progress at today's Waldport Trails Committee Meeting. He was joined by Terry (with Marley), Rick (with Briggs, after returning Maggie to home), Pam (with Zephyr), Susan, with visiting friends Lee and Lorraine from Tasmania, Michele, Lynn, and Jim. When we reached the trailhead, the work crew was present, continuing with their work of bench installation, and they informed us that a dozen benches are to be installed along the trail. We thanked them for their fine work and proceeded along the trail to the marshland near the end, where we reversed course. That trail was certainly a task to install, and it is a task to hike near the end of it. As is evident in the photos, we tested the benches as we progressed. Lee and Lorraine were impressed with the trail and forest. Another fun day.

On Thursday, May 3rd, a mild, overcast, windless day greeted Karen (plus Westly), Rick (plus Briggs), Terry (plus Marley), and Pam (plus Zephyr) The four humans and four canines all agreed that the Fish Ladder would be a perfect destination for today's hike. Newly posted signs where SW Reed Drive joins Dicks Fork Lane alerted us that we were driving on a section of the upcoming cycling endurance event that begins in Waldport on Saturday. Participants can choose between a 60-mile or 37-mile loop which winds through our gorgeous Siuslaw Forest. At the Fish Ladder we paused to absorb the sublime beauty of this setting while the canines divided their time between playing and grazing. What a fun morning!!! Thank you, Terry, for helping with the photos, and thank you Pam for the report.

The weather on Monday, April 30, certainly looked like rain was on the way. When hikers met at Keady Wayside, Heather was welcomed back, and both she and Jim had worn rain gear to be certain that rain would not occur. Marge and Mike, MikeH, Colleen, Kevin, and Pam (with Zephyr) arrived, and we decided to take Heather's suggestion and return to Curtis Street for a beach hike. That beach certainly changes its appearance, as Pam reported earlier and we witnessed again today. Nature is wonderful. The large chunk of driftwood where we posed had been relocated by what must have been some ferocious tide. We became separated into three groups resulting in only the single group photo. A twin engined airplane kept flying over us, and your scribe was assigned the task of identifying it.

More than you will ever care to know about the airplane: Originally built by Fokker, called the F-27, subsequently built by Fairchild under the same model number, then after a merger, became Fairchild-Hiller FH-227. Photo is of an Army version. What do you think, was this the type we saw?

We were delighted to welcome back Marjorie (from Colorado) who joined Karen (with Westly), Colleen, Terry (with Marley) and Pam (with Zephyr) for a delightful hike through the beautiful habitat of John and Margaret's Woodland Trail. Marjorie's husband, Mike, needed to catch today's high tide for crabbing, so wasn't able to be with us. Although we didn't see any other humans, the birds kept us company with their lovely singing and calls. If you can believe it, we even found the little field of skunk cabbage, shown in photo with Marjorie, quite endearing :-) Marjorie spotted a few trilliums which, unlike those seen on our other hikes, appeared somewhat shy as they hid beneath other plants. Karen identified salmonberry shrubs which are now flowering along with the huckleberries. We paused at John's favorite bench spot voicing our gratitude for the simple elegance of this special wonderland. With a little bit of luck we might get to see Marjorie and Mike on Monday, the last day of their visit! Thank you, Marjorie, for sharing photos. Thank you Pam for the report and pics.

What a fine sunny day greeted us on Monday, April 23. Is Spring finally here? Lynn brought her visiting daughter Kim and granddaughter Jas who joined us once again. Terry (with Marley), Colleen, Rick and Susan, Michele, Pam (with Zephyr) and Jim brought the count to 10 hikers, and we chose the 804 Trail. As always, on a sunny day, the 804 was a wonderland, as one of the ladies mentioned, "It is like walking in a postcard." The dark blue sea and contrasting white surf provided a fine backdrop. In the group photo, is the sea tilted, or is the group tilted? The stairway was in place at the north end of the trail, leading to the beach. The other photos just illustrate the great variety of the scenery on this trail. Big Z was sporting a bandage on his right back paw, but it did not slow him down, and he and Marley greeted several other canines on this hike. We enjoyed cameraderie, as always. On the way back to Waldport, Lynn, Kim, Jas, Michele and Jim stopped at Gerdemann Gardens to see if the flowers were blooming. Not yet, but soon, as several blossoms were noted which looked ready to pop. Just a little more sun..........

April 19, 2018: DOUBLE CELEBRATION DAY!!! Mike and Michele's Anniversary PLUS Mike's Birthday falling on this beautiful cloudless morning and shared with Rick (plus Briggs and Maggie), Colleen, Terry (plus Marley) and Pam (plus Zephyr)! Off we headed to Curtis Lane for a hike up to Ona Beach State Park. We arrived shortly before low tide (-0.7 feet) and were surprised to find our beach significantly transformed since our prior walks on March 15th and April 2nd. Most of those amazing algae covered rock shelves and many of the little round-headed rock outcroppings are now submerged in sand!!! That said, we were still able to experience the wonder of many unique rock formations with Terry spotting a special speciman fossil that he captured in a photo. Ahhhh!! Mother Nature reminding us that "Life is Change"! We gathered together in Ona's sun-drenched picnic area for photos feeling absolute contentment with the joy of being present in this place, at this time, and with each other. What a healing balm for our hearts and spirits! (What is that fun-loving Michele up to? - placing a halo over Pam's head???) Thank you for the photos, Terry! And for the report, Pam.

On Monday, April 16, 2018, Cummins Creek Trail welcomed hikers Colleen, Andy, Pam and Zephyr with a combo of clouds and sunshine and occasional drizzle, a perfect day for hiking. The only sign we saw of other humans was a tent set up in the little hollow adjacent to the parking lot. We were surprised and happy to see an absolute plethora of trilliums lining the trail. There were also multiple trickling waterfalls and Colleen captured a photo of Zephyr happily "grazing" at the base of one. Andy was able to delight in finding "green pipe-cleaner" trees everywhere. Gillian's log is still playing host host to "friends"! We made it to the trail sign and, still in the exploring moods, headed a little further up until we came to the steeper UPHILL switchbacks. Enough! we decided, and turned around :-) having hiked between 6 and 7 miles. Another truly wonderful hiking experience with thoughts of John and Margaret running this trail accompanying us. We did miss Jim, our Monday hiking buddy, and want to thank him for posting this report. Thanks, Pam for the report and photos. Jim was celebrating his wife's birthday.

Once again the weather gods graced us with a rainless Monday on April 9th, sandwiched between weekend storms and predictions of rain for the remainder of the week. Ten hikers elected to visit Cape Perpetua and hike the Oregon Coast Trail south to Neptune Beach. We were held up southbound on highway 101 just south of Yachats as crews were removing a log truck which rolled over on Friday. Karen, Colleen, Mike, Michele, Lynne, Terry, Rick, Andy (welcome back), Pam and Jim made up the human contingent, and Westly, Marley, Briggs, Maggie and Zephyr comprised the canine corps. The tourist season has begun, making it difficult to cross highway 101 at Neptune. We also met other hikers and canines. The tide was receding at Neptune but was still high enough to prevent us from going far on the beach. It was a glorious day to be enjoyed in our wonderland.

A closer view of the group at Neptune, and a new "framing" site. Can you find Terry and Marley?

April 5, 2018: Today's jaunt to one of our favorite places,The Fish Ladder, did not disappoint hikers Colleen, Pam and Zephyr who experienced the amazing beauty of this lush wilderness area now waking up from Winter's dormancy. The very light on-and-off-again mizzle served to heighten the brilliance and variety of color GREEN, a true harbinger of Spring. Trilliums are growing in abundance and a photo captures a wee trio of these "spring ephemeral" flowers. Zephyr and Colleen enjoy a short sprint together, and a salamander graciously offers to pose for a close-up. Zephyr indicates that the "grazing" is yummy, as usual. And, with shrubs and trees budding and leafing out, the flowers, big and small, blooming, we blink, and then blink again...can this be real? It seems hard to truly take in with deep enough gratitude these wondrous gifts of Mother Nature. Thanks Pam, for the report and photos.

April 2 was a strange weather day. Rick reported raining at his house, and just a few miles north the sun was shining. Seven hikers, observing how low the tide was, elected to head to Curtis Street north of Seal Rock and hike the "different" beach we first experienced a few weeks ago. Rick (with Briggs), Terry (with Marley), Pam (with Zephyr), Lynn, Susan (welcome back), Michele and Jim were once again taken by the beauty of this beach. We hiked north to Ona Beach and into the park there, then returned to the parking area. We saw quite a few other hikers on the beach. Photos by Jim and Pam.

March 29, 2018: On this gorgeous sunshine morning, with the tide nearing high point, Lint Slough beckons hikers Lyle, Colleen, Karen (with Westly), Terry (with Marley) and Pam (with Zephyr) who are only too happy to succumb to its call. We find that the chipped part of the trail, which is in good shape, ends at the same place it did on our last hike here in early February. The final, unchipped leg of the trail to the south meadow seems perhaps a little rougher after winter's storms, and provides stalwart hikers wonderful challenges to their agility and balance. The one tree we find down across trail is on this last leg and can be seen in photo with Terry pretending to hold it up. Marley is captured in photo running happily and with total abandonment to the song of freedom in the meadow at the south end of slough while Z explores far and wide. Sweet Westly stays with Karen so he can lead her home safely. We return feeling well satiated in our hearts, senses and minds with the pure enchantment that this little woodland area enshrouds us in. Just another PERFECT hike enhanced by the sharing of our friendship :-) Thanks Pam for the report and pics.

Monday, March 26 brought drizzle, or is it mizzle? Only four hikers ventured out, Rick (with Briggs), Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr) and Jim. We chose Gwynn Creek and motored to Neptune Beach. The combination of Spring Break and Whale Watch Week resulted in much traffic, both on the road and on the trail. The trail was quite muddy in places but we managed to get in over three miles. Jim turned around early with a toe problem. The canines investigated many other off-trail places. We slow men could not catch the speedy women, but we all returned to the parking area together.

Thanks to Pam for these


Sunday, March 25. Our true founder, Mary McGovern, passed away this morning. No services are planned at this time. We have lost another good friend and fellow hiker. Rest in Peace, Mary.

On Thursday March 22, with the threat of rain lingering in the forecast, found two determined "Waldport Walkers" meeting at Keady Wayside, Pam (with Zephyr) and Colleen. We decided to make the journey up John's Woodland Trail. The Sun-God must had been with us, because it was mostly cloudy with some sun breaks. We did have little rain on the way back. The trail was in good shape. We spotted an owl up in one of the trees, watching us as we passed by. We noticed a few of the small red plastic flags (markers for disc golf??) on the ground. "Big Z" was able to trod along without being tethered to Pam, most of the time. It was a good day and a wonderful walk. The three of us, that includes "Z," feel rejuvenated now and ready for the next walk to begin. Thanks to Colleen for the report.

Monday, March 19 was cold but sunny. We had not adventured to Gerdemann Gardens nor Ya'Xaik Trail for some time, so we drove to Overleaf Lodge and crossed Highway 101 to Diversity Street in Yachats, where we hiked the Ya'Xaik in reverse order from our usual direction. Rick (with Briggs), Terry (with Marley), Pam (with Zephyr), Colleen, Lynn and Jim observed the "No Dogs" sign on the Gerdemann Gardens gate and so continued along the trail to Starr Creek road, where we climbed to the reservoir and back, pausing at the unusual site where decks, shelters, a sky high ladder exist. Just before we reached there, Zephyr took off down the road, persued by Colleen, who caught him pestering a pair of peacocks hanging inside a fenced area at a house. Z would not obey Colleen, forcing Pam to catch him at that house where he was also interested in a cat. On our return, Lynn and Jim walked through the Gardens where no rhododendrons are yet blooming, but there were a lot of trilliums, and Pam got a photo of one, and other photos, thanks. Another fun day with our combination of canines and hikers.

On Thursday, March 15th, Karen (with Westly), Colleen, Rick (with Briggs), Terry (with Marley) and Pam (with Zephyr) journeyed up to the Fish Ladder where they found an exquisitely brilliant landscape bathed in a myriad of greens that just shimmered with light and energy. As we walked along we were serenaded by the enchanting song of swift-flowing Dick's Creek as it flowed merrily to the ocean. The emergence of skunk cabbage (Lysichiton americanus) is spotted at edge of the Dick's Creek Fork where Zephyr tries to entice Briggs into sharing a taste. Ahhh! Spring is nudging us out of our Winter slumber and hikers returned happily absorbed with and grateful for the amazing beauty and grace of Nature's gifts. Thanks Pam, for the report and photos.

After turning our clocks ahead this past weekend, we gathered at Keady Wayside on Monday, March 12. Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Karen (with Westly), Terry (with Marley), Pam (with Zephyr), were joined by non-canine owners Lynne, Mike, Colleen (left her two doggies at home), and Jim, and we elected to revisit Brian Booth State Park, formerly know as Beaver Creek Natural Area. We started up the steep hill just past the entrance. At that point, Rick elected to return to the lower trail, but we managed a photo of Rick and Colleen on the trail. Everyone else made it to Snaggy Point, where the ocean was in sight on this sunny day. Isn't this a great area? We descended on Snaggy Point Trail and discovered a lot of construction going on where the old farm buildings exist. Thanks to Pam for photos of the construction. Zephyr aquired a new nickname, "Mr. Muddypaws/legs" as he discovered a mudhole and chose to wallow in it as we headed back to the cars. Photo shows his new look. Info: There was no hike last Thursday due to the storm and precicted wind gusts of 70 MPH.

It is still cold, but the sun was shining brightly on Monday, March 5 and the tide was low. Kevin suggested starting at Curtis Street, a short dead end leading to the ocean near Seal Rock. He was joined by Heather, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Deb, Colleen, Terry (with Marley), Pam (with Zephyr) and Jim. This stretch of beach north of Curtis Street is fascinating, with interesting lava rock formations, a giant driftwood piece, and just great scenery, a new venue for the group. All of the canines were set free from the leash and frolicked along the beach, making friends with all the other hikers we saw. Zephyr found a tasty dead seagull that he carried for quite a while. Some of us made it to the foot bridge at Ona Beach. Lots of photos, and thanks to Heather, Kevin and Pam for several of them showing the interesting formations and interested hikers. We discovered hiker Peggy hunting for agates. Lots of fun and we will return to this place.

On this Full "Worm" Moon Day (March 1, 2018), Colleen, Shelly (with Nora) and Pam (with Zephyr), dressed from head-to-toe in rain gear, headed up to the Fish Ladder to enjoy Nature's beauty while taking advantage of the shelter provided by our tree friends. We weren't disappointed! It is great to have Shelly back with her very interesting stories of recent adventures. One of the photos shows her standing on the foot bridge at Dick's Fork just before Z decides to pass her - whew! thank goodness Shelly is quick on her feet!!! :-) Speaking of Z, this was a very BIG day for him as he enjoyed the entire hike off-leash!!! Happy human was off-leash, too! And Nora, with her sweetness, agility, and that curly tail, nudged Mr. Serious into playful, puppy-like behaviors - so fun to watch them becoming friends! In the spirit of succinctness, today's outing was perfect!!

It has been cold, and on Monday, February 26, only six hikers arrived at Keady Wayside. Cold as it was, it was sunny, and we elected to visit Cummins Creek Trail at Cape Perpetua. Thorns Rick, Terry, Kevin and Jim outnumbered Roses Pam and Colleen. Briggs, Maggie, Marley and Zephyr comprised our canine crew. Speaking of Roses, we had a conversation with Forest Service employee Rose, who misses you, John and Margaret, whom she refers to as her "fellow African Americans." We did not go as far up the trail as usual, but we did log 3.6 miles. Isn't this trail pretty?

Thursday, February 22, 2018. A chilly, blue sky, calm morning, bathed in sunshine, found Waldport Walkers Lyle, Deb, Mike and Michele, Colleen, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie) and Pam (with Zephyr) gathered at Driftwood Beach State Park for hike to Seal Rock. Just an hour or so before low tide, the beach seemed to spread out into the horizon forever, nudging walkers to follow suit. There was a thin film of water (not showing up in photos) that covered the huge expanse of beach, reflecting light and feeling similar to gazing across a lake. Clouds to the North were puffy and to the South were spectacular. Multiple wide sections of run-offs/small creeks resulted in some wet feet. Lyle found some Man of Wars that had washed ashore. Deb spied Z, who was exquisitely happy to be running free, sneaking up to a strange man and snatching a plastic something from his hand which he proudly carried for ~1.5 miles. Main challenge today was gathering group for photo :-) This was beautiful day filled with one-on-one friendship bonding. Thank you and thank you, Jim, for your Monday reports and photos, and for your diligence in keeping our website up-to-date. And thank you, dearest John and Margaret, for being the catalyst for the wonderment of this hiking group.

Editor's note: Thank you Pam for the report and photos. Lincoln County schools were closed today for "bad weather." We should send them these photos.

Monday, February 19 was literally freezing, but that did not stop the Waldport Walkers. New hiker Deb arrived with Pam, so we decided to introduce her to the John Mare' Woodland Trail, which has become our "Introduction to hiking" trail. Pam of course was accompanied by Zephyr, as Rick was by Briggs and Maggie. Colleen, Mike and Michele, Lynn, Kevin and Jim rounded out the group. Jim fell behind the leaders, as you can tell from the photos, most taken from behind the rest of the group. The last one was following Pam's lecture on "green pipe cleaners" and everyone left before I could catch their attention. Deb said that she was camera shy so did not get photographed. We completed the up and down legs of the trail and encountered another hiker at the bottom of the switchbacks. Briggs did not appear to like this guy, but Zephyr did. Another fun day.

Waldport Walkers Rick, Susan, Mike, Michele, Colleen, Terry, Pam and Zephyr were joined by our late friend Jack Christenson's sisters Kate, from Colorado, and Karen, from Minnesota, on Thursday February 15th for a brisk walk along the Fish Ladder trail. The leaves rustled in the wind, a couple of newts were spotted scurrying along the muddy path and the clouds were filled with promise of rain. Fortunately, walkers were bundled in winter wear and stayed warm in the presence of light hearted friendship. As the gang departed through the gate-Rick yelled out the familiar words, "NO BRIGGS" the little dog was nowhere to be dodged because he was not with us. Briggs had spent his morning at the dog groomer. Walkers left the parking lot chuckling, refreshed and ready to tackle whatever their next walk maybe. A big thanks to Michele for the report and Pam for the photos.

February 12--In the absence of Chris, the Newslincolncounty weatherman, here is our report. Last night the clouds were thick, moving and provided quite a sight over the ocean. This morning, there was not a cloud in the sky, only bright sunshine accompanied as usual in winter by freezing cold. The ocean was brilliant blue, which made our decision easy, to hike the 804 trail. Terry (with Marley), Pam (with Zephyr), Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Colleen, Lynne, Michele, Heather and Jim enjoyed the breathtaking beauty that this type of weather brings to our oceanfront dwelling place. There were quite a few other hikers on the trail, most with cameras recording the beauty. After reversing course at the small deck overlooking the beach to the north, we encountered this other hiker (Mike) who is recovering from surgery and doing so by walking. Some of the foam produced by the waves appeared to be alive. Another day of camaraderie. Hmmmm, a mystery--where is Z?

On Thursday, February 8th, Karen (with Westly), Colleen, Terry (with Marley), Michelle, Susan and Pam (with Zephyr) gathered at Keady Wayside and decided that it had been way too long since we last visited Amanda on October 9th. Our sunshine at Keady Wayside soon departed as we headed South, but the morning remained sweetly calm with occasional patches of fog beautifully softening the landscape. The trail remains in excellent condition and continues to provide just enough of those tree trunks to satisfy our need for challenges. There is a new sign at the trail's head informing hikers of surveillance cameras now installed to keep watch over Amanda. According to Michelle, there was a consensus among some of the locals that Amanda's accoutrements might be a burden to her spirit and hindering it from flying free (reporter paraphrasing here). This explains why we find her minimally adorned, and the gifts and offerings are now seen hanging from tree limbs and redistributed around her at ground level. The space around Amanda continues to feel enchanted. There were many stories shared among the hikers today, and the sense of camaraderie was palpable :-)

On Monday, February 5, following two days of very thick, wet fog, it backed off a little in observance of our 450th Monday hike. Heather, Terry, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Colleen, Kevin, Pam (with Zephyr), and Jim elected to explore the recent work that the county has performed on the Lint Slough Trail. The workers efforts were very evident, with much trimming, cutting and chipping of the trail accomplished, and we thank the County workers, who had built the Woodland Trail, for work done. This trail is another joy within the city, and we learned that the far end is quite a challenge. We would recommend that hikers exploring this trail should bring walking sticks. Most of us reversed course at the meadow, but Pam, Colleen and Z went further and discovered a "pit" of which we were unaware. At the edge of the meadow, Heather, Terry, Jim and Rick took photos of Kevin, Pam, Colleen and Z in the meadow, and they took photos of us. Thanks, Pam and Heather for more photos. We seem to have taken quite a few of the same subjects. As usual, Z found a thirst quenching stream. A fun day, and thanks Waldport City Trail committee. Mary, you were on our minds.

On a windless January 29th, ten hikers met and followed Terry's suggestion to visit the South Jetty Trails at South Beach. Joining Terry were Pam (with Zephyr), Kevin, Heather, RickT and Susan, Michele, Colleen, RickF (with Briggs and Maggie) and Jim. As we hiked along the trails we began to think that the Kennel Club must have met, as we encountered about as many canines as humans, not to mention bikers and a golf cart. What a busy set of trails! All of the dogs seemed to get along just fine, and we hikers managed to avoid getting lost in the trail maze. We reached the South Jetty and posed for a group shot. Pam said she wasn't smiling for the pic and Rick was not visible, so we took another of them, and Z. On the way back to the parking lot we visited the ocean, pictures from a distance and close up. Guess what, as we left the parking lot in our vehicles, it began to rain. Once again the weather mystery has prevailed.

January 25, 2018: Hikers: Colleen, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie) and Pam (with Zephyr). What started out as a cold, blustery morning at Keady Wayside quickly turned into a much warmer, rainless, non-windy and occasionally sunny day while under the protection of John's Woodland Trail. WOW! The weather transformation was truly amazing!!! The only moisture we received was a 30 second spit of tiny hailstones :-) Such fun! Yellow flowers were spied on the switchbacks letting us know Spring is on its way! At Crestview Park Rick was inspired to plant a smackeroo on the seal while Briggs begged Pam for a riding lesson on the dolphin. A little later Rick and Colleen paused at the park's edge to feel the sun shining on their faces, grateful to receive a little Vitamin D. On the way back Z and Briggs are seen happily galloping along the trail, chasing the sunlight. This wonderful woodland just absorbed all our stresses and booted us back out into the "real?" world feeling mellow and rejuvenated. Happy, Happy Hikers!

Monday, January 22, was a mix of sun and light showers, leading us to select the 804 Trail for our adventure. Heather, RickS and Susan, RickF (with Maggie and Briggs), Andy, Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr), and Jim posed at the Yachats State Park viewpoint before heading north. Song lyrics

"I'm always chasing rainbows, watching clouds drifting by"

were pretty much the theme for today. Very light showers, not much of which fell on us, produced some super rainbows, some of which lasted longer than usual. The scenery was, as always, breathtaking with the combination of cumulus clouds, blue sea, white wild surf, sun and rainbows. We encountered many tourists along the trail who were sharing their delight with the sights. We enjoyed the day. Thanks to Heather for some rainbow pics.

Jack Christenson, our dear friend and fellow hiker, passed away this weekend. Rest in Peace Jack.

Congratulations Pam and Zephyr, 100 hikes!

On January 18, 2018 an equal balance of thorns and roses (Colleen, Andy, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie) and Pam (with Zephyr) gathered at Keady Wayside and chose the Giant Spruce Trail for today's hike. Upon reaching our destination, Zephyr and Pam were feeling near-giddy with happiness and needed to pose under the Giant Spruce to celebrate their 100th hike since joining the WWs on 1.30.2017. Under the shelter of this towering tree the walkers visit the bank of Cape Creek and Briggs and Z stop their high energy playtime just long enough to share nose licks. Returning through the campsite Z finds a real treasure and carries it almost all the way back to vehicles. Walking across the foot bridge at Cape Cove we can't believe our eyes... it has snowed!!! Oh, not snow after all... just thick, dense sea foam! One photo shows how incredibly deep this foam riding on top of the waves... WOW!!! And back at Keady Wayside we see, instead of sea foam, LOTS of logs coming in with the tide. Just such a wonderful, fun morning!!!! And we ended up reasonably dry :-) What is Z's treasure? Elk? Deer?

On Martin Luther King holiday, January 15, ten hikers met at Keady Wayside. Mike, Michele, Betsy, Lynne, Terry (with Marley), Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Pam (with Zephyr), Colleen, Heather and Jim decided on the old faithful Fish Ladder, which we found to have received more recent rain than the city. Dick's Fork was running robustly and the road was muddy in places. The sun made a few short appearances. The photographer was slow on the way to the ladder, as evidenced from the photo taken behind the rest of the hikers. Once we reached the ladder, the group appeared to be a discussion group rather than a hiking group......making plans for the next hike? Celebrating Pam's 99th hike? On the return trip, the group was photographed from a point ahead of them. One of the trees along this road that are covered with moss. When we returned to the cars, Briggs rolled around in a mess left behind by some other animal. Rick reported that Briggs got a bath as soon as he got home. A fun holiday hike.

January 11, 2018: It was a VERY wet and windy Thursday morning that found Colleen, Andy and Pam (with Zephyr) at Keady Wayside....determined to hike in spite of adverse weather conditions. Blodgett Road seemed like a good choice today..... a first time for Andy plus a chance to check out John's "Captain". WOW! The waterfall is huge and the creek above it at the reservoir running swiftly.....so much so that Colleen was concerned Z might get swept away if he stepped in! Andy, Zephyr and Pam pose for a photo in front of the tree where the "Captain" is still snuggly ensconced in his tree notch, keeping watch and still missing John. Three soggy humans and one soaked canine survived, returning to their vehicles in good spirits, happy to have hiked....and relieved with the prospect of going home to dry out! Thank you all three and Z too, for braving this weather and providing a great report and photos.

Monday, January 8, was overcast and cold. Twelve hikers braved the cold and headed for Cape Perpetua to hike the Pacific Coast Trail to Neptune Beach. Andy, RickS, RickF (with Briggs and Maggie), Susan, Kevin, Heather, Betsy, Mike, Lynne, Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr), and Jim all made it to Neptune, where we were surprised and happy to see that stairs had been built to make our access to the beach much easier and safer than it had been in the past. Most of the group explored the small cave on the beach, while Pam, Kevin and Z went further south on the beach where they discovered a heron watching us. Z was hiding in the photo. A few waves that came in encouraged us to leave the beach, even though tide tables later showed that the tide was going out at the time. A good time was had by all. Thanks to Kevin and Pam for more photos.

On this 4th day of the New Year Colleen, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Andy, Karen (with Westley), and Pam (with Zephyr) headed out to hike the John Mare Woodland Trail. (Might five humans and four canines be considered nine walkers?) The trail continues to be in excellent condition having weathered the recent storms without any evidence of new damage. On the first loop and just a few feet above John's favorite viewing bench, Briggs curiously checked out a new orange flag with attached pink tape...hmmm...perhaps a marker for proposed disc golf course??? And Z was gifted some special moments with his friend, Andy. On the way back we emerged from the trail to be greeted by our first few raindrops AND a gorgeous full rainbow AND the sun peeking out! Such a beautiful trail...especially when shared with such wonderful companions!!!

Happy New Year 2018!

This pin was given to all who participated in today's hike. Thanks Pam and thanks Heather for the report.

On a beautiful sunny morning of the new year; walkers gathered at Keady Wayside. It was decided to go to south beach state park and join in the first day hike. Susan, Rick, Chris,Betsy, Pam (with Zepher), Colleen, Heather, Mike, Michelle, Terry (with Marley), and Lynn (welcome back) joined many other hikers and a ranger for an interpretive walk in south beach state park. After the hike we went to Rogue Brewery for lunch. An excellent way to start the new year!

December 28th found six Walkers gathered at Keady Wayside for this last hike of 2017. A calm, softly overcast morning greeted Lyle with her visiting brother, Jason, Terry, Colleen, Heather and Pam (with Zephyr) for today's leisurely saunter through beautiful woodland up to the Fish Ladder. Dick's Fork Creek is running strong and, according to Z, tastes absolutely delicious. In the photo taken behind the Walkers, a truck can just be seen coming toward us around the bend ... well it stopped with the passenger-side man deciding Z needed treats, and Z deciding that he needed to climb into the cab to "be with". At the end of our walk we seemed to intuit that there was a reason for hanging out at the parking area and, sure enough and thanks to Terry, we now have a recipe for a yummy-sounding butternut squash soup to try out in the new year! Ah! the sweetness of little gifts given and received! Be well, dear Walkers, and may the treasures of this life be abundant for all in the New Year. Thank you, Heather, for the photos! And thank you, John and Margaret, for the huge, ongoing gift of the Waldport Walkers!!!!!

Christmas Day, 2017: Colleen and Pam (with Zephyr) showed up at Keady Wayside and conceived Plan A to hike Cook's Ridge and Gwynn Loop Trail. Colleen's car was dropped off at the Visitor's Center, and it wasn't until reaching the parking lot at Neptune that Pam "woke up" to potential problem with this plan...would Z fit into Colleen's car? Plan A was aborted and, with the sun shining and the surf up, walking the 804 trail became Plan B with a necessary stop made at the Green Salmon for sustenance! PERFECT DAY!!!!

Thanks to Pam for the report and photos, and Merry Christmas to everyone.

On the chilly (33 degree) morning of December 21st bright sunshine greeted Becky (welcome back!), Andy, Lyle, Colleen, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie) and Pam (with Zephyr). Per Jim's recent report of his exploration of the Lint Slough trail extension, six bundled-up Walkers agreed it was necessary, in spite of icy roads (group photo taken at iced-over mud puddle) to investigate and determine the accuracy of his report. Today work crews are busy wheelbarrowing in and spreading wood chips on the new trail which is rough and, as Jim described, a bit like a "roller coaster". At the south end it opens up onto an absolutely beautiful meadow which Colleen is exploring and where Z happily finds fresh water. Photos taken here looking north (with Z) and south (with power lines). We spy another shroom and a small shrub that appears to be a holly??? The trail has, indeed, been extended with Strava showing 2.4 miles from Keady to this point. Along the way Lyle finds the lower jaw (with white shiny teeth intact) of ? mammal which she holds in her hand as an exhibit. And John would love this...Andy spies the wild rose bushes!!! Besides being gorgeous, there is something seriously "magical" about this setting. We are satisfied that Jim's report was "spot on"!!!

Thank you Pam, for a fine report and great photo coverage.

On Monday, December 18, it was drizzling. Ten hikers gathered at Keady Wayside, and Mike had just come to say Merry Christmas and goodbye, as he and Michele were leaving today to visit family for Christmas. Andy, who first hiked with us last Thursday, joined Heather, Betsy, Chris (welcome back), RickS (welcome back), Susan, Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr) and Jim. We selected Cape Perpetua, and parked near the spouting horn, ventured south on the Pacific Coast Trail and hung a left at Gwynn Creek, climbing for a while. We did get separated, with Andy joining speedy Pam, Zephyr and Colleen while the rest of us lingered behind. One photo will show part of the trail and it will be difficult to see people, the group photos taken at the Gwynn/Pacific Coast junction and the other at the parking area with a whiteout in progress. Colleen is not visible behind Pam and Andy as they emerged from Gwynn Creek. Then there were the twins, Heather and Jim, who obviously coordinated their trail wear for the day. Merry Christmas to everyone.

Thursday, December 14th brought another day of sunshine for the Walkers gathered at Keady Wayside. It also brought Andy, a new walker! It was agreed upon by Karen (with Westly), Lyle, Terry, Colleen, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs) and Pam (with Zephyr) that John's special Woodland Trail would be a suitable introductory walk for our newcomer to enjoy. Photo taken at one of John's favorite trees shows happy group gathered just before Z proceeded to literally lather Rick's face with "canine kisses". Colleen and Pam took a short detour to explore a small cemetery located just North of the Skate Park. And Z found evidence of a recently cut tree trunk that has been placed in a V-shape to guide us along the way. What a wonderful walk in place of such great beauty and serenity and shared with extraordinarily delightful companions!!! Thanks to Pam for the report and photos.

Hi there, hikers, my name is ZEE. Come follow the leader and the leader is ME

It was cold and windy at Keady Wayside on Monday, December 11, resulting in the fine selection of Gwynn Creek Trail at Cape Perpetua. Susan and Rick returned and Susan provided all of us with Christmas gifts of candy and an accompanying description of each piece. Thank you, Susan. Rick decided not to try the hike, and so the two of them did not accompany Karen (with Westly), Lynne, Michele, Rick (with Briggs), Colleen, Terry, Pam (with Zephyr) and Jim to the Neptune Beach parking area. We have been enjoying several rainless days, so it was surprising to see and hear Gwynn Creek and its many small tributaries running vigorously. This trail is so beautiful and the cameraderie of all the hikers made this a special day. Pam reported that her Strava showed the highest elevation reached was 431 feet and the total uphill walking was 1001 feet. Pam is providing the Thursday reports and her prose is outstanding. Thank you, Pam. An informal survey indicated that perhaps some hikers will venture out on Christmas Day, which this year falls on Monday two weeks from today.

Thursday, December 7, 2017: After last night's ferocious wind storm, Colleen, Terry and Pam (with Zephyr) were happy to be greeted by sunshine and calm air-flow at Keady Wayside. It seemed a perfect day to revisit John Mare's Woodland Trail, so off we went. Zephyr, for unknown reason, was absolutely joyous and over-exuberant to be back on John's trail. We came across 3 small downed trees which were easily stepped over. At Crestline Park, having challenged himself to climb the playground mountain, Terry is seen perched snuggly (or is that smugly?) at the top. Although comfortable, he did finally acquiesce to rejoining us lower level beings to continue our walk and to generously provide us with interesting botanical information relevant to this special area of ours. And, also at the Park, Colleen is spied petting the head of the sculptured seal, perhaps trying to bring him back to life??? On the way back, Terry spotted a tightly packed row of 8 or so dried and wrinkled berries still clinging to the underside of a huckleberry branch = no longer yummy. Finishing our walk from Crestline Park down to the old reservoir, we noted that the creek is still dry and we wonder, where is it now meandering??? Well, today's walk was one more of many to chalk up as "it just doesn't get any better than this!" Many thanks to Colleen for helping to keep Z in line today! P.S. We were accompanied today in our hearts and thoughts by our dear friends, John and Margaret. We miss them.

Our first hike in December (how did that happen?) took place on cold Monday the 4th. Heather, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Terry, Mike, Colleen, Lynne, Betsy (welcome back), Pam (with Zephyr), and Jim welcomed new hiker John, visiting Yachats from LaGrange. After our usual discussion, Heather opted out of the hike in order to make another comittment at her garden club. The remaining nine of us chose the (mystery, bet you can't tell from the first photo). We found that Jim's neighbor Jack (with Duke) was there too. Dick's Fork stream was in its winter high flow mode, and while there, Terry decided to see if he could learn why and when this facility was constructed. Zephyr wasted no time getting into the water. As we returned to our cars, the sun came out brightly. The jaunt was full of pleasant conversations among the Waldport Walkers.

On the windless Thursday morning of November 30th a steady, gentle rain greeted Terry, Colleen and Pam (with Zephyr). Our newest Walker, Terry, was amenable to being introduced to the beauty of Blodgett Road and off we went, luckily able to navigate safely around quite a few huge and fast-moving trucks on "our" little road. Shortly after starting our walk we spotted a group of four USFS men talking together and, being curious, we decided to find out what was up??? They were very friendly and John, the director of Angell Job Corps, quickly explained that tree cutting in the forest is not being planned (whew!). They are assessing potential "get-away" sites for employees to enjoy. Up at the reservoir we heard the music of the full, happily dancing creek, and it was here that Terry was initiated into our ritual of munching wood sorrel. The Captain is still keeping watch from his home in the tree notch and, today, appeared to be asking us, "Where is John?" This hike was such a perfectly delightful way to start our day! Many thanks to Pam for the report and the photos.

On Monday, November 27, the sun was shining, so we decided to hike St. Perpetua Trail at Cape Perpetua, also known as the mountain climb. We welcomed Susan's sister-in-law Peggy, and Terry who got lost last week to the group. They, along with Heather, Susan, Paul, Ineke, Lynne (welcome back), Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr), Karen (with Westly) and Jim drove to the Cape Perpetua visitor center and started out. Cape Creek was more like Cape River along the first part of the trail. We took a photo before starting the climb, and Heather sent one of us getting into formation for that pic. We did get pretty spread out as we proceeded up the mountain. Some of us inspected the rock house at the top and all those who had not been to this spot before were impressed with the magnificent sight of the ocean and coastline. This trail is difficult but worth the effort to enjoy the vistas along the way. Zephyr and Westly are having a conversation of their own in one photo. Everyone will sleep well tonight. Back at the Vistor center we learned that a cougar had been spotted on a trail today. Luckily we missed it.

Happy Thanksgiving, November 23. Thanksgiving day walk with Lyle, Rick, Briggs and Maggie. Some showers but a brisk and refreshing walk to the fish ladder. A great way to start off the day.

Thanks, Rick, for the report and the photos.

On Monday, November 20, we sensed the beginning of the winter season, but that did not deter twelve hikers from gathering at Keady Wayside. New hiker Terry introduced himself and Heather, Kevin, Mike and Michele, Susan, Paul and Ineke (welcome back!), Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr) and Jim headed for Cummins Creek at Cape Perpetua. When we arrived, Terry was not with us. Don't know where he went. High winds for the last couple of days left evidence of their power along the trail as lots of debris and some small trees were down. Five hikers made it to Gillian's log, where one photo was taken, and all were reunited back at the parking area. Zephyr photobombed the pic of the group at the parking area, and Heather's photo (thanks) shows Colleen holding him as he darted in. We wished a belated birthday to Michele and had plenty of conversation along the trail.

On Thursday morning, November 16th, a sweet, gentle, on-and-off again drizzle kept hikers Colleen, Mike and Pam (and Zephyr) adequately moisturized for their trek up to the South Lincoln County Reservoir via Gerdemann Gardens. We met a truck coming down through the gate, and the driver gifted Z with 3 large dog biscuits = happy dog. At that "curious place" Mike spotted a very long ladder (see photo) attached between two trees leading up to a platform that seemed to be floating in the treetops...and the first rung of this ladder started at least 10 feet off the ground! It must be a spectacular view up there, but whew!...what a climb! Another pleasant sighting was the roof of a little building that has become home to moss, ferns, oxalis and a small tree starting life. Mushrooms continue to thrive, and Z was delighted to find abundant fresh water flowing both into the reservoir and under the little bridge between Starr Creek Drive and the reservoir access road. What a wonderful way to start our day in this place of walker's paradise! Our hearts miss you greatly, John and Margaret, and we hope that you are doing well in your new home! Thank you, Jim, for your ongoing gift of recording our Waldport Walker's excursions!

Thanks to Pam for the report and photographs.

Following a night of high winds, Monday, November 13 dawned stormy. The Alsea Bay was full to the seawall and the surf was active. Undaunted, seven hikers gathered at Keady Wayside. Kevin drove by and stated that it wasn't yet stormy enough for him to participate. Colleen, Susan, Betsy, Heather, Pam (with Zephyr), Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), and Jim decided to use the forest umbrella at Blodgett Road to shield us from the rain. As we headed in to the road, we met a hunter coming out of the road, and he had been hunting elk without scoring. In what we think was a first for our hikes, we heard quite a bit of thunder, but from the sound of it, it was air-to-air. Big Creek was flowing rapidly and the little waterfall was no longer little. There were signs warning of truck traffic and we observed a few large trucks on Blodgett Road. Photos taken at the reservoir, and on the return to our parking place we encountered clearing skies and sunshine, as shown in the photos Heather sent. She found a large mushroom. Once again the variety of weather on the coast added to our enjoyment.

On Thursday, November 9, our group began a new era, missing our mentors John and Margaret. Pam sent photos and information that despite a little rain, She, Colleen, Mike and Rick, along with Briggs, Maggie and Zephyr, hiked the Cummins Creek Trail. Besides covering the people and canines with her photos, Pam also included a shot of Gillian's log and Zephyr drinking from a small waterfall. He always finds water. Thanks for the photos and report.

Farewell to John and Margaret

Monday, November 6, was a day of joy and sadness for the Waldport Walkers. Joy to welcome many hikers back and to have a party. Sadness, to say farewell to our founders, mentors and wonderful people, John and Margaret Mare´who are leaving Waldport and returning to their former home, Tucson, AZ. The Mare´s have contributed so much to this community that it was fitting to have a celebration in their honor and to wish them the best in their future endeavors. The Waldport City Council, unbeknown to us Walkers, had planned to dedicate the Woodland Trail to John, who had so much to do with the building of this trail, and we decided that would be our hike for today. John was unaware of the tribute and was quite surprised at the turnout and the short ceremony that Mayor Susan Woodruff and the city officials made at the unvailing of the new sign at the foot of trail, displaying the new name John Mare´ Woodland Trail.

Following the ceremony, many of us hiked the newly named trail, and John continued to educate all of us at various places along the trail. We photographed him at his favorite spot along the trail.

At the conclusion of our hike, we celebrated at the Yachats Farm Store.

I will attempt to list all who participated, and am positive I will omit some, not intentionally. Heather, Kevin and Peggy, Rick and Mary (with Briggs and Maggie), Greg, Chris and Betsy, Mike and Michele, Karen (with Westly), new hiker Paula, Paul and Ineke, MaryM, Mike and Marge, Bill, Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr), Pat, Jayne, Rich, Matt and Peggy2, Jack and Linda, Curtis, Marcy, Gloria. Please advise me if I have left you out.

More photos courtesy of Kevin, one showing the wonderful green bike miniature made by Rick Hill for John, who started the green bike program.

On Thursday, November 2, Pam reported on the Walkers' hike:

Another wonderful hike this morning…no rain, no wind! This gorgeous wilderness area embraced us with gentleness, and the moss-covered trees seemed to softly whisper a welcome to us 7 humanoids. The “Captain” is still snuggled in his tree notch and was introduced to our newcomers. Standing by the creek and gazing at the Captain was a special time for honor John, and we are already missing him greatly. Shrooms still abound and Marge was able to capture a lovely photo to illustrate. How very, very fortunate we are to have Nature’s treasures in our own back yard!!! In gratitude for the gifts of this earthly life, Pam

Pam and Marge provided all of the photos. Hikers to the Blodgett Road venue were Julie, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Colleen, Mike and Marge, Becky, and Pam (with Zephyr). When was the last time a Thursday hike took place without John?

Monday, October 30, the e'en of Hallowe'en, was sunny and bright, so that a beach walk was proposed. BillR, Colleen, Michele, MikeH (with ?*), Pam (with Zephyr), RickF (with Briggs and Maggie), Karen (with Westly), John, Kevin, Heather, Lynne, and Jim welcomed Julie back and we drove to Driftwood Beach State Park. Betsy opted to go home. Our five canine friends spent a rollicking day on the beach, and it was a beautiful sight, contrasting deep blue ocean with white surf and an occasional sneaker wave. We got as far north as the first few rocks at Seal Rock before reversing course. We got quite spread out but everyone made it back to the parking area. Zephyr carried a tasty piece of kelp for quite a way before he decided to chomp it up. Pam got the shot of the cormorants on the rocks, and we spotted some of them at Keady Wayside, as well. *=brain fail. Anyone remember his name?

On the misty morning of Thursday, October 26, new Waldport Walker Mike, was joined by his wife Marge, Karen (with Westly), Pam (with Zephyr), Colleen, Susan, Lyle, our other Mike, and John. We decided to introduce our two newest hikers to one of our favorite trails, namely the Gwynn Creek Trail. During a pause for a group photo on the hilltop overlooking the ocean, we were entertained with happy "doggy talk" between Westly and Zephyr! We then crossed the highway and the Gwynn Creek bridge, and ascended the trail into the forest with the sun occasionally breaking through the forest canopy. The magnificent old-growth trees were awesome as always, and the strongly-running creek added to the delightful ambience of this special place At various stages hikers turned back, with Colleen, Pam and Zephyr being the most persistent. A delightful hike on a beautiful day. Pam provided the photos and thanked Mike, Marge and Colleen for assistance.

After some heavy rain over the weekend, reminiscent of last winter, Monday, October 23rd dawned dry. As a result, 16 hikers gathered at Keady Wayside. A long discussion was held, and John remarked that we would not hike, just continue to stand here and converse. Finally a decision was reached, to proceed to the Fish Ladder. We welcomed back Shelly, Marge, RickS, who along with Kevin, Betsy, Heather, Mike, RickF (with Briggs and Maggie), Susan, Becky, Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr), John, Lynne and Jim (Marge's Mike elected to refrain from hiking), off we went. Seven vehicles for 15 people. Dick's Fork Creek was running well after the rain, sunbreaks illuminated the forest, and we all enjoyed the trek to the Fish Ladder. It was not as wet as we thought it would be. We encountered Jim's neighbor Jack (with Duke) and had a regular dog show for a while. With a group as large as this one, it was difficult to obtain a group photo, but thanks to Pam she caught everyone at Keady Wayside. The others from Heather and Jim were taken at this favorite spot.

Pam sent these photos from Thursday, October 19. Betsy, Rick, Colleen and Pam, accompanied by Briggs, Maggie and Zephyr, apparently hiked the Blodgett Trail. We are munching on Oxalis oregana (redwood sorrel, Oregon oxalis) which is a species of the wood sorrel family. Pam reported that the little stream had turned to a muddy river with the steady rain we are experiencing.

Another sunny Monday, October 16, attracted Karla, a new hiker, to join John, Becky, Betsy, Susan, Heather, Lynne, Pam (with Zephyr), Colleen and Jim, all 10 of whom ventured to Gerdemann Gardens to introduce Karla to one of our favorite places. After traversing the Gardens, we continued up the hill to the South Lincoln Water District reservoir. Lynne's glasses decided to quit on her, breaking the nose piece, and despite all attempts we made to repair them, we failed. Z discovered a few places where he could get a drink from the clear stream, which he did. Pam sent the photos of Z and the two thorns among the eight roses today. Group shot at the curious place that we have witnessed being built up for years, obviously someone's property. And what is this? Two angels emerging from the streams of sunlight?

John informed us that he and Margaret, our Waldport Walkers inspirations and leaders, will be relocating to Tucson, Arizona soon. This was a surprise, and we will certainly miss John and Margaret, without whom this venture would not have been possible for these last nine years.

On the actual Columbus Day, October 12, Thanks to Betsy who provided this report. I was the first to meet John at Keady this morning. He was hoping no one would show in the foul weather that it was. Becky, Lyle, Colleen and of course Pam and Z arrived on time. After John left we decided to walk Bloggett. 2 car caravan got us there with light rain throughout walk. Pam had remembered finding a very reddish mushroom last visit to Bloggett so Pam and Colleen were on the lookout for it again. Our little captain was lodged into the tree where John had put it after Job Corps had returned it. (Pic ) on the walk back to the cars we found a little nwuet (spell?) wet small lizard slowly crossing the walkway; lucky Z doesn't eat reptiles. We saw a few other specimens of mushrooms but dared not pick or try. Which prompt the talk of the mushroom festival which was happening this weekend in Yachats. Photos by Becky, thanks.

Columbus Day, October 9, was a beautiful fall day on the coast. Eight Waldport Walkers met and selected Amanda's Trail for the day's outing. John, Pam (with Zephyr), Becky, Lynne, Colleen, Michele, Heather and Jim motored south on 101. John stopped at the South Lincoln Water District office and Becky followed him. We wondered if she was going to assist him with the bill. Once everyone gathered at our usual parking place on Yachats Ocean Road, we headed for the trail. John turned back early, leaving Jim as the lone thorn among the roses as John likes to say. We enjoyed the loud crashing surf, the beautiful contrast of the deep blue water and white waves, the high cirrus clouds and the forest. Either Joanne Kittel or the Yachats Trail group have installed new signs on the trail containing historic information which was very interesting. At one point we stopped to rest and were urged to continue on by Zephyr, who kind of nudged everyone and talked to us to keep going. Once we arrived at the statue of Amanda, the ladies gave her a close inspection. We lingered there for quite a while just absorbing this day. Thanks to Pam and Heather for photos including one of our guide, Z.

On the sunny and windless morning of Thursday, October 5, a perfect day for hikers to venture forth, surprisingly few showed up. New Waldport Walker Paige, was welcomed first by early bird John, and then by Colleen, Karen (with Westly), and Pam (with Zephyr). We headed inland to the Fish Ladder Trail, always a good introduction for newcomers to our hiking group. The trail was in excellent condition, and we all enjoyed the beautiful forest surrounding us. We saw no fish at the fish ladder, but Zephyr, as always, enjoyed cavorting in the creek. On our return hike we introduced Paige, a newcomer to the area, to the rich variety of plants lining the trail. Our hike of well over an hour, ended with many smiles and two wagging tails. Welcome to our group Paige! Thanks to Pam for the photos.

On Monday, October 2, John, Pam (with Z), Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Heather, Lynne, Colleen, Susan, Jim, and JimA (welcome back) met at Keady and decided to return to Cape Perpetua to hike the Cummins Creek Trail. Almost immediately we separated into three groups as the weather switched from overcast to sun breaks and back. Most of us elected to turn around at one of the large trees which formed nice photo ops across the trail, but John continued on to Gillian's log. Jim3 went on further. Pam, Colleen and Z also continued further, and caught up with JimA. Everyone eventually made it back to the parking area. Thanks to Pam and Heather for photos. Pam took one of Jim, explaining the no one knows who Jim is because he is never in the pictures. Heather got one of Pam and Colleen apprehending that guy who wants to steal Zephyr. He looks a lot like Jim, doesn't he? More fun on the trails today.

On the warm and sunny morning of Thursday, September 28, we decided to explore Waldport's Lint Slough Trail, which is still under construction. Becky, Colleen, Lyle, Pam (with Zephyr), Susan, Finn, Mike, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Margaret and John, wended their way east through town, and then south into the forest. The views of the slough were spectacular, but there were surprisingly few birds visible in this Audobon-designated birding area. We were pleased to find that the Lincoln County trail-building crew were extending the trail further south, and we had an interesting discussion with their crew chief Steve (seen with us in the group photo). We are looking forward to the completion of this beautiful trail. We retraced our steps to Keady Wayside, ending our delightful hike of just over an hour in sunshine! Thanks to Pam for the photos.

Monday, September 25 was cool, calm and overcast with sun breaks. Nine hikers met and selected the Cape Cove/Devil's Churn trails close to the ocean at Cape Perpetua. Mike, Michele, John, Margaret, Bill, Colleen, Pam (with Z), Lynne and Jim parked at the Spouting Horn and enjoyed the great views and up and down traverses of this scenic area. We were not alone, encountering quite a few other hikers along the trails, and enjoying John's stories of his adventures as a volunteer guide here at Cape Perpetua. Lots of conversations on a great variety of subjects took place and we sort of took our time and paused at many of the sites to just take them in. It was quite enjoyable.

At the descent to the Devil's Churn, and photos from Pam showing that the person who tried to steal Z a few weeks ago was caught attempting to steal him AGAIN. Plus Bill being enthusiastic about this hike.

On the last day of summer, September 21, a cool and cloudy Thursday, Kay and Brad showed up for their final hike before returning to Phoenix for the winter. They joined Betsy, Colleen, Lyle, Pam (with Zephyr), Susan and Rick, Michele and Mike, Finn and John, to hike the Fish Ladder Trail off Dick's Fork Road. As always, we enjoyed the forest ambience, the huge moss-covered spruces, cedars and firs, and the rich greenery lining the trail. During breaks in the cheerful conversations, we could hear the sound of the creek in the valley below. We paused at the fish ladder, searched in vain for migrating salmon, watched Zephyr splashing in the creek, and then retraced our steps to complete our delightful hike of just over an hour. Have a safe journey home Kay and Brad! Photos courtesy of Pam, thanks.

Overnight rain and predictions of more did not deter nine hikers from venturing out on Monday, September 18. John, Margaret, Mike, Heather (welcome back), Pam (with Zephyr), Lynne, Colleen, Bill and Jim decided to hike the Gwynn Creek trail at Cape Perpetua. As we prepared to leave the parking area at Keady Wayside, Pam was observed searching the grounds, so John, Margaret, Jim and Colleen joined her in attempts to locate her missing car keys. After several minutes, they were discovered to have migrated from her jacket pocket into the lining of the jacket. Once retrieved, off we (the five) went, hoping that Mike, Heather, Bill and Lynne (the four) would wait for us at Neptune Beach. When the five searchers arrived at Neptune, there was a single car parked, and it had Idaho plates, so we assumed that the four had parked elsewhere. The five started up the trail. The sun came out which makes this particular trail a true wonderland in the woods. These hikers looking up at the trees wondered if Pam's keys were up there.

As it turned out, the four had indeed arrived in the car we saw, and were ahead of the five. At the furthest point reached by that group, Heather got these photos.

The four started back to Neptune, and soon encountered the five. A reunion took place on the trail, and the five continued uphill.

During the downhill portion of the five's hike, Pam spotted this apparent homeless man trying to steal Zephyr. Once he was challenged he revealed his true identity.

This was a fun day. Please excuse the excessive verbiage.

On the bright and sunny morning of Thursday, September 14, eleven cheerful hikers and four tail-wagging dogs, headed south to hike the 804 Trail in Yachats. Pam (with Zephyr), Karen (with Westly), Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Colleen, Lyle, Becky, Susan, Betsy, Mike, Finn and John, meandered north on the trail enjoying the ocean views and the good company. We descended onto the beach, and when we reached Vingie Creek, where we usually turn to head back, nine of our hikers decided to wade through the creek and continue heading north. Finn and John chose to return via a circuitous forest and rocky shore route, enjoying the scenery, and unsuccessfully searching for whales. Some distance beyond Vingie Creek, Becky, Karen, Lyle and Rick turned back, but the others kept going! At some point, Betsy, Susan and Mike decided to walk all the way back to Alsea Bay! There they found John awaiting them, and congratulating them on their journey! Colleen and Pam (with Zephyr devouring unidentified sea creatures en route), continued north, but turned back after 2.5 miles, and returned to their starting point at Smelt Sands State Park. A very complicated and enjoyable hike on a beautiful day. Thank you Susan and Pam for contributing to today's report. Thank you Pam for the photos, too.

An Alumni/alumna hike took place on Wednesday, September 13, as Vern is returning to California soon. Jim and Mary convinced him to take a short hike to our favorite Blodgett Road reservoir. Mary preferred to call this a "founders" hike. This selfie is scary.

On the bright sunny morning of September 11 (lest we forget), our group had two different venues in mind, and thus we split into two groups. There were 16 hikers and we were equally divided, one group consisting of Colleen, Mike and Michele, Lynne, Betsy, Susan, Pam (with Zephyr), and RickF (were the Jack Russells there?) headed for Driftwood Creek in order to hike the beach. The second group which consisted of John, Margaret, Kevin, Brad and Kay, (who would hike this trail for the first time), Bill, Becky and Jim stayed local and hiked the Woodland Trail. On the Woodland Trail we discovered some work which needed to be done on the new 4 X 4's as someone had partially removed one. On the beach trail, a search was conducted for sea stars, and only one was found. I think it will be apparent from the photos which group is featured in each. Thanks Pam for beach photos.

On the morning of Thursday, September 7, a thick fog greeted eight Waldport Walkers as they gathered at Keady Wayside. Seeking better weather, Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr), Susan and Rick, Elmer, Mike, Margaret and John, headed inland to the Big Creek Trail off Blodgett Road. As we entered the forest, the fog dissipated, and the sun broke through the clouds and the forest canopy. This beautiful trail, with its massive moss-covered trees and rich variety of greenery, was, as always, a pleasure to hike. We were greeted at our turning point by our Sea Captain statue, smilingly perched in his tree notch. On our return hike conversation ranged from appreciation of the beautiful environment, to the pleasures of motorcycling. When we emerged from the forest at the end of our hike, we were greeted by fog! This trail was a good choice for our hike today.

On the mild and misty morning of Labor Day, Monday, September 4, the lack of wind made the beach inviting. From their beautiful home overlooking Driftwood Beach, Susan and Rick led Lynne, Betsy, Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr), Bill and John, down their steep staircase to the beach. We headed north toward the many basaltic islands at Seal Rock, enjoying the ocean views, and the bird life, consisting of gulls, terns, a few sanderlings at the water's edge. We passed six fishermen in their waders, trying to land red-tail surf perch. At the north end of the beach we searched in vain for sea stars, and then retraced our steps, passing many tiny crab carapaces, and several small clusters of mussels on the beach. Before ascending from the beach, we admired Rick's driftwood sculptures marking the entrance to their land. Thank you for hosting us Susan and Rick! ...And thank you for the report, John, and Pam for the photos.

On the last day of August, our Thursday hiking group welcomed Betsy back from Europe, and then headed south to the 804 Trail, planning to enjoy the magnificent ocean views. Upon arrival at Smelt Sands State Park, Colleen, Susan, Betsy, Pam (with Zephyr), Finn, Margaret and John, found the ocean shrouded in fog, and a strong wind blowing from the north. We changed plans and hiked inland into sunshine, and then along the winding Gerdemann Gardens Trail. We then clambered through the forest on th Ya'Haix Trail, a new adventure for several of our hikers. After emerging from the forest into sunshine, we returned to the rocky shore to find the fog partially lifted. Several of the other hikers we encountered along the way asked about our group, and were delighted to discover the Waldport Walkers. Photos thanks to Pam. Does Z have a snake?

In the sunshine of Monday, August 28, the Keady Wayside group welcomed the return of Bill, our friend who spends his winters in France, and new hiker Jim A. They joined John, Margaret, Kevin, Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr), Lynne, Becky, Brad, Kay and Jim, and off we went to Fern Ridge Cemetery. The road up Cross Street was rutted badly, but we made it. Our hike was along the dusty roads which are destined to become an equestrian center at the Brian Booth State Park. We made it all the way to the former ODOT site at Ona Beach and its fake tree cell tower. Kevin's Strava indicated a total of five miles, and our legs confirmed that. A nice long hike which over half of the group had not previously experienced.

On the cloudy, windy and warm morning of Thursday, August 24, we welcomed Karen's sister Barbara, visiting from Pennsylvania, and new Waldport Walker Elmer. They joined Karen (with Westly), Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr), Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Finn and John, and we headed inland to the Fish Ladder Trail, seeking shelter from the wind. It was fun introducing two of our hikers to this beautiful trail, with it's huge moss-covered trees, variety of ferns, and several species of edible berries. Karen and John introduced Barbara to thimbleberries, which she enjoyed for their "lingering taste". At the fish ladder, Zephyr and Briggs romped in the river, whilst the rest of us paused to chat. We retraced our steps, enjoying the company and the forest ambience, and ended our hike of well over an hour, in sunshine! Thanks to Pam for the photos.

On Wednesday, August 23, John, Kevin and Jim explored some of Joe Vandehey's property in Township 13, seeking a trail to complete the ongoing Lint Slough Trail project, and join the trail along the slough with Township 13. We were unsuccessful due to the heavy overgrowth in the area we were searching.

On the day of the total solar eclipse, Monday, August 21, there were some surprises. First, we awoke to what in aviation we referred to as a "zero-zero" day, meaning zero ceiling and zero visibility. Second, the massive influx of tourists which had been predicted did not materialize and Waldport was very quiet. Of our original hiking group, only John, Margaret and Jim got together, joined by John and Margaret's daughter Jeannette, her friend Claudia and Claudia's son Aiden. Keady Wayside was basically deserted, not filled as we had anticipated. Our group started at the Mare household and migrated to the beach. As the eclipse progressed, the fog became thicker, but we were able to view pretty much all of it, a true once-in-a-lifetime scientific marvel. Thanks Claudia for the selfie of the "first viewers in the USA" to see the eclipse start, right at the west coast.

In the meantime, Kevin got a terrific shot of the eclipse from the Newport Walmart parking lot.

Another delightful hiking day greeted us on the morning of Thursday, August 17. In bright sunshine, Becky, Colleen, Lyle, Pam (with Zephyr), Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Finn and John, headed across town to the Lint Slough Trail. Before entering the forest, we enjoyed the spectacle of a flock of Great Egrets perched in a tree on the bank of the slough. As we approached they took off across the water. The winding trail through the forest with its beautiful slough views was enjoyed by all. The trail is still incomplete, and further extension to the south will start soon. On our return hike, two members of our group made a side trip to Pacific Sourdough Bakery, while the rest meandered back across town to Keady Wayside. Photos courtesy of Pam, and her assistant, Becky. Thanks!

On the sunny morning of Monday, August 14, Lynne, Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr), Susan and Owen, Kay and Brad, Michelle and Mike, welcomed Margaret and John's family,Jeannette, Paul, Leeza, and Matt and Megan, visiting from Tucson. At the request of our visitors, the Giant Spruce Trail became our destination. From Cook's Chasm we hiked north to the highway underpass, up to the Visitor's Center, and then along the winding forest trail above Cape Creek to the Giant Spruce, a National Heritage Tree. First-timers were awed by the magnificent, nearly 600-year-old Sitka spruce. We paused for photos and jovial conversation, and then retraced our steps, passing several other hikers and their dogs along the way. Once more the weather was kind to us during our hike of well over an hour. As always, our visitors found in Zephyr, a delightful new friend! Thanks John for the report and Pam for the photos.

On the misty morning of Thursday, August 10, Finn, our annual summer visitor from Tucson, was welcomed back by Lyle, Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr), Margaret and John. We chose to hike the Fish Ladder Trail off Dick's Fork Road. Well protected from the brisk breezes, we enjoyed this beautiful forest trail, with the creek gurgling in the valley below. We dodged a surprising number of large yellow banana slugs traversing the trail. Finn and Zephyr became good friends during our happy hike of well over an hour. Thank you Pam for the photos.

On overcast Monday, August 7, Jim's granddaughter Nicole joined John, Margaret, Mike, Michele, Lynne, Colleen, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Pam (with Zephyr), Kevin, and Heather, and after a long discussion at Keady Wayside, we elected to hike Gwynn Creek Trail at Cape Perpetua. Lynne and Michele attempted to start from a different location, but then found the rest of us at Neptune Beach. We did get quite spread out on this beautiful trail, enjoying the old growth trees, the fallen trees, Gwynn Creek and its tributary creeks. We should do this trail more often. Your scribe and his granddaughter enjoyed everyone's company, another fine day for the Waldport Walkers. Thanks, Heather for the photo.

As our dry spell continues into August, nine avid hikers and three canine companions gathered on the morning of Thursday the 3rd. Lynne, Lyle, Colleen, Kay and Brad, Pam (with Zephyr), Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Margaret and John, drove to Yachats Ocean Road State Park. After enjoying the huge waves crashing on the rocks, we hiked south on Amanda's Trail. The views of the ocean through breaks in the forest were spectacular. The trail was new to two of our hikers, as was the story of Amanda's forced journey through the forest, so Lyle introduced them to the history of Amanda. We paused to gather around her heavily adorned statue near the creek crossing, and then retraced our steps, again enjoying the forest, the ocean views, and good conversation. During our hike of well over an hour, we encountered several other groups of hikers exploring this special stretch of the Oregon Coast Trail. Thank you Pam for the photos, and Rick for getting some with you in them. Did Z shrink in that last one?

July the last, 31st. Did we save the best for last? I'm not sure, as it was a tough hike. We had learned that the Beaver Creek Natural Area had been re-opened and could not wait to experience those trails once again. Several of our hikers had not visited there, and after this day, they may not want to return. For sure everyone was tired at the end of the hike, even Z. Our four canines, Briggs, Maggie, Westly and Zephyr, led RickF, Becky, Mike and Michele, John, Pam, Karen, Brad and Kay, Colleen, Owen, and Jim up the hill while Susan and Lynne conducted a secret mission which will remain secret except for those of us who were there today. Many photos were taken once we reached Snaggy Point, so that everyone could catch their breath. Close inspection of the photos will show Colleen performing the "bunny ears" trick on Pam, closely watched by Owen. Then in another shot, Owen is copying Colleen. One pic taken at the small bridge leading to the marsh trail, over Beaver Creek. Pam sent three pics, one of John leading us away from Snaggy Point. The problem is no one followed him and we ended up going down one of the Cougar Ridge trails. Pam's Strava showed the peak elevation, Snaggy, at 359 feet, and a total of 683 feet climbed on all of the "up" sections of the trail. The ship we saw out in the ocean was the USS Anchorage, participating in an earthquake drill at South Beach. Susan and Owen made it home OK. We would like to thank the State Park Rangers and volunteers who cleared the overgrowth off the trails this past weekend. Phew, what a report!

Another delightful hiking day greeted us on the morning of Thursday, July 27. Since our trail maintenance crew have just cleared the lower section of the Woodland Trail, we decided to assess what work needs to be done on the upper reaches of the trail. Becky, Pam (with Zephyr), Colleen, Lyle, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Mike, Grace, Jeremy, Margaret and John, ascended the trail through the forest, admiring the trail repair work recently completed for us by the Angell Job Corps. Except for one short stretch of overgrown trailhead, the upper trails were in excellent condition. Our unusually garrulous group paused for photos at the playground, and then continued to the southernmost trailhead. Rumours about plans to add a Frisbee golf course to the upper trail sections, created speculation as to where and how this could be accommodated. Our return hike, following a slightly different route, was most enjoyable, and ended in sunshine! Thank you Pam, Becky and Z for the photo coverage.

Monday, July 24 started off sunny, attracting 19 hikers to the group. The Maré family was well represented by John, Margaret, Mike, Christy, Jeremy and Grace. RickS and Susan brought Owen, RickF brought Maggie and Briggs, Pam brought Zephyr, Brad was accompanied by his wife Kay (welcome aboard), and also present were Mike and Michele, Colleen, Lynne, Kevin and Jim. Hope I did not forget anyone. We filled the parking area at the Cummins Creek traihead with vehicles, and we encountered other hikers and two bikers on the Cummins Creek trail. Some folks went beyond the usual turnaround point at Gillian's log, but most gathered there for a group shot, the quality of which I apologize for, with shadows obscuring many hikers. It was not possible to get everyone along the trail, but there are a few shots along the way. When we returned to the parking area, John, who had run with his family members on the way back, could not understand why he could not keep up with the grandchildren. As we drove back to Waldport, the tourist traffic was heavy and the sun had given way to a dense marine layer of fog which covered the ocean. Another fun day with the Waldport Walkers.

Link to Kevin's Strava Plot

Rick S, Susan, John, Margaret, their son Mike and Jim attacked the Lint Slough and Woodland Trails on maintenance day, Saturday, July 22. John, Susan and Rick cut a downed tree which was blocking the Lint Slough trail, and it is now completely clear. Meanwhile Margaret, Mike and Jim cleared access to the handrails on the switchbacks along the Woodland Trail. John, Susan and Rick cleared a path through a partially blocked area above the switchbacks. Good work everyone.

On the warm and dry morning of Thursday, July 20, new Waldport Walker Brad joined us as we welcomed back Mike, Christy, Jeremy and Grace Maré, visiting from Colorado. They joined Colleen, Lyle, Karen (with Westly), Pam (with Zephyr), Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Betsy and Chris, Rick and Owen, Margaret and John, and we headed off to hike the forest trail off Blodgett Road. The huge moss-covered trees with the sun filtering through the canopy, the gurgling creek in the valley below, and the spectacular Big Creek waterfalls, make this a very special place to hike. At our turning point we shared with newcomers the story of our Sea Captain statue, still perched in his tree notch. Mosquitoes caused a couple of our hikers to return to their cars, while the rest of us branched off and headed down to the bank of Big Creek. Several of our hikers forded the river, and then, with wet feet, joined us as we returned to our starting point. Our hour-long hike was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Pam for the photos.

We will be meeting at Keady Wayside at 9:30 AM on Saturday, July 22 to spend some time trail trimming. Join us with clippers, hand saws, or other appropriate equipment, for an enjoyable hour or so in the woods

Monday, July 17 was another lovely day for a hike, and fifteen hikers were gathered at Keady Wayside to select a venue. Betsy's husband Chris was welcomed back to the fold, so John appointed Chris to make the selection, which he did, the Giant Spruce Trail at Cape Perpetua. Lynne and her daughter Kim and granddaughter Taylor joined us again, as did Owen, 11 year old nephew of Susan and Rick. All of the named hikers were joined by Heather, John, Margaret, Colleen, Becky, Pam (with newly bathed and groomed Zephyr), and Jim. After parking, we were headed for the tunnel under Highway 101 when Becky spotted a whale blowing out in the ocean. We paused there hoping for another sighting which did not take place. Zephyr urged us to continue on. The trail to the Giant Spruce was enjoyable, including the cut through the large tree which had fallen across the trail. John spotted a bald eagle as he detoured through the campground. Photos taken at the spruce thanks to Pam and Heather. Jim's photo of the group showed that the sun shined on Chris and Heather. Then there is that ugly guy with the hat in Heather's group shot. We encountered quite a few hikers on the trail, so it must be official tourist season. A fun day.

On the warm and windless morning of Thursday, July 13, our group welcomed Lynne's daughter Kim and granddaughter Taylor visiting from Arizona. We chose to introduce them to the beautiful Fish Ladder Trail off Dick's Fork Road. They joined Lynne, Pam (with Zephyr), Karen (with Westly), Becky, Colleen, Margaret and John, and the eleven of us ascended the winding forest trail. We enjoyed introducing our guests to the huge moss-covered Sitka spruces, the many different ferns, and the ripening thimbleberries and salmonberries lining the trail. Below the fish ladder, Zephyr happily splashed around in the creek, and then joined us for a group photo. Our return hike was again filled with good conversation, and we emerged from the forest in sunshine. A lucky 13th of July!. Thanks to Pam for the photos.

On Monday, July 10, we decided to visit Legion Road after a long absence. John and Margaret, Mike and Michele, Colleen, Heather, Susan, Kevin and Peggy, Pam (with Z) and Jim parked in the Smith driveway as usual, and started up the road. It seems many more derelict campers, trailers and automobiles have gathered there along the road. We had gone about a mile up the road when Zephyr went into his tracking mode and pulled us along with him. Shortly thereafter we spotted a cougar on the road ahead, about the size of Zephyr, but I guess we scared it off. The cougar was probably the cause of Z's tracking. I have often been berated for referring to Legion Road as "The Land of 10,000 Lakes," so photographic evidence was collected to support this claim, following 20+ days of no rain. Group photos got everyone, I think. It was a nice day and much conversation accompanied our walk.

Link to Kevin's Strava plot

On the misty morning of Thursday, July 6, the Lint Slough Trail became our destination when we discovered that three of our hikers had not visited this special place. Becky, Betsy, Colleen, Karen (with Westly), Pam (with Zephyr), Susan and Rick, Mike, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Margaret and John, wended their way east to the trailhead, and then south into the forest. The verdant vegetation surrounding us, and beautiful slough views,were enjoyed by all, as evidenced by the many smiling faces, and four wagging tails. The trail is still under construction, and will be a wonderful addition to our trail system when completed. We returned via the same route, and ended our hike of just over an hour back at Keady Wayside. The newcomers to this trail expressed delight at discovering this beautiful trail so close to home. Thank you, Pam, for the photos.

Upon arriving at our gathering place, Keady Wayside, on Monday, July 3, we were unable to park there as almost all spaces were taken. People reserving their spots for tonight's fireworks? We could not park there last Thursday due to painting by city crews. Overcoming this small obstacle, Pam (with Zephyr), Mike and Michele, John, Becky, Lynne, Betsy, Susan, Colleen and Jim motored to Gerdemann Gardens. There are so many people in town there were even some parked at our spot behind the galleries. The Yachats Trails Comittee has done a fine job improving formerly tough spots on this trail, the latest of which is a very welcome stairway leading up to the road to the reservoir. Thank you. The road to the reservoir has also been graded and ballasted. Two large trees have been cut down near the beginning of the trail. Photos taken on the reservoir road through the forest, and one through the "cave" of new growth. Zephyr did not want to show us his best side.

On the next to last day of June, Thursday the 29th, ten hikers and four members of the K-9 corps decided to investigate the foxglove meadow. John and Margaret were unable to participate so Jim is the substitute blogger. Lynne, Betsy, RickF, RickS, Susan, Pam, Colleen, Michele, Karen and Jim, along with Briggs, Maggie, Westley and Zephyr, upon sighting the foxglove meadow, were amazed at the sheer number of blooms that were visible. The old road leading to the small shack at the end is sorely in need of some weedwhacking, but we made it there. That place is beautiful when all the foxgloves are out, and we learned that the reason we had not seen some in the past is because they are biennial. Pam got better photos than Jim did, but here are samples from both. The hike is short, but quite entertaining.

On an overcast Monday June 26, ten hikers returned to the Fish Ladder. Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Heather, John, Pam (with Zephyr), Colleen, Betsy, Lynne, Mike, Susan and Jim found the gate to the road open and were passed by a South Lincoln Water District driver on the way in. There were a lot of foxgloves visible along the road, and we posed in front of some of them on our return leg. Several ideas for the Thursday hike were discussed, so on the way back down the road, John, Jim, Colleen and Pam stopped at the entrance to the "Foxglove Meadow" which we had not visited for some time. We were surprised to find the meadow once again full of foxgloves, after years of none visible there. That sealed the discussion for the Thursday hike. The second photo shows our small group holding up the target practice sign at the foxglove meadow. Betsy would like to get a group of Waldport Walkers together to participate in the Yachats La-De-Da parade on Tuesday, July 4. She needs at least 10 to show interest, by June 30 in order to sign up as an official entry. Please, if you are interested, contact Betsy at teachbetsy72@yahoo.com by June 30.

Sunshine and a promise of warmer weather greeted us on the morning of Thursday, June 22. Marcy (welcome back!) joined Lyle, Lynne, Betsy, Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr), Michele and Mike, Susan and Rick, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), and John, and off we went to the 804 Trail. The ocean views from this shoreline trail were, as always, spectacular. Those new to the trail were delighted to discover this special place. On the beach near Vingie Creek, we saw many small crab carapaces, and a number of transparent seajellies. The trail was very popular today, with many dogs in evidence. Our group, more garrulous than usual, took several conversation breaks; most enjoyable! When our hike of just over an hour ended, a strong northerly breeze was blowing, and whitecaps extended to the horizon. Thank you Pam for the photos.

Monday, June 19, though foggy along the coast, turned out to be quite sunny along the Cummins Creek Trail, enjoyed by Lynne, Michele and Mike, Betsy, John and Margaret, RickF (with Maggie and Briggs), Pam (with Zephyr), RickS, Susan, Coleen and Jim. Once again we separated into three groups, but all three made it to the usual turnaround point at Gillian's Log. The trail still has some muddy spots, which is not surprising considering our winter. The vertical photo was taken to illustrate how things have grown and how small we are compared to the growth of this beautiful forest. Pam sent some of scenery along the way. This was the first time Coleen, Susan and RickS experienced Cummins. It turned out to be close to five miles. No wonder we are tired.

Here is a message from Kevin regarding the recent maintenance performed on the Woodland Trail by members of the Angell Job Corps

Today I met with Austin Wienecke, Urban Forestry Instructor, and ten of his forestry students to perform needed maintenance on the Woodland trail.  On Tuesday the same group moved two piles of chips on the lower section of the trail. Today they laid 16' 4x4 treated limber that they staked in with three foot rebar.  They did this shoring on four sections of the trail where it was eroding down the steep sections of the trail.  They also dug out the culverts cleaned them and laid them back along with digging a ditch to divert the water to the culverts.  These ditches were then rocked with 4" rock. The group also spread crushed rock on the lower wetter section of the trail just below the switchbacks.  This rock was smaller then we should have had but I think it will pack down and it won't wash away.   All the material was bought for and delivered by the city with the money coming out of the trail maintenance funds that they set aside for trail maintenance.  The city also bought the students lunch at Grand Central where they ate six large pizzas.   I am going to do a write for the trail committee and send a thank you to Austin and his students.  

Your scribe walked the trail this morning, Friday the 16th, and will verify that the Angell Job Corps folks did a terrific job in shoring up the bad places on the trail, and it is much appreciated. Photos from Kevin of the work done and the crew who did the work.

On the drizzly and breezy morning of Thursday, June 15, with gale force winds in the forecast, nine intrepid hikers gathered at Keady Wayside. Choosing to seek shelter from the elements, Betsy (welcome back!), Becky, Colleen, Lyle, Pam (with Zephyr), Susan and Rick, Margaret and John, headed inland to the fish ladder trail. Once on this winding trail, protected by the forest canopy, we were unaware of the continuing rain, but could hear the wind roaring through the trees above. There was a lull in the rain when we reached the fish ladder, creating an opportunity for our group photos. After enjoying the fish ladder scene, we headed back through the pristine forest, with occasional views of Dick's Creek in the valley below. At the end of our hike of well over an hour, we felt refreshed by the good conversations, and the beautiful surroundings which we shared. Thanks to Pam for the photos.

June 12 was a "different" day. We originally elected to check out the South Beaver Creek entrance to the Beaver Creek Natural Area. Upon arriving there and reading the signs threatening us of trespasser prosecution, we drove to the Visitors Center. No way to cross the marsh due to height of water, so, John, Margaret, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Pam (with Zephyr), Heather, Colleen, Becky, Kevin, Greg, Michele, Lynne and Jim motored to the parking lot at Ona Beach. After wandering aimlessly thus far, Leader Lynne was chosen to show us the way at Ona due to her past experience ther. It actually was the first time we as a group had hiked there. We became separated into groups, got rained on, spotted eagles in trees, and found this cool landmark on the beach. Others were headed for it as well.

Zephyr decided, after excavating part of the beach, to clean himself up in the river. We could not get him to come back to shore, so Becky to the rescue, wading in to leash him up. We celebrated his return.

The group returned to the parking lot, and only Becky is missing, surely gone to dry off. Zephyr is ashamed and thus hiding. Fun, but strange day.

Link to Kevin's Strava"Shortest Ever"

After an inch of overnight rain, a steady drizzle greeted Pam (with Zephyr), Becky, Colleen, Margaret and John, on Thursday morning, June 8. Undeterred, we decided to explore the Lint Slough Trail, currently under construction. Before entering the new trail, we showed newcomers the old slough-side trailhead, overlooking the former fish hatchery. Since it was low tide, the resident river otters were nowhere to be seen, but a bald eagle overhead filled the wildlife void. The views of the slough from the new trail were, as always, spectacular. Sheltered by the old-growth forest, we were unaware of the ongoing rain. There has been no recent trail building, but with drier weather ahead, we hope for completion of this exceptional trail. The beautiful surroundings, good company, and happy conversations, made today's hike, memorable. Photos thanks to Pam.

June 5 was another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Our members who will attend the Waldport Trails meeting today promoted a survey of the Woodland Trail such that they could report the maintenance requirements to the City. Mike, Michele, John, Margaret, Kevin, Peggy, Lynne, Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr), Greg, Heather, new hiker Anna and Jim all joined in the effort. There is a tree across the trail about halfway along the trip, shown in the photo, and Heather recorded it for use at the meeting. The group photo was taken near the skate park, and there was a rest stop shown in another photo. As usual, we encountered children enjoying the equipment in the city park. On the return trip, Kevin trimmed the small branches on the fallen tree so that hikers can crawl under it. A fun combination of work and play today. Two more pictures courtesy of Pam.

On the mild and misty morning of Thursday, June 1, the Gerdemann Botanical Gardens trail was, as promised, our destination. Pam (with Zephyr), Colleen, Lynne, Margaret, Mike, Greg and John, ascended the trail, crisscrossing the gurgling creek, and enjoying the huge spruces and firs overhead, and the rich variety of plants beside the trail. Once again, surprisingly few rhododendron blooms were seen, probably the result of the wetter and colder than usual spring weather. After leaving the gardens, we headed up into the forest on the steep and winding Ya'Xaik Trail, a new experience for several members of our group, and, judging by their comments, much appreciated. After emerging from the forest, we headed west to the oceanside 804 Trail. We paused to enjoy the magnificent ocean views, and then wound our way through the Overleaf Lodge grounds back to our starting point. Our hike of just under an hour was enjoyed by all. Thank you Pam for the photos of our happy group .

Memorial Day (known many years ago as Decoration Day), May 29 was overcast. Forecasters missed the heavy marine layer which covered us for the last two days. Thirteen hikers elected to revisit the Giant Spruce Trail at Cape Perpetua, introducing SusanT and RickS to another new trail for them. They were joined by Colleen, Becky, Lynne, Michele and Mike, Greg, RickF (with Briggs and Maggie), Pam (with Zephyr), Kevin, John and Jim. There was very little highway traffic, but we encountered quite a few other hikers on the trail. Our three canines encountered a pair of Cockapoos at the Giant Spruce, where all five of them serenaded us. Partway along the trail we encountered another near giant spruce which had fallen across the trail. Rangers had cut a path through it, and the size is evident from the photos. No, it was not THE Giant Spruce. No group photo was posed but we caught just about everyone on camera. This was another enjoyable holiday hike.

Link to Kevin's Strava plot. Looks like someone climbed the spruce, from the elevation plot!

Sunshine!! May 25, and once again a beautiful sunny Thursday for our hike. We decided to introduce our new hikers Susan and Rick to one of our favorite trails, the Big Creek Trail off Blodgett Road. Accompanied by Colleen, Lyle, Becky, Lynne, Karen (with Westly), Pam (with Zephyr), Rick (no Maggie and Briggs!), Margaret and John, they ascended into the forest. As always we were awed by the huge moss-covered spruces and firs above, the varied greenery surrounding us, and the waterfalls in full spate. We introduced Susan and Rick to our Sea Captain statue perched in his tree notch, and then retraced our steps. Before returning to our starting point, we explored the mossy forest trail to the north, enjoying the soft staghorn moss underfoot, and the many deer ferns and salal blossoms lining the trail. At the end of our hour-long hike there were many smiles, and two tails wagging. Thanks to Pam for the photos.

What a beautiful day we experienced on Monday, May 22. Our newest members, RickS and SusanT, had not visited the Amanda Trail, so that is where we headed. Pam (with Zephyr), Colleen, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), John, Mike and Michele, Lynne, Becky and Jim made up the rest of the group. The sea was an aqua hue and the surf was active, providing contrasting white spray in the bright sunshine. Rick and Susan were provided with tales of the history of Amanda and her trail, and viewed the tribute to Mr. Kittel along the trail along with the remains of the bridge at our turnaround point. We Waldport Walkers would like to commend the Yachats Trail Committee for the fine maintenance and improvements to the Amanda Trail. It is a lovely venue for hikers. Rick and Susan, if you email me at fitzrr@pioneer.net I will send you the pics of you at Amanda's statue.

On the sunny and windless morning of Thursday, May 18, several members of our group requested that we hike the 804 Trail with its magnificent ocean views. Lynne, Lyle, Pam (with Zephyr), Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Mike and John, hiked north from Smelt Sands State Park, passing many other hikers enjoying the weather and their surroundings. At the north end of the shoreline trail, where beach access in the past was down a slippery slope, we discovered that State Parks have built a wooden ramp with steps, making the descent safe and easy (see photo). After enjoying the beach for a while, we retraced our steps to the Adobe Resort lawn, where we encountered a group of women hikers heading north. They turned out to be the "Thursday Trailtrekkers" from Florence, a group thart we have previously encountered on the Cape Perpetua trails. We returned to the trailhead, having thoroughly enjoyed the environment, and the company of good friends. Thanks to Pam for the photos.

Monday, May 15 was dry, calm, and the tide was a very low -1. Discussions ensued between hiking Neptune Beach or the local beach, as it looked as though we could walk all the way across the bay. The local beach was the choice, so Heather (welcome back), Greg (ditto), John, Margaret, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Pam (with Zephyr), Mike and Michele, and Jim walked the dry beach, pausing under the bridge for a group photo. We became separated into groups, and after journeying to the Port of Alsea, walked city streets back to the parking area. John narrated some interesting stories about local history along the way. The photos show just how low this morning's tide was.

At the Port parking area we encountered Jules and his Malamute, Rupert. Zephyr and Rupert have finally met each other.

After nearly an inch of overnight rain, Thursday morning, May 11, dawned drizzly. Since rhododendron blooms are emerging, we decided to introduce Pam to the Gerdemann Gardens Trail, which is well sheltered from the rain. When Lyle, Pam (with Zephyr), Margaret and John arrived at the trailhead, the rain had stopped. We ascended the winding trail crisscrossing Mitchell Creek, and paused to admire the 300-year-old Sitka Spruce straddling the creek (see photos). Surprisingly few rhododendrons are in bloom, but we saw an abundance of buds. After emerging from the gardens we headed north to the Starr Creek Trail, crossed the creek, and then headed east to the reservoir road gate. We retraced our steps, made a brief foray along the Ya'Haix Trail, and then returned via the gardens trail, once again enjoying the magnificent variety of plants. Our hike of just under an hour ended with the sun breaking through the clouds. A delightful morning hike. Thank you Pam for the photos.

It would appear that spring has finally arrived, as the sun shined brightly on Monday, May 8. We welcomed new coast settlers Rick and Susan, who along with Paul, Ineke, Becky, Michele, RickF (with Briggs and Maggie), John, MargaretM, visitors Margaret and Norm, Pam (with Zephyr) and Jim visited our favorite, Fish Ladder. The long winter rains have surely encouraged the greenery to flourish, as evidenced by the grass in the photos. When we reached the confluence of the two streams, folks seemed to be inclined to remain there and take in the beauty of their surroundings. Thanks Pam for your photo. It was a fine day for conversation and we certainly did that, and hope all enjoyed this fine day and great hike.

Once again, no rain! On the misty and breezy morning of Thursday, May 4, our group welcomed back Margaret (from Tucson) and Mary (with Maggie and Briggs). They joined Rick, Norm, Colleen, Becky, Marcy, Pam (with Zephyr), Margaret and John, heading off to the Big Creek Trail off Blodgett Road. Soon after entering the forest we disturbed a garter snake basking in a sunny patch on the trail. We enjoyed the huge moss-covered firs and spruces above, and the verdant undergrowth lining the trail. At our turning point, we gathered for photos, and for Zephyr to frolic in the creek. On our return hike we paused to enjoy the beautiful waterfalls, and soon after emerged from the forest in sunshine. A delightful hike with good conversation, and two of our hikers turning 70 this week! Almost twins! Thanks to Pam for the photos. Happy Birthday.

Hooray, hooray, it's the first of May, and it was overcast, very calm, dry, the tide was out, and the beach beckoned. Nine hikers drove to Driftwood Beach State Park and hiked north on the wet beach to the rocks at Seal Rock. John, Margaret, Rick (with Briggs; Maggie had a dental appointment), Pam (with Zephyr), Becky, Colleen, Lynne, Michele and Jim participated. Michele had reported that there were numerous starfish on the rocks, which we confirmed. That beach is so wide when the tide is out, it is a wonderland to walk. Colleen and Pam were sporting new sunburn, having kayaked at Beaver Creek yesterday. Briggs must have run at least five miles further than we walked. A very nice hike.

Zephyr was conducting a search, excavating the beach. We had lost sight of John, and realized that Z was looking for him.

with apologies to John

On the windy morning of Thursday, April 27, the day before Arbor Day, it seemed appropriate for our Waldport Walkers to walk in the woods. Norm, visiting from Tucson, was welcomed back by Lynne, Lyle, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Becky, Pam (with Zephyr), Michele, Mike and John. Discovering that two of our hikers had not hiked the Woodland Trail, that became our destination. The huge old-growth trees along the lower reaches of the trail were admired by all, but the muddy patches made walking difficult at times. The trail into the forest above the switchbacks was blocked by a fallen tree, forcing us to meander off the trail along the mossy forest floor. We paused at times to enjoy the sun breaking through the forest canopy. Along the upper trail, rhododendron blooms are emerging, adding to our enjoyment of this special place. We returned via a slightly different route, and as so often happens, arrived back at the trailhead with blue skies above. A happy hike indeed! Thanks to Pam for the photos.

A comment most heard recently has been "Will this rain ever stop?" It did not for our hike on Monday, April 24. John, Margaret, Heather, Pam (with Zephyr), Colleen and Jim ventured to Blodgett Road where we would take advantage of the forest umbrella. The road was quite muddy and held many puddles, as the soil is just saturated and seems unable to drain the constant supply of rainwater. Big Creek was doing an imitation of a river once again, and the falls were pretty. We checked the Captain's resting place and verified that he was still safely in place. Despite the rain, the hike was enjoyable.

With rain threatening on the morning of Thursday, April 20th, six undaunted Waldport Walkers decided to explore the Restless Waters Trail at Cape Perpetua. Betsy, Colleen, Lyle, Pam (with Zephyr), Margaret and John, headed south through torrential rain, but as we reached the Devil's Churn, the rain ceased. We descended through the Sitka spruce forest, enjoying the emerging salal and salmonberry blossoms, the ferns, and the many other emerging plants. We paused at the lower viewing platform, looked for whales (saw none), and continued to Cape Creek Bay, where the rocks are littered with enormous logs. We admired the huge candelabra Sitka spruces (see photo), then headed south to the Captain Cook loop trail. We ascended to the top of one of the Indian middens overlooking the many tide pools, paused to admire Thor's Well near Cook's Chasm, and then retraced our steps, enjoying the ocean views with blue skies emerging. Our hike of just under an hour, ended in sunshine. With Betsy leaving for six weeks, we all wished her farewell, and a safe journey. Photos thanks to Pam.

More rain, and on Monday, April 17, on us for a change, as we hiked Cummins Creek, chosen by Chris after we welcomed him back to the fold. He and Betsy, John, Margaret, Colleen, Kevin, Lynne, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Pam (with Zephyr) and Jim found the trail to be wetter than we had ever seen it. There were many, many trilliums growing along the sides of the trail. We became separated into a few groups and never did get together for a group shot. Photos show the tree across the trail which we have seen before, but with new pieces atop it, Kevin's shot of Gillian's log, the turnaround point for us, Chris with his colorful umbrella and a rare lavender colored trillium. Since your scribe was one of the last people to return to the parking area, I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did.

Link to Kevin's Strava Plot

On the morning of Thursday April 13, as luck would have it, the early morning rain ended before our hike began. We drove to the Fern Ridge Cemetery in Seal Rock, a venue new to three of our hikers. Colleen, Lyle, Pam (with Zephyr), Margaret and John, then hiked north into the forest toward the Brian Booth State Park. Soon after entering the Park we were confronted with an impassable puddle. We chose a different trail, and soon were again perplexed by a puddle. We retraced our steps, enjoying the beautiful forest milieu with its many shades of green. From the cemetery we hiked south toward Legion Road, enjoying the scenery, while avoiding the many trailing blackberry "anklegrabbers". We returned to the cemetery, and then spent some time browsing the ancient headstones, some dating back to the 19th century. Our hike of just under an hour did not go according to plan, but was nonetheless enjoyed by all. During our drive the rain returned! Photos by Pam.

It may never stop raining, but once again nine hikers managed to stay dry hiking the Oregon Coast Trail a little further than we normally go, to the Cummins Creek Trail road. John, Margaret, Greg, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Heather, Betsy, Kevin, Pam (with Zephyr) and Jim made the trek, enjoying the surf and sunbreaks along the way. We did encounter two more pairs of hikers with dogs, but there were no canine disagreements among them. Photos from Jim and Pam, one showing Z tanking up from Gwynn Creek, another showing the group deciding "Where shall we go from here?" Everyone enjoyed the day. We live in a beautiful place, don't we?

Link to Kevin's Strava

After torrential early morning rain, Thursday, April 6 calmed down, and became a perfect hiking day. Betsy, Lyle, Pam (with Zephyr), Margaret and John, decided to return to the Big Creek Trail off Blodgett Road. We wanted to see whether our long-missing Sea Captain statue, which we had returned to his tree perch two weeks ago, was still there. He was, but partially dislodged, so we stabilized his perch, and happily continued with our hike. As always, Big Creek, with its beautiful waterfall, was a pleasure to behold. Along the trail, under the huge moss-covered spruces, firs and cedars, were many blooming skunk cabbages, white trillium blossoms, emerging salmonberry and elderberry bushes, and a several species of ferns. This trail is a botanical gem, and was enjoyed by all. Photos courtesy of Pam thanks!

Sunshine greeted 17 hikers who met at Keady Wayside on Monday, April 3rd. After a long discussion, the 804 trail was selected. As we caravaned to Yachats, Betsy and passengers decided to join what has become our national pastime, a PROTEST. Betsy, Jim, Heather, Lee and her visiting sister Dawn, joining us for the first time, defected from the main group and hiked the Amanda Trail. The trail has survived the waterfilled winter in fine shape, and crews deserve thanks for removing the many small downed trees from the area. Our group enjoyed the Amanda, and posed with her statue and the bridge. Thanks to John for the "rest of the story" and Kevin for 804 pics. The twelve of us who elected to hike the 804 Trail headed north from Yachats State Park on Oceanview Drive, accompanied by our three canine companions. Lynne (welcome back!), Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr), Ineke and Paul, Michele and Mike, Peggy and Kevin, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Margaret and John, enjoyed the sunshine and the magnificent ocean views. We descended onto the beach, and then turned back at strongly-flowing Vingie Creek, where we perched on a huge log for our group photo. At the end of our most enjoyable 4-mile hike, we gathered on the viewing platform overlooking the rocky shoreline, before heading home.

Link to Kevin's 804 Strava Plot. Jim's mechanical Strava said 3 miles

The intermittent showers and strong wind gusts on the morning of Thursday, March 30, led us to choose the shelter of a forest trail. Margaret, Marcy, Becky, Pam (with Zephyr), Greg and John, headed south to the Fish Ladder Trail off Dick's Fork Road. After Zephyr, with tail wagging, had sniff-greeted us all, we headed into the forest, smilingly welcoming the frequent sunbreaks. At the fish ladder, we watched as Pam let Zephyr happily frolic in the creek. On our return hike we made frequent stops to admire the huge trees, and the moss-covered forest clearings beside the trail. The occasional sprinkles did not dampen our spirits, and we ended our delightful hike of just over an hour in sunshine! Photos thanks to Pam.

With rain showers in the forecast for Monday, March 27, a sheltered forest trail was the natural choice for today's hike. When we discovered that a member of our group had not experienced one of our special places, the Giant Spruce Trail, it became the obvious destination. Heather, Becky, Pam (with Zephyr), Margaret and John, drove south through light rain and arrived at our trailhead in sunshine. We ascended to the Visitor Center, which was very busy since this is Whale Watch Week. With Cape Creek gurgling in the valley below, we headed inland, enjoying the fern-lined forest trail with its flowering trilliums, skunk cabbages, and emerging salmonberry blossoms. Our newcomer to this trail was awestruck by the nearly six-hundred-year-old Giant Spruce, as we all have been in the past. On our return hike we experienced some light rain, but this did not dampen our spirits, and we arrived back at our starting point in sunshine. Today's hike of just over an hour was enjoyed by all. Photos thanks! to Pam and Heather. Zephyr and John exploring the big spruce cave in one.

On the dry and clear morning of March 23, ten eager hikers, Marcy, Michele, and Mike, Lyle, Betsy, Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr), Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Margaret and John, gathered for our usual Thursday hike. Rick had arrived with our Sea Captain statue,which he had repaired after it was damaged during its disappearance from its tree perch. We unanimously agreed that we should take him home! We hiked the beautiful forest trail off Blodgett Road, enjoying the verdant forest, and the sights and sounds of Big Creek in the valley below. We gathered around the captain's tree and happily placed him back on his perch. On our return hike we made a most enjoyable detour through the mossy trail, new to several of our hikers. At the end of our hike, just as we were ready to drive off, we had a moment of drama. Our hike which had started with our group welcoming back Marcy, Michele and Mike, ended with Mike mired in the mud! An eventful morning indeed! A big thanks to both Rick and Pam for the photo coverage of this event.

Easy to tell which of them took each of these pics. Then below, the ceremony returning the captain to his home.

The vernal equinox of Monday, March 20 brought the return of Betsy and Briggs to our group. Rick also brought Maggie, and Pam brought big Zephyr. Heather, John, Margaret and Jim accompanied all of the former to Cape Perpetua, where we hiked the Pacific Coast Trail south from the tunnel to Gwynn Creek Trail, which we ventured up some distance. Trivia: The vernal or spring equinox occurs when the solar terminator (line between day and night) is perpendicular to the earth's equator. The group photo was supposed to feature the beautiful scene of the beach to the right, but it was washed out. Other shots on the trail and Gwynn Creek doing its imitation of a river as all of our creeks seem to be doing with this enormous amount of rain. Oh, and it did not rain on us, but it surely did north of us.

After three successive stormy days with over 5" of rain, Thursday March 16 dawned windless, bright and sunny, a perfect hiking day. Betsy, (welcome back!), Colleen, Pam (with Zephyr), Rick (with Maggie), Margaret and John, headed south to the 804 Trail. Not surprisingly, we encountered many other hikers enjoying this balmy day, and the magnificent ocean views. The trail was as wet as we've seen it, and Starr Creek was almost over its banks. The low tide allowed access to the tiny beaches between the basalt outcrops, and we saw several families with their children romping on the sand. Our sunny hike of just under an hour ended with many smiling faces, and two wagging tails! Photos thanks to Rick.

The early morning dry spell on Monday, March 13 did not last long. Eight intrepid hikers met at Keady Wayside and decided to take shelter under the forest umbrella covering Cummins Creek Trail. As we progressed along the trail it became obvious that there was a lot of rain falling. Imagine that. The trilliums, or is it trillia? were sprouting along the trail and a few had blossomed. This trail was a first for Becky and Shelly (with Ivan). They were joined by John, Margaret, Rick (with Maggie), Pam (with Zephyr), Heather and Jim. Various devices indicated anywhere from 2.9 to 4.0 miles were traversed. We reversed course at the second of the trees leaning across the trail, as in the photo. A fun, wet day.

After over an inch of overnight rain, the morning of Thursday, March 9, greeted us with a light drizzle. Undaunted by the weather, Lyle, Pam (with Zephyr), Margaret and John, ascended into the forest on Waldport's Woodland Trail. The Red River was over its banks in several locations, and at one place it was impassable, forcing us to take an alternate route. As we reached the playground, there was a brief break in the rain, allowing Lyle to clean up a mess of garbage. As we approached the southern end of the trail we could hear voices from a homeless camp in the forest. Our return hike was punctuated with several heavy downpours, but this did not dampen the enthusiasm of our group. Our hike of well over an hour ended, as it had started, in a light drizzle. Photo thanks to Pam.

Hail, hail the gang's all here! Our theme song for Monday, March 6, following the last two days and nights of hail storms. Our "gang" consisted of John, Greg, Pam (with Zephyr), Heather, Kevin, Paul and Ineke, welcome back, and Jim. John told us that he has located our missing "captain" who once resided in a tree at the terminus of the Blodgett Road hike, but it was not yet in his possession. We elected to go there anyway, which we did, and again marveled at the intensity of Big Creek, roaring along next to the trail. When we reached the reservoir, Zephyr once again attempted to drink the entire stream, and pulled Pam into the water. We did experience a short bit of rain, but then the sun came out. Back at the parking spot we encountered a large group of Angell Job Corps residents, practicing their tsumani drill, hiking to high ground. Zephyr made a lot of new friends, and it was another fun day. One of the photos is courtesy of Pam.

Link to Kevin's Strava Plot

On the cloudy but dry morning of Thursday, March 2, we welcomed Brenda back to the fold after a long absence. She joined Karen (with Westly), Pam (with Zephyr), Gloria, Cheri, Greg, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Margaret and John, on an exploration of the Old Wagon Road north of Alsea Bay. We parked on Legion Road, which was made impassable to the north by large ponds. We headed south on the Old Wagon Road which winds its way through the forest. En route we enjoyed wondrous views of Alsea Bay, with large sand flats visible at a very low tide. Upon reaching Bayview Drive, we retraced our steps, and soon became aware of a huge snag with a large eagles nest on one of its branches. Two Bald Eagles perched on branches, watched us, clearly aware of our canine companions. This delightful hike was also a farewell to our longtime hiking companion Brenda, who is leaving Oregon on a road adventure to the east. She has promised to join us for a hike if she returns to the area. Have a safe journey Brenda! Photos courtesy of Brenda and Rick.

Once again the rain deity spared us hikers from the seemingly constant precipitation on Monday, February 27. John, Margaret, Greg, Pam (with Zephyr), Rick (with Briggs and Maggie) and Jim chose the Fish Ladder for today's hike. Dick's Fork Creek was more like Dick's Fork River thanks to the aforementioned precipitation. When we reached the fish ladder itself, Zephyr attempted to drink the entire contents, after giving up the tennis ball he mysteriously possessed. Meanwhile Briggs and Maggie ran back and forth on the trail. Pam and Zephyr are in the background of our group shot, as Zephyr is still drinking. A photo of an ancient stump along the trail. Another fun day.

On the bright and sunny morning of Thursday, February 23, eleven cheerful hikers and four friendly dogs, headed south to hike Amanda's Trail near Cape Perpetua. Shelly (with Ivan), Pam (with Zephyr), Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Lyle, Colleen, Becky, Michele and Mike, Greg, Margaret and John, parked at the trailhead on Yachats Ocean Road. We followed the trail along the edge of the forest, enjoying the magnificent ocean views. Three of our hikers were unfamiliar with the story of blind native-American Amanda's arduous journey south, after being forced from her home in what is now Yachats. At Amanda's Creek, where the bridge was demolished by stormwater, we met two other hikers enjoying the now tranquil scene. We gathered around Amanda's statue for a group photo, and then retraced our steps, passing several other hikers heading south. During our hike of well over an hour, we enjoyed the Amanda legend, the sun-dappled forest trail, and the good company, and as we reached our cars as the raindrops arrived! Photos courtesy of Rick.

Our 401st Monday hike took place on February 20, following a night of continuous rain. A night? A month, maybe. It had let up for a few minutes which encouraged John, Margaret, Pam (with Zephyr), Greg and Jim to venture out on Presidents Day. We attempted to hike the Old Town Loop trail, but were turned away from the beach by the crew which is conducting the dredging of the port area. The rain started up again as we strolled around town. Take a look at "Lake Waldport" behind us in the first photo--that is a vacant lot in old town. Pam had not seen this venue before so John and others introduced her to such scenic wonders at the old Waldport jail. We managed to get to the entrance of the new Lint Slough Trail, but evidence of high water showed that it may not have been possible in recent times. This trail is going to be a wonder when it is completed. The other photos show a small tree which has fallen across the Lint Slough trail but will be cleared easily. A closeup of the group is also shown. Zephyr enjoyed splashing through the many puddles we encountered.

After a stormy night with over 2" of rain, a mild and misty morning greeted our Waldport Walkers on Thursday, February 16. As we gathered the rain resumed, but this did not deter our avid hikers, Lyle, Pam (with Zephyr), Margaret and John, and their son Carl and daughter-in-law Lori. At the request our visitors, we set off to hike the Giant Spruce Trail at Cape Perpetua. Accompanied by the sounds of strongly-flowing Cape Creek, we ascended to the nearly six-hundred-year-old heritage tree. Pam, new to this special place, marvelled at the enormous Sitka Spruce, then with the rest of us, descended to the nearby creek, in which Zephyr happily waded while we watched. We returned to our starting point, pausing to enjoy the spectacular ocean views before heading home. Photos thanks to Carl.

The weather forecast for Monday, February 13 was optimistic, temperatures may approach 60 degrees and there was no rain in sight. That encouraged 17 hikers to meet at Keady Wayside, on this day to celebrate another milestone, our 400th Monday jaunt. Mary, Heather, John, Margaret, Vivian, Michele and Mike, Lynne, Greg, Pam (with Zephyr), Shelly (with Ivan), Rick (without Briggs and Maggie), Becky, Kevin and Peggy with grandson Elias, and Jim drove to Yachats for a trip on the 804 Trail. The surf was magnificent, putting on a continuous show. The weatherman neglected to inform us that there was a cold high east wind to contend with, but we were not intimidated. Photos taken at the Keady Wayside gazebo at the starting point of all of our hikes, thanks Becky. Others showing hikers actually hiking, others showing us milling around enjoying the surf. Some of us celebrated at the completion of this historic event by visiting Grand Central Pizza for lunch and libations. Photos there by Jim and Vivian. FOUR HUNDRED, wow.

The morning of Thursday, February 9, after a night with gale-force winds and over 3" of rain, was still windy, very wet, and surprisingly warm. Pam (with mighty Malamute Zephyr), Greg and John, sought shelter from the elements by choosing to hike the Big Creek Trail off Blodgett Road. The creek was at flood stage, and the waterfalls were as dramatic as we've ever seen them. We could hear the wind roaring through the forest canopy, but felt not a breeze where we were. A downed tree blocking the trail was being removed by two sawers, so we paused until it was safe to pass. At our turning point the churning creek was almost over its banks. As we retraced our steps, we were surprised to pass two more trucks, unusual for this tranquil place. Our hike of just under an hour was a new experience for two of us, and enjoyed by all.

On the day following Super Bowl LI, Waldport was awakened by a thunderstorm and hail. Monday, February 6 followed a day of over four inches of rain, but eight hikers were not to be deterred from hiking to the Fish Ladder. John, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Greg, Jim, Heather, Pam (with Zephyr), and Shelly welcomed first time hiker Becky to the fold. As we turned on to the access road to the Ladder, we observed a truck from the South Lincoln Water District ahead of us. They opened the gate to our "trail" and we headed for our destination. It became obvious that Dick's Fork Creek was roaring as we had never experienced it in the past, entertaining us with its rushing sounds along the way. The Fish Ladder itself was quite a sight, resembling white water rapids. Pam, Becky and Shelly had not been on this route before and were quite impressed, as were all of us. The SLWD guys stopped their truck to admire Zephyr, who is a handsome Malemute. Meanwhile Briggs went into his greyhound imitation, racking up miles. As we came back toward the parking area, that orb known as "the sun" appeared as if to welcome us on another great Monday. Remember next Monday will be our 400th. Photos depict everyone inspecting the water flow and the group posed at a new waterfall along the road.

With a strong wind blowing on the morning of Groundhog Day, Thursday February 2, and just six weeks of winter remaining, we chose to seek shelter in the forest. Pam (with huge Zephyr), Karen (with tiny Westly), Colleen, Gloria, Cheri, Greg, Margaret and John, gathered at the trailhead of Waldport's Woodland Trail. Protected from the wind, we ascended the trail, enjoying the forest ambience, the good conversation, and the two delightfully friendly dogs. We covered all the loops in the trail, and returned to the trailhead just as a light sprinkle arrived. On our hike of just under an hour, we saw many molehills, but no grounhogs! Photos thanks to Greg.

The fifth Monday in January, the 30th, brought two new hikers to the fold. Pam (with her handsome Malemute "Zephyr"), and Shelly. They were welcomed by John, Margaret, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Heather, Lynne, Michele, Greg and Jim. We ten elected to hike the beach north of Driftwood Wayside, since the tide was low and the surf was active. We forded three small streams along the beach and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine and scenery. We turned around at the big rock formations near Seal Rock, and the lack of wind actually made it seem warm for a change. Another fun day. Don't forget that in two weeks we will celebrate our 400th Monday hike. Think of a place we should go to celebrate with lunch and a beverage following that hike on February 13. Please check last Thursday's post for a spectacular photo submitted by Greg. Group photo courtesy of Heather, thanks.

On the sunny morning of Thursday, January 26, with a light breeze blowing, eight of our regular hikers gathered at Keady Wayside. Colleen, Lynne, Marcy, Gloria, Cheri, Greg, Margaret and John, headed to one of our favorite places, the Big Creek Trail off Blodgett Road. The trail was in excellent condition, and the sunbeams breaking through the forest canopy, highlighted the huge moss-covered tree trunks, and the ferns lining the trail. The sound of the Big Creek, still in full spate, was a constant presence, and the waterfalls were spectacular. After a brief pause at our turning point beside the creek, we retraced our steps, again enjoying the beauty of the vegetation surrounding us. Good hike; good friends; good conversation!

Here is a terrific photo thanks to Greg. These Smart Phones are something else!

January 23, Monday, was a very nice day, sunny and windless. Twelve Waldport Walkers gathered and chose Cummins Creek Trail for today's hike. Laura was welcomed back by John, Margaret, Greg, Michele, Lynne, Heather, Kevin, Peggy, Paul, Ineke and Jim. The trail was as wet as we have experienced it. One might think that it has recently rained in our neighborhood. There was a Forest Service truck in the parking area but we did not encounter the driver while hiking. Half of us made it "Gillian's Log," our usual turnaround point. One photo there, and another where the recent fallen tree is partially blocking the trail. The photographer wanted to make use of the available sunlight, which seems to have completely washed out some faces. Michele is practicing the art of tree hugging. Take note of the elevation plot in Kevin's Strava, a perfect "rise and fall" of our path.

Kevin's Strava Link

With a rainbow over the northern hills, Colleen, Lyle, Marcy, Margaret and John, gathered at Keady Wayside on the morning of Thursday, January 19. We headed south to the Gerdemann Gardens Trail, passing through torrential rain en route. Upon our arrival, the rain stopped, and the sun broke through the clouds. New to the trail, Marcy expressed joy at finding this beautiful place. Beyond the Gardens, we headed to Starr Creek, in full spate after four inches of rain in the past two days. After crossing the creek we headed east, turned around, and then explored a new route back. Our circuitous route back led us to Highway 101, along which we returned to our starting point. The second half of our hike of just under an hour, will not be repeated in the future! Upon arrival back in Waldport, there was our rainbow over the northern hills!

It was almost warm on Monday, January 16, 40 degrees. The warmth attracted 13 hikers and three canines. Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Karen (with Westly), John, Margaret, Kevin, Peggy, Paul, Ineke, Michele, and Jim welcomed Heather, her visiting son Kevin and grandson Sean to the group. We decided to hike along the Pacific Coast Trail to Neptune Beach, after hearing the pounding surf during the night. Sean led Briggs, or did Briggs lead Sean? Maggie had a few helpers in Paul and Ineke. When we reached the beach, the tide did not allow us to get our very far, and a few sneaker waves deterred us further, though Westly had fun barking at them. Between the sunlight and the surf, it was a spectacular show that we witnessed. No group photo was posed but here are some from along the beach.

This was Monday hike number 396. Prepare for a party in four weeks. Oh, and did we mention it was quite scenic today?

Link to Kevin's Strava Plot

After a full-moon night, the morning of Thursday, January 12, greeted us with clear skies and frost on the ground. Seeking the sun, we chose to hike the shoreline 804 Trail. Gloria, Cheri and Greg, Colleen, Lyle, Marcy, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Margaret and John, headed north from Smelt Sands State Park along the shore. The approaching high tide, and the huge waves crashing on the rocks created a dramatic scene. Spray and foam was a constant presence, and when we reached the beach, it was inaccessible due to the high tide. We retraced our steps, continuously enjoying the scene, and passing many other hikers sharing our experience. Our hour-long hike was enjoyed by all. Photo courtesy of Rick and it appears that Marcy has Briggs and Maggie under control.

On Monday, January 9, our freezing weather had gone, but it rained much in the last two days. When the hikers gathered at Keady Wayside, the Mare' family outnumbered the rest of us. John and Margaret were joined by son Andre, grandson Stevie, daughter Jeanette and her husband Paul. Together with Kevin, Heather, Greg, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie) and Jim, the group drove to "the fish ladder," as our visitors surprisingly had not experienced that picturesque venue. Stevie is on break from his studies at far away Cornell University. As if he needed it, Briggs was encouraged to run by Jeanette, and he sure did accumulate some miles. The South Lincoln Water District road was as wet as we have seen it, and Dick's Fork creek was raging, lending music to the walk.

Link to Kevin's Strava Plot

On the sunny and windless morning of Thursday, January 5, the 29F thermometer reading did not deter five brave Waldport Walkers, Greg, Rick, John, Chris, and Betsy (the lone rose amongst the thorns!). We chose to hike the shoreline 804 Trail, with its spectacular ocean views. Yesterday's snow had melted, the trail was in excellent condition, and the air was crystal clear. We watched for whales, but saw nary a spout to shout about. We did see several crab-pot buoys bobbing around offshore. Surprisingly few other hikers were there to share this special trail on this beautiful day. Photos courtesy of Rick.

Editor's Note: Yesterday's snow made the entrance to the Woodland Trail appear as we have not seen it before, and footprints reveal someone had walked it.

Waldport Walkers welcomed 2017 with their first hike on January 2, a cold day with frozen turf visible. Visiting family Dj, Laura, D'Artagnan (7), Killian (4), joined Heather, Betsy, Chris, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Michele, John, Lynne and Jim, and since our visitors had not experienced the Woodland Trail, and no one wanted to drive very far, we hiked said Woodland Trail and it was very pleasant. We covered most of the trail spurs and much of the city access road as well. Since this was the beginning of a new year, one photo was taken at the Keady Wayside parking lot, the beginning site of all of our hikes. The other was taken along the trail. Happy New Year everyone!

On the sunny morning of December 29, for their last hike of the year 2016, 23 Waldport Walkers gathered at Keady Wayside. At the request of several returning hikers, we chose to hike the Giant Spruce Trail at Cape Perpetua. Betsy and Chris, Colleen, Lyle, Michele, Lynne, Gloria, Cheri and Greg, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Margaret and John, with visiting family Christy, Mike, Grace, Jeremy, Theresa, and Stevie, welcomed newcomers to the area, Steve (from Texas), Laura with sons D'Artagnan and Killian (from Florida) and DJ from Scotland. After a brief stop at the Visitors Center to look for whales, (none seen), we descended to Cape Creek, and continued to the Giant Spruce, spectacular as always, and new experience for five of us. We returned via the campground, enjoying the conversation and the sunshine. Our delightful hike of just over an hour was a fine way to end a good hiking year! Thanks to John for the report. Photo thanks to Steven Mare.

On the day after Christmas 2016, December 26, Kevin, John, Margaret, Lynne, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie) and Jim welcomed visitors Fred and Jane. We elected to show them our beautiful Blodgett Big Creek venue, which we did. Big Creek was quite active and the waterfall was very pretty. When we reached the reservoir and lamented our Captain's fate, John related that he had discovered the whereabouts of said Captain. It seems one of the Angel Job Corps students has borrowed him. As usual, dynamic Briggs covered about 10 miles while we mere humans made only a tad over two. Our visitors were quite impressed with this lovely trail.

Tree photo from Kevin.

Link to Kevin's Strava

After the longest night of the year, dawn broke with patches of blue sky on the morning of Thursday, December 22. Betsy, Colleen, Lyle, Michele, Margaret, Greg, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), and John, chose to hike the Fish Ladder Trail from Dick's Fork Road. As we ascended the trail, Dick's Creek could be heard flowing strongly in the deep valley below. After searching in vain for fish at the fish ladder, we retraced our steps, enjoying the weather, the antics of young Briggs, and the good company. Our hike of just over an hour ended in sunshine.

The light rain on the morning of Monday, December 19, did not deter avid hikers Kevin, Greg, Margaret and John. We decided to hike the Giant Spruce Trail at Cape Perpetua, a good choice on a rainy and windy day. This beautiful forest trail, with its views and sounds of strongly-flowing Cape Creek, was new to Greg, who was delighted to discover this remarkable place. We enjoyed introducing Greg to the nearly six-hundred-year-old Giant Spruce, majestic as always. After a brief visit to the creekside, we retraced our steps, ending our hour-long hike drenched, but smiling. Photos thanks to Kevin.

Link to Kevin's Strava

Another dry hiking day greeted us on Thursday, December 15, but the chilly breeze prompted us to select a forest trail. Brenda, Colleen, Greg, Margaret and John, headed to Gerdemann Gardens, when we discovered that two members of our group were unfamiliar with that special place. As always, we enjoyed the winding trail beside gurgling Mitchell Creek, which at one point flows through a tunnel under a giant 300-year-old Sitka Spruce. The trail is lined by many species of Rhododendron, the featured flora of these gardens. They are now dormant, but will be enjoyed in full bloom when we revisit in the Spring. We crossed Starr Creek, and ascended through the magnificent forest to the reservoir. After a brief pause beside the raging creek, we retraced our steps, marvelling at the wonderful variety of plants surrounding us. We'll be back! Photo and Strava courtesy of Brenda, thanks!

Link to Brenda's Strava

After days of winter weather, and it isn't even winter, officially, Monday, December 12 turned out to be a glorious combination of bright sun, no wind, and surf driven by King Tides. We elected to hike the 804 trail to experience the surf up close, and it did not disappoint us. The foam resembled whipped cream, shaving lotion or iceberg sides, depending on which of us was describing it, and the water looked like milk. Still photography did not do it justice, and a video would have been much more appropriate to archive this display of nature. John, Margaret, Heather, Paul, Ineke, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Betsy and Jim did not log many miles, but we certainly took in the wonders of the day and encountered several other hikers and canines sharing the experience.

And on the way home we captured the new sign installed along Starr street for the entrance to the Woodland Trail.

On the morning of Thursday, December 8, the icy winds and pelting rain did not deter Lyle, a life-long Waldport resident who is accustomed to this kind of weather. She joined John, and together they sought the shelter of our favorite rainy-day trail, the Big Creek Trail off Blodgett Road. Oblivious of the wind and the rain, we enjoyed the beauty of the huge moss-covered trees covering the trail, and the waterfall, as always, was spectacular. As we emerged from the forest at the end of our hike, we encountered four male hikers trudging along Blodgett Road. After a brief chat, we went our separate ways.

The overnight rain and hail, and the continuing drizzle on the morning of Monday, December 5, dampened the enthusiasm of most of our hikers. The intrepid few, Ineke, Margaret, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), and John, chose to hike the Big Creek Trail off Blodgett Road. As soon as we entered the forest with its dense canopy, we were oblivious of the rain. With wildly enthusiastic Briggs racing around, often badgering mild-mannered Maggie, we ascended the trail. The views and sounds of the strongly flowing creek and the waterfall added to our enjoyment of the ascent. We met with two water district employees who were inspecting the water intake, and then retraced our steps, emerging from the forest as the rain stopped falling.

Photos courtesy of Rick, and report courtesy of John, thanks.

On the chilly and sunny morning of the first day of December, Barbara (with poodle Peach), Colleen, Gloria, Laura, Lyle, Marcy, Marge, Michele, Margaret, and John (lone thorn amongst the roses), decided to hike one of our old favorites, the Giant Spruce Trail. New to two of our hikers, the trail was, as always, a delight to hike, today enhanced by the sight and sounds of strongly-flowing Cape Creek. At the Visitor Center, we were welcomed by U.S. Forest Service employee Susan, a former member of our hiking group. The six-hundred-year-old Giant Spruce, awesome to behold, forms the backdrop for our group photo. We returned via the empty campground, pausing to enjoy the huge waves crashing onto the rocks in Cape Cove. A delightful hike of just over an hour. Photos courtesy of Laura, and thanks, Laura. The second one is a "mini Devils Churn".

Monday, November 28 was forecasted to be showery and it was; however, as usual, we Walkers remained dry, as we elected to introduce Laura to the Woodland Trail. She was joined by Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Betsy J, John, Margaret, Paul, Ineke and Jim. Last winter graced our area with much rain, but the recent storms that we have experienced in the last few weeks have obviously dumped much more moisture in much shorter time periods, as evidenced by the very wet condition of the Woodland Trail. John related some of the history of the trail, including the gracious right of way allowance by Gary Tryon, the construction of the trail by incarcerated folks, the donation of benches by Judy Vagenas in memory of her late husband Andy, the old rope and swinging adventures by our younger hikers, and more. We managed to traverse just about every side trail and much of the sewer access road, and came across a washout of the old road leading to Norwood Heights. It is still hard to believe that this lovely trail lies in the middle of our town, Waldport.

Thursday, November 24. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. The weather, and boy was it weather, caused cancellation of today's hiking.

Monday, November 21 was a gem between storms, dawning sunny and cool. 13 hikers met at Keady and decided to take advantage of the receding tide and start on the beach at Driftwood Beach State Park. John, Margaret, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Heather, Laura, Greg, Lynn, Vivian, Pat and Jim welcomed the returning travelers Paul, Ineke and Kevin to the group. We left the parking lot headed north and encountered a river where the little stream used to cross the beach. Jim and Pat elected not to cross it, and Jim was caught by a sneaker wave, eliminating the intended test to see if his boots leaked. They really leak when hit by a wave. The rest of the group made it almost to Seal Rock as shown by Kevin and Vivian's photos. Jim got the rest of the group. Vivian's Strava plot shows that we ALL went wading in the waves!

Link to Vivian's Strava

On the morning of Thursday, November 17, we welcomed Betsy and Chris back from California. They joined Barbara (with poodle Peach), Lynne, Lyle, Laura, Marcy, Margaret, Colleen, Karen (with Westly), Greg and John, and headed south to hike Amanda's Trail. We were welcomed at the trailhead by huge waves crashing on the rocky shore. The story of blind Amanda's forced journey south through the forest, was new to three of our hikers, who were delighted to learn about her, and to discover this very special trail. Amanda's statue, adorned with a variety of ornaments left by previous visitors, is now perched on high ground, safe from floods like the one that destroyed the bridge, and removed her predecessor from the creekbed last year. On our return hike we again enjoyed the forest vegetation and the many dramatic ocean views. The weather was kind to us, and our hike was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Greg for the photos.

The rainy Monday morning of Monday, November 14 attracted seven hikers who did not mind getting wet. New hiker Tom, and second-week hiker Laura were joined by John, Margaret, Heather, Jim and Rick (with Briggs and Maggie). In order to obtain some shelter from the rain, and to introduce Tom and Laura to one of our favorites, Blodgett Road was selected. The road was very wet, but beautiful as ever, and our new members were impressed with this venue. Briggs became supersonic at times, and probably ran about 10 miles to the humans three.

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On the warm and sunny morning of Thursday, November 10, Michele introduced new walker Marge, to Lyle, Laura, Lynne, Gloria, Cheri and Greg, Pat, Vivian, Gretchen, Betsy, Colleen, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), and John. New to several members of our group, the Fish Ladder Trail became our destination. As we hiked the sun-dappled trail we could hear the gurgling of strongly-flowing Dick's Creek in the valley below. At the fish ladder we paused to enjoy the scene, and then retraced our steps, carefully avoiding the occasional rough-skinned newts crossing the trail. Our hike in this beautiful place, punctuated with lively discussion, and much tail-wagging, was enjoyed by all. Photo thanks to Vivian.

Monday, November 7, the day before election day. New hikers Marjorie, from Colorado, and Laura, new resident of the area, were welcomed by John, Margaret, sporting a new haircut, Vivian, Heather, Lynne, Michele and Mike, and Jim. The Waldport Walkers today resembled the Waldport Talkers, as we hiked along Cummins Creek Trail at Cape Perpetua. Conversations ranged from learning our new hikers' interests, to tennis, skiing, golfing, social events, a proposal to create a Walkers Calendar, whew! Many ideas for the calendar were discussed, but so far no one has volunteered to do the work required. The weather was near perfect following a few days of rain, and everyone enjoyed the beauty of nature on this day. Photos by Vivian and Jim.

Link to Vivian's Strava Plot

A gloriously sunny and windless morning greeted the ten of us on Thursday, November 3. We welcomed new Waldport Walker Barbara (with 12-year-old poodle Peach), and returnee Gretchen. They, in the company of Gloria, Cheri, Marcy, Colleen, Lynne, Margaret, and lone thorn amongst the roses, John, headed to the Woodland Trail. The sun streaming through the forest canopy accentuated the huge nurse stumps and old-growth trees lining the trail. The lower section of trail had a few muddy patches, but the upper reaches were fine, and a delight to hike. Mushrooms were in abundance, with many of the hallucinogenic fly agarics amongst them. We paused and posed for pictures at the playground, proceeded to the southern trailhead, and then returned via the access roads. Many smiles and happy talk during this delightful hike.

Trick or treat, or hike, on Haloween. That is just what Heather, Mike, Michele, John, Margaret, Lynne, Bill and Jim did. We elected to visit Gerdemann Gardens, and once arriving there, experiencing a brief shower on the way, discovered that both Bill and Mike had not been exposed to this trail in the past. We are still appreciative of the walkways which have been installed over the formerly muddy areas. Once out of the Gardens, we continued up the hill to the South Lincoln Water District reservoir, where we experienced Starr Creek at a high level, as shown in one photo. Once again no rain was evident as we hiked, and we bid farewell to Bill as he will return to France this week. It was another delightful hike.

In a light drizzle on the morning of Thursday, October 27, seven intrepid hikers gathered at Keady Wayside. Michele introduced her husband Mike, and together with Brenda, Colleen, Margaret, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), and John, headed off to the Fish Ladder Trail. We ascended Dick's Fork Road to the trailhead, where we were greeted by the Water District crew en route to inspect the reservoir. The recent rains have spurred the growth of many mushrooms along the trail, which was as wet as we've seen it. Dick's Creek was flowing strongly, and the fish ladder in full spate, was a pleasure to behold. In spite of the rain, our hike of just over an hour, enriched by the jovial conversation, was most enjoyable. Photos courtesy of Brenda, as is the Strava Plot which contains some highway mileage in addition to the hike. Thanks, Brenda.

Strava Plot

On the steady rainy day, Monday, October 24, six hikers met at Keady Wayside. Betsy decided to opt out today, but John, Margaret, Heather, Brenda and Jim drove to Cape Perpetua to hike the Cummins Creek Trail. When we reached the parking area, there was another vehicle situated there, a VW camper. The trail was as wet as we have seen it, and we encountered a few downed trees which indicate that the recent storms hit that area with strong winds. The forest was enchanting in this light rain, with the trees providing a large umbrella over the hikers, and the many shades of green somehow more radiant when wet. Your scribe must find some new boots as the "waterproof" ones seem no longer to be so. Photos by Jim and Brenda.

With the rain pelting down on the morning of Thursday, October 20, the intrepid seven, Lyle, Colleen, Margaret, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), and John, sought the shelter of the forest for their hike. We chose the Big Creek trail off Blodgett Road, and upon entering the forest, were immediately oblivious of the rain, thanks to the thick forest canopy. After the recent heavy rains, the Big Creek waterfalls were spectacular. Exuberant Briggs and placid Maggie enjoyed the hike as much as we did. When we emerged from the forest at the end of our hike, the rain had ended. We discovered that a salmon spawning survey of Big Creek was underway. As we headed toward our cars, the sound of rifle shots in the forest reminded us that hunting season is underway. Photo thanks to Rick.

Following the rip snorter of a thunderstorm the night before, few folks were willing to hike on Monday, October 17. John, Margaret, Bill2 and Jim met at Keady Wayside and selected the Woodland Trail, to inspect its condition and replace one of John's distance marker signs which had disappeared. The trail is quite steep in places, and it was obvious that a lot of rainfall runoff hiked down the trail last night, leaving well defined traces of its path. We encountered one downed tree and despite having no plastic bags managed to pick up quite a lot of cans, bottles and other debris. John will report to the City the problem areas which require some attention to correct. Quite surprisingly, we encountered no rain.

One photo showing the sign repair. One comment remains:

In a steady drizzle on the morning of Thursday, October 13, the fearless foursome of Colleen, Marcy, Margaret and John, headed off to inspect the Lint Slough Trail, currently under construction. We found that the trail has been extended and widened, and that new wood chips have been spread. On our return hike we encountered the trail-building crew heading in to continue their fine work. As always, the views of the slough, and of the forest beyond, were spectacular. We saw only one great blue heron braving the elements, and spotted a river otter, briefly surfacing in the slough. Colleen, new to this trail, was very impressed. Our hike, shorter than usual, was enjoyed by all.

We were happy to welcome back Pat and Vivian on Monday, October 10, Columbus Day. They selected the 804 Trail for today's hike, and were joined by John, Margaret, Heather, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Betsy2, Lynne, Bill and Jim. It was one of those days when we encountered rain on the way to the State Park, but did not experience any on the trail. The holiday attracted many hikers which we met on our outing. Two of them, Steve and Kim, from Seattle, were recruited by John and joined us. John had learned that they were headed in the wrong direction for their intended hike. The surf was acting as though it was rehearsing for winter, putting on quite a show for us. Photos by Vivian and Jim.

Vivian's Fitbit indicated 3.76 miles.

After nearly two inches of rain in the previous two days, Thursday, October 6 arrived partly sunny and windless. Betsy, Colleen, Marcy, Margaret, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), and John, while discussing our destination for the day, discovered that three of us had never hiked the Cummins Creek Trail south of Cape Perpetua. As one of our favorite destinations, the choice was easy. We ascended the well-drained trail, which was in excellent condition as always. The sun filtering through the forest canopy added to the beauty of this special place. As always, we were impressed by the magnificent old-growth Sitka spruces and Douglas firs lining the trail. Two passing hikers commented on the exuberance of our group. Our enjoyment of this beautiful forest hike was shared by placid little Maggie and wildly enthusiastic Briggs, our canine companions. A delightful hike on a beautiful day. Photos courtesy of Rick, thanks.

Our first October hike on Monday the 3rd, was accomplished in light rain. We elected to visit our old favorite off Blodgett Road to utilize the trees as a massive umbrella. Jim's granddaughter Nicole was visiting, and along with her grandfather, joined Lynne, Heather, Bill, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), John and Margaret for our short hike along the beautiful Blodgett venue, entertained by the sounds of Big Creek. We conducted yet another search for the Captain at the reservoir, to no avail. He is still missing. When we returned to the parking spot, a large contingent of Job Corps members adorned in their yellow vests were hiking along the road. Briggs befriended a dog which was with them. A nice, mizzly hike.

On the cool and hazy morning of Thursday, September 29, Cathy, (visiting from Maine), and Colleen (from Waldport), were welcomed to our group by Betsy and Betsy, Marcy, Lyle, Lynne, Gloria, Cheri, Michele, Karen (with Westly), Margaret, and the lone (but not lonely!) male, John. We chose to hike the Giant Spruce Trail, since three members of our group had not visited the 600-year-old Heritage Tree at the end of the trail. On our ascent we passed a hiking group from Florence, and several other hikers. As always the majestic old spruce impressed those new to this special place. Our enthusiastic and happy hikers split into two groups on the hike back, some retracing their steps, while others returned via the nearly empty campground. Our hike of well over an hour, ended in sunshine, and was clearly enjoyed by all; lucky thirteen! Photos compliments of Betsy J.

September 26, a week into Autumn, attracted only seven hikers. Michele was welcomed back from her travels, and she was joined by Lee, Betsy, Lynne, Margaret, John and Jim. We decided to visit Gerdemann Gardens and then assault the hill to the Starr Creek reservoir, one of four which serve South Lincoln Water District. When we reached the gate with the loudly worded warning of No Trespassing, we found it to be open for the first time in our history of many visits and group photos there. Once we arrived at the reservoir, we found Mike, Supervisor, weed-whacking the grass surrounding the water. Many subjects were covered in our conversations. Lee acheived her wish to hike a hill, we learned that Lynne was "as good as a stick," and that Betsy will be leaving us for California on Sunday. It was a very enjoyable outing. One of the photos shows what John described as the "candelabra" effect when Sitka Spruce tree branches take the shapes seen. Once again we appreciated the improvements made in the former swampy areas by the Yachats Trails crews.

With a low tide on the misty morning of Thursday, September 22, the beach beckoned. Lynne and Lyle, Betsy and Betsy, Gloria and Cheri, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Margaret and John, hiked north along the beach from Driftwood Beach State Park toward Seal Rock. When we reached the many basalt islands covered with acorn barnacles, and adorned with seaweed, we searched for sea stars, finding only two of the formerly numerous ochre sea stars. On our return hike we encountered a fisherman preparing to fish the surf for red-tailed surf perch. We also saw two turkey vultures feasting on a fish. Our 70-minute hike covered new ground for several of our hikers, and provided Maggie and Briggs with much canine companionship. Thanks to Rick for the photo.

On a foggy Monday, September 19, eight hikers gathered at Keady Wayside. We welcomed Betsy2, new to Monday hikes, and learned that both she and Lynne had never experienced the "fish ladder" hike, so that's where we went. Kevin, John, Margaret, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Heather and Jim comprised the remainder of the group. This particular road which accesses the "fish ladder" for the employees of the South Lincoln Water District, is one of our favorites, and the photos may illustrate why Lynne and Betsy were impressed with the variety of scenery along the way, moss covered trees, the sound of Dick's Fork creek running in the ravine below the trail, the very tall trees, old nurse stumps, and of course, the surprise at the end of the road, our "fish ladder." It was nice to revisit this venue and everyone seemed to enjoy the morning. Briggs certainly did.

Waiting for Kevin's Strava

At the request of the Waldport Trails Committee, the Lint Slough Trail, currently under construction, was inspected by our Waldport Walkers on the sunny morning of Thursday, September 15. Betsy and Betsy, Lynne and Lyle, Gloria, Cheri and Greg, Kevin, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Margaret and John, meandered east across town to Lint Slough. New to several members of our group, the spectacular views from the trail across the water evoked many smiles. The slough, an Audobon-designated "Important Bird Area" (IBA), usually populated with many geese, ducks, great egrets, gulls and eagles, was surprisingly uninhabited, with just a few sandpipers and a lone blue heron visible from the trail. We found that the southward extension of the trail was still incomplete, requiring much leveling and chipping. When completed, this will be a very special trail, close to downtown and easily accessible to the public. Photo courtesy of Kevin.

Link to Kevin's Strava Plot

Monday, September 12 was a cool day which attracted only John, Margaret, Heather, Betsy, Lynne, Kevin and Jim to our usual meeting spot. Both John and Jim quite coincidentally had thought about venturing to the trails at Beaver Creek natural area. No one objected, so we mountain climbers drove to the parking area at South Beaver Creek road and hiked the Beaver Creek Loop trail. When we reached the bridge over the Creek, it appeared as though we could have navigated across the marsh to the Visitor Center, but it was still posted "no hiking." Our group photo was taken on the bridge. Once we reached the mountain top, only John went on to Snaggy Point. The rest of us completed the Loop trail. The scenery on this trail is beautiful and varied, and everyone enjoyed the outing. We miss all of our members who are ailing. Get well soon.

Link to Kevin's Strava Plot

Thursday, September 8 was a pleasant day which attracted 11 hikers to Keady Wayside. One of us had not yet experienced the local Woodland Trail, and the group decided to remedy that situation. John, Brenda, Lynne, Betsy, Karen (with Westly), Greg, Cheri, Gloria, Lyle, Marcy and Jim braved the Highway 101 crossing and started up the trail. There is quite a construction (destruction?) project going on with one of the big trees along the trail, and we stopped to check out the carpenter ants who were making a large sawdust pile. Jim, Betsy and Lynne climbed the steep trail extension to Pacific View Drive in order to investigate the recently burned home there. Our investigation revealed that the entire ruins have been demolished and removed. We detoured on segments of the old road on the return trip, so covered the entire trail and surrounding area. Everyone seemed to enjoy the hike. Oh, and at the park up "on top" we encountered this group of children playing on the jungle gym. We have seen this in the past.

Link to Brenda's Strava Plot

On Labor Day, Monday, September 5, eight hikers celebrated the holiday by visiting Cape Perpetua, hiking the Pacific Coast Trail to Neptune Beach, then exploring the beach during a low tide period. Michele, Lynne, John, Margaret, Heather, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Betsy and Jim were surprised to see how low Cummins Creek was as it flowed across the beach to the ocean. We encountered quite a few tourists who were also enjoying the beach. No human enjoyed it as much as Briggs did. In the first photo you can see that he has corraled everyone and is giving all of us instructions. He appears to have everyones attention. It was a day of many enjoyable conversations among such a friendly group.

Thursday September 1 dawned sunny and warm. Finn (happy birthday!), Barb, Lyle, Lynne, Marcy, Margaret, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), and John, headed north to Legion Road. With not a puddle in sight, this gently sloping trail through the forest was a pleasure to hike. We ended our hour-long hike on the Old Wagon Road, enjoying the beautiful Alsea Bay panorama. Photos courtesy of Rick, one with Rick, one with Barb.

On the cloudy and windy morning of Monday, August 29, we discovered that Bill, (back from France), had not hiked one of our favorite trails, namely the Cummins Creek trail. So an introduction was in order, and he accompanied Margaret, Michele, Lynne, Heather, Betsy, Rich, Rick and John to the trailhead, just south of Cape Perpetua. After a lengthy delay caused by an overturned log truck at Cape Creek, just beyond the Devil's Churn, we set off on our hike. Well sheltered from the strong winds, we thoroughly enjoyed introducing Bill to the ambience of this special place. At the end of our hike of over 90 minutes, the clouds had lifted and the sun was shining. Another happy hike! Thanks to John for this report, and Rick for the photos.

On the sunny morning of Thursday, August 25, while discussing our hiking destination,we discovered that several in our group were unfamiliar with the Big Creek trail off Blodgett Road. The twelve of us, Gloria, Cheri and Greg, Betsy, Brenda, Barb and Finn, Lyle, Marcy, Michele, Margaret and John, ascended the winding forest trail. As always, the huge moss-covered Sitka spruces and Douglas firs, with the sun filtering through their boughs, created a wonderful atmosphere. Upon reaching our turning point, we searched in vain for the sea captain statue, formerly perched in his tree notch. Big Creek was a trickle of its usual self, due to the absence of rain. Our descent along the fern and berry-lined trail was delightful, and as we gathered in the sunshine at the end of our hike of just under an hour, there were many happy smiling faces. Thanks to Cheri for the photos.

On Monday, August 22, 11 hikers decided to take advantage of the full moon induced low tide of 0.3, and hike the beach. Betsy, Heather, Michele, Kevin, Peggy, Finn, John, Margaret, Brenda and Jim welcomed Bill back to the group. Bill resides in France when not visiting the Oregon coast, and we headed for Driftwood Beach State Park where we started trekking north to Seal Rock. We admired the alleged million dollar home being built along the beach, complete with its shrink wrap. Many people were enjoying the great weather and hiking the beach, braving the north wind. We inspected the mussels growing all over the rocks at Seal Rock and encountered a very interesting ochre sea star attached to one of the rocks. Another fun day for the Waldport Walkers.

Kevin's Strava, One Way Only

On the foggy morning of Thursday, August 18, a new Betsy joined our group. She was welcomed by Lynne, Marcy, Betsy (1), Lee, Barb (welcome back), Finn, Gloria, Cheri, Greg, and John. We chose to hike the 804 Trail, hoping that the fog would clear, so that those new to the trail could share our enjoyment of the wonderful ocean views. From Smelt Sands State Park we headed north into a cool headwind, with the fog persisting. After descending onto the beach we crossed Vingie Creek, and turned back shortly afterwards. Still unable to see the ocean, we retraced our steps, and as we reached the bridge at our starting point, the sun broke through! We continued north past the Adobe Resort as far as Marine Drive, and then returned, now able to enjoy views of the rocky shoreline, and occasionally of the sea beyond. Our hour-long hike was enjoyed by all. Photos courtesy of Cheri.

On Monday, August 15, Kevin, Peggy, John, Margaret, Rich, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Michele, Heather, Betsy, Brenda and Jim hiked to Amanda's statue and back.

John pontificated

Apologies from the webguy concerning this short report. It was an experiment. What actually happened, after a long discussion about venues, the original choice of the 804 Trail was abrogated, and Amandas superceded that choice. A few of our hikers had not experienced the wonders of Amandas Trail and her saga of life along that trail. The photos of John by Kevin and Jim recorded the expounding rhetoric of history for those unaware of poor Amanda's ordeal. We enjoyed the vistas presented along the trail and were upset to experience the whiteout that nature provided while we were enjoying the lovely new grounds and exposition of the new Amanda statue. Our expanded hike was enjoyed by all participants.

Kevin's Strava

The thick fog on the morning of Thursday, August 11 did not deter our Waldport Walkers. As the seventeen of us gathered, we discovered that seven of our group had never seen Cape Perpetua's famous Giant Spruce, which made our choice an easy one. Our motor convoy, led by John and Margaret, with Marcy and Finn, followed by Lynne with Taylor, Jason, Jay and Kavon, Michele and visiting friend Cindy, Lyle and Jason, Gretchen, Gloria and Cheri, and Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), headed south into the sunshine at Cape Perpetua. We parked south of Devil's Churn, hiked under the highway, and through the forest to the Visitor Center. From there we meandered along the south bank of Cape Creek, enjoying the sounds of birds, and what one of us described as "the babbling brook". Surrounded by the lush green foliage, ferns, salal, salmonberries, elderberries, thimbleberries, and the huge old growth trees, we climbed to our destination. Our first-time visitors were enthralled at the immensity of the nearly six-hundred-year-old Giant Spruce. A joyous and friendly atmosphere prevailed as we paused to play at the creek, with the young folk clambering over the fallen logs across Cape Creek. There were many smiles and many pictures taken! On our return hike we passed several other hikers enjoying this special place. Photos thanks to Rick.

Monday, July 8 dawned overcast and dreary. Isn't this summer? That did not discourage 16 hikers from venturing to Cape Perpetua and the Cummins Creek trail. Lynne had brought her family members and their friends, Taylor, Jas, Jay and Kavon, all much younger than us regulars. Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Finn (welcome back), Rich, Kevin, John, Margaret were joined by visiting Ray and Brenda, from Mesa, AZ. We observed John and Margaret stopped partway to Cape Perpetua, and upon arriving at the trailhead we learned that they had stopped to pick up family members Theresa and her son, Stevie, who is about to depart to a collegiate adventure at Cornell U in upstate New York. Quite surprisingly, we did not spread out far with a group this size, and all halted at the trail junction partway up for a group photo. Everyone made it to Gillian's log except for Rick who had to attend to one of the Jack Russells. The other group shot was taken there. Once again when the hike was completed, while driving back to Waldport, the rain started. It was a fun day, hopefully for everyone, and it was quite a pleasure to have the younger folks along.

Link to Kevin's Strava Plot

On the windy and misty morning of Thursday, August 4, thirteen avid hikers gathered at Keady Wayside. We discovered that several of us were unfamiliar with Waldport's Woodland Trail, an excellent choice for a windy day. Brenda, Brenda and Ray (from Mesa, Arizona), Lyle and Jason with their visiting sister Anne, Karen (with Westly), Gloria, Cheri, Marcy, Finn (another Arizonan, welcome back!), Margaret and John, crossed the Red River, and headed into the forest. Newcomers to the trail marvelled at the huge old growth trees and the lush vegetation, and the oldtimers, as always, enjoyed this special place. We paused at the skate park and the playground, continued to the southern trailhead, and then returned via different branches of the trail. After snacking on ripening blackberries at the trailhead, we returned to our starting point. A very convivial hike of just over an hour for we lucky thirteen. Photo courtesy of Brenda.

Link to Brenda's Strava Plot

On this Monday we were dismayed to find that it had become August, the first. Nine hikers decided to visit Gerdemann Gardens and assault the hill to the South Lincoln County Water District reservoir. John, Margaret, Rich, Kevin, Peggy, Betsy, Lynn, Michele and Jim drove to the galleries parking area and started out. We were happy to see the improvements made to the formerly muddy section of this trail, and we thank the Yachats Trail group for providing boardwalks along that route. One photo below shows the improvements, and the other is a group shot taken at the "Grandmother Spruce," a large Sitka with a stream running literally through the roots. It was another fine day on the coast and a good hike.

Link to Kevin's Strava Plot

On the sunny morning of Thursday, July 28, while discussing our hiking venue for the day, we discovered that six of our twelve hikers had not experienced the Lint Slough Trail. This made our choice obvious, so Brenda, Betsy, Gretchen, Gloria, Karen (with Westly), Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Christy, Mike, Grace, Jeremy, Margaret and John set off, first on the Old Town Loop Trail, under the bridge, and along the estuary beach to the Port of Alsea docks. Several crabbers, a few fishermen, and two kayakers, drew our attention as we passed the docks. We headed south past the long line at Katie's bakery, and on along Lint Slough to the trailhead. The views of the slough through the trees were spectacular, but surprisingly, the usually numerous herons, great egrets, geese, and occasional bald eagles, were not in evidence. Those new to the trail expressed their delight at finding this beautiful place. We returned passing the community gardens and the ballfields, a three-mile hike of just over an hour.

On the sunny morning of Monday, July 25, our visiting out-of-town family, Christy, Mike, Grace and Jeremy, requested that we reintroduce them to the Giant Spruce Trail at Cape Perpetua. Delighted to do so, Lynne, Heather, Betsy, Michele, Rich, Kevin, Ineke and Paul (with their young friend Rachel), Margaret and John, headed south to the trailhead at the Spouting Horn. Two of our group were new to this beautiful forest trail, with its rich vegetation and occasional views of Cape Creek meandering below. The huge old-growth Sitka Spruces and Douglas firs beside the trail, were, as always, a pleasure to behold. Upon reaching the centuries-old Giant Spruce, we were surprised to find a number of other enthusiastic visitors, several off them exploring the cavernous tunnel under the tree. We paused for a while on the bank of the creek, while the young folk paddled and tree hopped. On our return hike we encountered many more hikers enjoying this special place. After a brief pause at the visitors center, we returned to our starting point. A delightful hike on a beautiful day. Some of us did not show up, staining our decks ilo hiking. Thanks to Kevin for the photos and Strava Plot.

Link to Kevin's Strava

On the warm and misty morning of Thursday, July 21, regular hikers Karen (with Westly), Lynne, Marcy, Lyle, Margaret and John, welcomed out-of-town visitors Margaret and Norm (from Tucson), Michael (from Portland), and the Maré family from Colorado Springs, Christy, Mike, Grace and Jeremy. We lucky thirteen, chose to hike Amanda's Trail, a new route for eight of us. While wending our way southward through the forest, we shared the story of Amanda's journey, and upon arrival at Amanda's Creek, we gathered around the new Amanda statue, (now on high ground), which replaced the original statue recently demolished by flood waters. Newcomers, as well as returnees, all enjoyed this special place. On our return hike some of us paused to taste ripe blackberries and salal berries. Newcomers to this trail were delighted to share this unique experience. Photo courtesy of Karen.

On Monday, July 18, ten hikers met. After welcoming Michele, who normally hikes on Thursdays, we decided, at one of the ladies' suggestions, to drive to the Fern Ridge cemetery in Seal Rock and hike to the "plastic tree" at the former ODOT site at Ona Beach. Michelle was joined by Heather, Betsy, Rich, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Brenda, Lynne, John, Margaret and Jim. When we reached the cemetery it was misting lightly, but that changed to partial sun as we progressed along the road and it remained quite humid. It was reported that what we all thought was a sprain turned out to be a broken wrist for our friend Vivian. Get well, Vivian. The road we were hiking is destined to become an equestrian venue in the future plans of the State Parks folks, and it was obvious that equestrians had already made use of the road, as many horseshoe prints were evident. We did reach the plastic tree (cell tower) as evidenced by the photo, and then started back-what's this? Uphill? It did not seem to be downhill on the way in. We ten were quite tired when returning to the cars after this five mile hike.

Link to Brenda's Strava Plot

On the sunny morning of Thursday, July 14, 14 eager hikers and 2 canine companions gathered at Keady Wayside. Returning friends Margaret and Norm from Tucson introduced their fellow Tucsonans Colleen and Dan, and Gloria (welcome back!) Introduced her daughter Cheri and son-in-law Greg to our group. They joined Marcy, Michele, Betsy, Karen (with Westly), Rick (with Briggs), Margaret and John, and we headed inland to the fish ladder trail. The trail with its huge moss-covered trees, and the sound of the creek below, was a new experience for nine of our hikers, who expressed pleasure at discovering this delightful place. At the fish ladder we saw several fingerlings, possibly Coho, other creek creatures, and many ripe thimbleberries (new to several of our hikers), were consumed. Mosquitoes found tender and tasty targets, sending several of us scurrying back to the trailhead, while the rest of us wandered back enjoying the ferns, elderberries, daisies, and other wildflowers lining the trail. Our hike of just over an hour ended with many smiling faces. Photo courtesy of Dan.

Link to Brenda's Strava plot

Our summer turnout continued to be low, with eight hikers gathering at Keady Wayside on Monday, July 11. Kevin, Peggy and Vivian were welcomed back after absences, and were joined by Rich, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Heather, John and Jim. New hiker Julia met us at the wayside but deferred her participation until Thursday. We eight elected to try the Pacific Coast Trail south of Cape Perpetua. On the way to the parking area we passed a big mobile warning sign alerting us to an accident at MP 168, and to expect delays. The parking area is at about MP 166, so we avoided delays from the apparent chip truck which went over the ocean side at about 4 AM this morning. We did hike the Pacific Coast Trail as far as the road to Cummins Creek. John and Kevin went partway up highway 101 and talked to the road crews about the accident. Kevin's group shot of six of us was taken at that point. A very nice day, and many tourists were encountered.

Kevin's STRAVA (turned off for part)

A mild misty morning greeted us on Thursday, July 7. Betsy (welcome back!), Lyle, Margaret, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), and John, decided to hike the recently reopened Giant Spruce Trail at Cape Perpetua. We ascended the meandering trail on the south bank of Cape Creek, enjoying the rich vegetation, the views, and the sounds of the gurgling creek, intermingled with the songs of birds in the treetops. We found the repaired sections of trail where toppled trees had destroyed the trail two weeks ago. After a brief rest at the Giant Spruce, where Briggs thoroughly inspected the cavern under the tree, we retraced our steps, passing several other hikers and their dogs, obviously enjoying the trail. Our hike of just over an hour was a good way to start the day. Photos thanks to Rick.

On the 240th anniversary of our country's independence, seven hikers embarked on the 367th Monday hike, July 4, 2016. John, Margaret, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Hoyt (with Molly and Wini), Paul, Ineke and Jim elected to avoid driving through Yachats and becoming part of the La-De-Da parade, and take a short hike on our scenic Blodgett Road site. As we passed the beach near Yaquina John Point we saw workers cleaning up after last night's fireworks. The road into the Blodgett site was very dusty. We must be in a drought, which is hard to believe considering last winters rainfall. When we reached the reservoir, we once again searched for and once again failed to locate "the Captain." We did extend our short hike by traveling down to the lower Big Creek crossing where we discovered a sort of log bridge across the creek. We hope everyone will enjoy the remaining portion of todays holiday.

On Thursday, June 30 Julie was welcomed back to our group by Lyle, Gretchen and John. As a returnee, she got to choose where we'd hike, and the fish ladder trail became our destination. While driving up Dick's Fork Road, John mentioned the nearby foxglove meadow, unknown to the others. We stopped and hiked through the forest to the open meadow, to be greeted by a vast array of purple blooms, enjoyed by all. We then headed to our original destination, and hiked up to the fish ladder, passing a service truck and a hiker and his friendly dog. At the sunny fish ladder, we paused to savour the ripe salmonberries and ripening thimbleberries. Our return hike was punctuated by many bird calls, some quite unusual. Our hike far exceeded our Thursday hiking time, but ended in smiles.

Monday, June 27, saw the low cloud/fog system over the ocean. Seven hikers met and elected to re-visit the recently opened Amanda's Trail. The photos illustrate the white-out conditions over the ocean. Heather, Rich, Ineke, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), John, Margaret and Jim parked at our usual spot and hiked the trail. On our return from the new, shortened bridge, we had a chance encounter with Joanne Kittel which enabled us to express our thanks to her for the efforts of herself and Yachats trail volunteers to get the Amanda Trail back into operation following the winter washout of the bridge and statue. Joanne gave us some information on how the washout occurred, answering a lot of questions which had entered our minds. She was waiting for a French movie crew to arrive and film Amanda. One of the photos was taken at Joanne's late husband, Norm's grave marker. We would encourage all hikers who enjoyed this trail in the past to visit it once again, as it is just as scenic and fun as it always was in the past, thanks to Joanne's dedication.

The warm, but wet and windy weather on the morning of Thursday, June 23, warranted a walk in the forest. From the southernmost trailhead of Waldport's Woodland Trail, Margaret and John headed north, oblivious of the weather thanks to the forest canopy. We explored several of the side trails, and cleaned up trash along the trail and in forest clearings. The winding trail was in excellent condition, with large patches of staghorn moss and many mushrooms, mostly red russulas, and one lonely fly agaric. Near the end of our hike we met our friend Barbara, walking her well- groomed French poodle, and like us, enjoying the forest.

We welcomed Chris back to the group on Monday, June 20, and he joined Betsy, John, Margaret, Rich, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Brenda, Heather, Lynne, Ineke and Jim. Betsy and Chris chose Cummins Creek Trail as our destination on this Summer Solstice. On the way in to the trailhead we passed what appears to be the same car we have seen parked there for the last several trips to Cummins. It has a carrier on top, it's an Infinity, and it has New York plates. A mystery. Jim and Rich had also been gone for a while and it was good to renew our friendships along the trail. We met a few other hikers, as well, and ended up going beyond "Gillian's Log" for a longer hike than we had done in a while. A fun morning. Thanks to Brenda for the Strava Plot.

Link to Brenda's Strava

On the sunny and windless morning of Thursday, June 16, Marcy, Margaret, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), and John, chose to hike the Big Creek Reservoir trail off Blodgett Road. As always, we enjoyed the ambience of this forest avenue, shaded by huge moss-covered trees, and lined by many ferns, a variety of berry bushes, and other flora. At our turning point we searched in vain for the ship captain statue, which has always greeted us from his perch in a tree notch. Where are you? On our return hike, many ripe salmonberries were enjoyed, and upon emerging from the forest, we were greeted by a magnificent stand of purple foxgloves.

On the warm and misty morning of Monday, June 13, Heather, Lynne, Margaret, Kevin, Rich and John, headed south to Gerdemann Botanical Gardens. As always, we enjoyed the rich and exotic plant life lining the winding creekside trail. We veered north after we passed the gate, and headed toward the Starr Creek trail, marvelling at the new boardwalk which now traverses the formerly muddy sections of trail. Thank you Yachats Trails Crew! We ascended to the reservoir enjoying the forest surrounding us. We retraced our steps, and ended our hike by singing "happy birthday" to Lynne. Photo thanks to Kevin, report thanks to John.

Link to Kevin's Strava

The minus tide on the morning of Thursday, June 9, made a beach hike most inviting. Karen (with Westly), Lynne, Michele, Pat, Vivian, Lyle, Jason, Margaret and John, headed north to Driftwood State Park. From the beach access we hiked north to the many rocky outcrops and islands at Seal Rock. We were delighted to find several ochre sea stars clinging to the rocks, surrounded by acorn and gooseneck barnacles. There seems to be a resurgence of the sea stars, after being severely depleted by sea-star wasting disease in the past few years. Perched on one of the highest islets were two rarely seen pigeon guillemots. We returned to our starting point, again having to wade through several shallow streams. In spite of damp feet, a most enjoyable hike. Photos courtesy of Karen and Vivian, report by John, thanks to all.

Link to Pat's Strava

A nice early summer day dawned for nine hikers on Monday, June 6. John, Margaret, Kevin, Peggy, Jack, Heather, Chris, Judy and Jim, after reading about the reopening of Amanda's Trail, decided to revisit what was one of our favorite places before the bridge and statue of Amanda were washed away in a storm. Joanne Kittel and her crew of volunteers are to be commended for the great job they did on Saturday clearing the trail of the winter's growth. The hike was as delightful as ever on this trail and the scenery reminded us how lucky we are to live here. Photos show a pause at Norm Kittel's resting place, a group shot on the section of the old bridge which is now the new bridge, Chris and Judy posing in the "kids stump," the expanded grounds at the location of the new Amanda statue, group around the Amanda statue, and a stop at one of the scenic overlooks on the trail. It was nice to be able to once again hike the Amanda, and observing the small stream at the bridge it is difficult to envision the deluge which washed the old one away.

Link to Kevin's Strava Plot

On the warm and misty morning of Thursday, June 2, Margaret and John decided to explore two long-forgotten in-town trails. From the edge of the Vandehey land just west of Lint Slough, we crossed the bright orange and yellow sandstone hillocks before descending into the forest. We tried to reach the slough via several old trails, but the new growth was impenetrable, so we returned up the sandstone slope, where we found large animal tracks, possibly left by a cougar. We next explored the forest south of Range Drive. These easily accessible trails wind through the forest, lined with a variety of flowering shrubs, and many ripening salmonberries within easy reach. We were constantly entertained by the songs of Spotted Towhees and White-crowned Sparrows in the forest canopy. Our exploratory hikes of just over an hour, revealed these in-town .trails to be well worth revisiting.

Memorial Day, May 30, was a bright, sunny, cool day which attracted only six hikers to our fold. Vivian, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Pat, John, Margaret and Jim decided to return to the fish ladder, as we had not done so in some time. It turned out to be an excellent choice, with glorious sun rays lighting up the moss covered trees and other scenery along the trail, which had received a "brush cut" from the South Lincoln Water District workers. We were once again reminded of our wet winter, as things had really grown up along the Dick's Fork stream bed. In the photos, Vivian captured the discovery of a snake with everyone included the canines interested in the find, and Jim caught the berry pickers at the fish ladder.

Link to Vivian's Strava Plot

On the warm and windless morning of Thursday, May 26, we agreed to return to the forest trail heading from Breakers Drive to the cell tower near Dahl Drive. We last hiked this trail several years ago. Julie (our trail guide), led Brenda (with Mika and Toby), Gretchen, Vivian, Lynne, Marcy, Michele, Margaret, and John, (the lone thorn amongst eight roses), onto the spongy forest path. The Douglas firs, Sitka spruces, hemlocks, and cedars, were interspersed with many nurse stumps and huge snags. After struggling through dense brush along a steep but almost dry streambed, we emerged onto a grassy trail, and hiked to the cell tower. On our return hike we chose a slightly different route, avoiding the wet patches. Our delightful hour-long hike covered new ground for most of our group. Photos courtesy of Vivian.

Here are two more pics from Brenda illustrating how the trail was overgrown.

Link to Vivian's Strava Plot

Another drizzly day greeted us on Monday, May 23. Twelve hikers gathered at Keady Wayside, and surprisingly two had never experienced the Woodland Trail. That was a good choice for keeping the light rain off us, so we headed for the lower entry at the baseball fields. It is still fascinating to enjoy the forest right in the middle of town. Some of us had forgotten how steep that trail can be in places, but we managed to cover it in both directions and stayed fairly dry. Photos at the beginning of the trail, posed in forest, and the last one, if examined closely, reveals some of our hikers amid the foliage descending the switchbacks. Brenda, Paul, Ineke, Kevin, John, Margaret, Jack, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Judy, Chris, Lynne and Jim participated.

Kevin's Strava

On the drizzly morning of Thursday, May 19, Margaret and John welcomed back Lyle and brother Jason. We chose to hike the Gerdemann Gardens Trail, since we had not yet enjoyed the Spring blooms of the many rhododendron varieties lining the trail. As we arrived at the trailhead, the rain ended, and the sun broke through the clouds. Soon after starting our hike, we encountered a group of elementary school children and their teachers, who kindly let us pass. We ascended the beautiful trail, new to Jason, admiring the blooms in the garden around us, and then hiked through the forest on the steep and winding Ya'Haix Trail. We enjoyed the magnificent old growth trees, the nurse stumps, and the many ferns surrounding us. We emerged from the forest into the sunshine, and returned to our starting point, having thoroughly enjoyed our hike of just under an hour.

Monday, May 16 was overcast but pleasant. Our group of 12 hikers elected to try Gwynn Creek trail for the first time in a long time. Jack, Rick (with Briggs and Maggie), Heather, Vivian, Hoyt (with Molly and Wini), John, Margaret, Lynne, Paul, Ineke, Rich and Jim drove to Neptune Beach parking area, crossed 101 and started up the trail. This trail is absolutely beautiful, but then, aren't they all? The wet winter had certainly produced a lot of new growth along the trail, and the thimbleberries had pretty much taken over along the lower part. We had forgotten how "uphill" this trail is, but everyone enjoyed our walk in the forest. Photos courtesy of Jim and Vivian.

Vivian's Strava Plot

On the dry and windless morning of Thursday, May 12, new hiker Michele, was welcomed by Lynne, Lyle, Pat, Vivian, Gloria, Gretchen, Margaret, Rick, Jim and John. We headed to Hilltop Farm in Seal Rock, where owner, Maureen Little, was expecting us. Watched by several curious donkeys, and a couple of grazing sheep, we were led by Maureen onto the adjacent Deeming forest property. The winding forest trail, lined with many budding salmonberries and thimbleberries, was a delightful discovery for most of our group. We passed two wooden shacks hidden in the forest, and a small cave in the bank beside the trail. Our hope of reaching the boundary of the Ona Hills section of the new Brian Booth State Park, was frustrated by the overgrown trail, so we returned to Hilltop Farm. There, Maureen introduced us to her extraordinary garden, with its wood-chipped paths winding between beautiful flower beds, several unique structures, and four statues depicting Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. The many smiling faces were testimony to our level of enjoyment of today's hike. Thank you Maureen for hosting us today.

Sign indicates our location. John briefing us on the trail.

Group shots, thanks Vivian, and for the Strava Plot.

Vivian's Strava

Another nice day greeted us on Monday, May 9. Thursday hiker Lynne joined Chris, Judy, Paul, Ineke, Jack, Heather, John, Rich and Jim, and we chose to visit Cummins Creek trail. When we arrived at the parking area there were other vehicles present, one of which was a large van with lettering about a trail group, but they were not around. As we ascended the trail, Judy, John and Chris got ahead of the group and made it to "Gillian's Log" where they reversed course. We all got together again for a group shot at one of the trees which has fallen across the trail forming a sort of bridge, as seen in the photo. The other two photos feature Paul, Ineke, Jack and Rich ascending, and John, Chris and Judy in the descending portion. As we returned to the parking area we met a man with two dogs and the entire group from the van, a school group of young men led by a young woman guide. They were on a camping adventure. It was another fun day on the Oregon coast. Happy Birthday, Mary.

No Strava plots, but Jim's pedometer registered 4.37miles.

On Cinco de Mayo, our Thursday hiking group, consisting of Gretchen, Lynne, Margaret and John, decided to head for the forest to avoid the strong northerly wind. From the old cemetery in Seal Rock, we headed north into the Ona Hills section of Brian Booth State Park. Sections of the winding forest trail were ablaze with wild rhododendron blooms, the salmonberries were ripening, soon to be joined by the thimbleberries. We found an elk vertebra and humerus, and passed what looked like cougar tracks in the mud. We retraced our steps, and briefly inspected the old cemetery, before departing for home. (Thanks to John for this and Monday's report).

On the sunny, warm, and windless morning of Monday, May 2, twelve Waldport Walkers and four canine companions, headed north to hike the trails in the Beaver Creek Natural Area. Lynne, Ineke, Gillian, Vivian, Margaret, Peggy and Kevin, Rich, Jack, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Hoyt (with Molly and Wini), and John, meandered along the forested bank of the Beaver Creek marsh as far as the wooden bridge. After enjoying the views over the marsh, we started on our long climb through the forest, heading up toward Snaggy Point. Near the top, most of our group veered left and headed down past the large green meadow, back to the access road. Two of us ascended to Snaggy Point, to enjoy the views of the hills and the distant ocean, before descending to join the others. Our beautiful surroundings, the good weather, and the good company, made this a hike to remember. Thanks to Vivian and Kevin for the photos. We have three Strava plots from today.


Thursday morning, April 28, dawned misty, but this did not deter Marcy, Gloria, Karen (with Westly), Kevin, Rick (with Maggie), and John. We chose to hike Waldport's Woodland Trail, and as we headed toward the trailhead, the mist ended, and patches of blue sky appeared. After passing the skate park and the playground, we enjoyed the patches of pink wild rhododendrons in bloom. On our return hike we paused at the remains of the old Red River reservoir, and then proceeded back to Keady Wayside. Our hike of just over an hour ended in sunshine, with many smiles and two wagging tails.

Link to Kevin's Strava Plot

On the sunny morning of Monday, April 24, Chris (with Darby), introduced her friend Judy to Heather, Vivian, Peggy and Kevin, Rich, Jack, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Margaret and John. With a minus tide and little wind, the beach beckoned. We headed north and accessed the beach at Driftwood Beach State Park. After crossing the malodorous remains of the Velella velella jellies, the beach was delightful to hike. Heading toward the rocky islands lining the shore at Seal Rock, we passed many shorebirds, and a flock of turkey vultures circling above, and a few pecking at, the body of a long dead harbor seal. We turned back just short of Seal Rock, where hundreds of purplish mussels contrasted with the many shades of green on the moss-covered rocks. On our brisk return hike we passed several other hikers enjoying the beautiful day. (Editor's note: Thanks to John for the report, Vivian for the photos and Kevin for the Strava).

Link to Kevin''s Strava Plot

On the sunny morning of April 21st seven walkers accompanied by two dogs-Maggie and Briggs-headed to Blodgett Rd to enjoy the cool of the woods.  Pat, Gloria, Brenda, Rick, Vivian, and first time with us Callista, joined our fearless leader, Margaret, to visit the captain.  Brenda studied and took pictures of the flora while the rest of us explored routes that had become overgrown since our last visit.  It was a delightful walk enjoyed by all.

Editor's note: Thanks to Vivian for the report, the photos and the Strava Plot.

Strava Plot

Monday, April 18 saw the return of Maria and Chris to the group. They joined Heather, Rich, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), John, Margaret, Vivian, Jim, Kevin, Peggy, their daughter Kelsey, husband Peder, children Elias and baby Alder. Elias has grown since we last saw him. We decided to return to Cape Perpetua and hike the Giant Spruce trail. We found the formerly closed section of the trail reopened, and several campers already in place in the campground. The temperature was much more pleasant than yesterday's record setting high, and we enjoyed viewing the lively surf as well as the forest. Quite a few trees had evidently been blown down during the winter, and there was quite a pile of debris at the Giant Spruce itself. One of Vivian's photos shows this clearly including a person who resembles debris. Another shows our leader John in the Giant Spruce "cave." Group at the Spruce and Kevin's family. Elias is a definite redhead.

Link to Vivian's Strava Plot

On the morning of Thursday, April 14, the heavy rain had ended, but a howling gale greeted Lynne, Margaret and John as we met at Keady Wayside. We decided to introduce Lynne to Waldport's Woodland Trail, an excellent choice, since, once in the forest, we were unaware of the wind. Lynne was delighted to discover this trail so close to home. Our hike was in part a trail inspection, since, next Thursday we will be leading two school groups on nature walks on the trail, and we wanted to be sure that the trail is in good condition. We found two short sections in need of minor repair. The wild rhododendrons in bloom added to our enjoyment of the trail. Our hike of just under an hour ended as patches of blue sky appeared above.

Monday, April 11 dawned kind of grey, but with no rain in sight, Paul, Ineke, John, Margaret, Rich, Jim, Vivian, and Kevin were joined by new-to-Monday hiker Gretchen and after a long absence, our original member Gillian. We decided to show Gretchen some of the allure of Cape Perpetua, and selected Cummins Creek trail, to which we motored. There were a few other hikers on the trail and it turned out to be a very nice day. Photos from Kevin, Vivian and Jim reveal that we were all over the trail in various groups.

And to celebrate the return of Gillian, we hiked to "Gillian's Log" before reversing course. Welcome back, Gillian.

Link to Vivian's Strava Plot///Link to Kevin's

On the sunny and warm morning of Thursday, April 7, Lynne, Marcy, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Margaret and John, welcomed our newest Waldport Walker, Gretchen. At a low tide, Alsea Bay was very appealing, so we chose to do our Old Town Loop hike. Along the beach, under the bridge, and along the bay shore we hiked to the Port Docks. We paused briefly at Gretchen's home to view her art studio, then headed south to the Lint Slough Trail. As always, the slough views were spectacular. We saw many ducks and raucous Canada geese, a flock of blue herons, and one soaring bald eagle. The wood-chipped trail was a pleasure to walk on, and we are looking forward to its completion. Our hike was longer than usual, but, in this wonderful weather, enjoyed by all. Photos thanks to Rick.

Our first April hike took place on Monday, April 4. It had rained during the night and was cold and windy at Keady Wayside. In a very unusual mix, six men outnumbered our lone lady hiker, Margaret, who, surrounded by John, Jack, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Kevin, Rich and Jim, headed for the fish ladder to get out of the wind. The recent rain effects were evident along the fish ladder road, but in our usual Monday string of luck, it did not rain until we were on the road headed back to Waldport. Dick's Fork creek certainly provided evidence of the recent rain, as well, as it was running quite strongly. Rick announced that Briggs is available for adoption. There were a lot of trilliums blossoming up at the fish ladder. Thanks to Kevin for the photo.

Link to Kevin's Strava Plot

Another perfect hiking day greeted us on Thursday, March 31. In bright sunshine Lyle, Lynne, Marilyn, Margaret, Karen (with Westly), Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), and John, headed to Legion Road. From the Smith's driveway overlooking Alsea Bay, the ten of us hiked and scampered (tails wagging) north through the forest. From a high point, we enjoyed brief views of the ocean to the west. After reaching private land, we retraced our steps, and upon reaching our starting point, we descended a short distance on the Old Wagon Trail leading to Alsea Bay. The views of the bay were spectacular. Our most enjoyable hike of just over an hour, covered new territory for three of our group, and was enjoyed by all. Photos thanks to Rick.

Monday, March 28 dawned brightly, unlike the seemingly endless rainy days we have recently experienced. Surprisingly the fine weather attracted only nine hikers to Keady Wayside. The tide was out, so we decided to drive to the Bayshore Beach Clubhouse and hike north on the beach. This we did, reaching Driftwood Beach State Park where we reversed course. The beach was covered with very tiny Velella velella, the blue "by the wind sailors" which turn up here often. When we returned to the parking lot, big clouds were forming to the east, but nothing fell from them. The hiking group consisted of Vivian, Margaret, Betsy, Ineke, John, Hoyt (with Molly and Wini), Paul, Jack and Jim.

On the sunny morning of March 24, the Thursday of Spring Whale Watch Week, we decided to hike a section of the Oregon Coast Trail. From the overlook at Cook's Chasm, Lynne, Gloria, Heather, Betsy, Pat, Vivian, Margaret and John, followed the Captain Cook Trail past the Spouting Horn and Thor's Well, enjoying the sight and sound of the huge crashing waves. After passing through the tunnel under the highway, we veered south onto the Oregon Coast Trail. Upon reaching Gwynn Creek, we decided to head west to Neptune State Park, where we climbed to the top of the large shell midden just north of Neptune Bay. The views of the rocky shore and the beach were spectacular, and we paused in the sunshine to absorb the beauty of our surroundings. Our return hike was punctuated by pauses to enjoy the ocean views, and the ferns and mossy trees lining the trail. Our hike brought many smiles on a beautiful day. Photos courtesy of Vivian, thanks.

Link to Vivian's Strava Plot

On the morning of March 21, the first Monday of Spring, the continuing drizzle after nearly an inch of overnight rain, discouraged hiking. Nonetheless, four intrepid souls chose to brave the elements. Brenda (all the way from Toledo), Kevin, Margaret and John, headed south to the Gerdemann Gardens Trail. The stream beside the trail was flowing strongly, we passed several patches of blossoming trilliums, and were surprised to find rhododendrons already in bloom. We branched off onto the steep Ya'Haix Trail, where we were sheltered from the rain by the dense forest canopy. After emerging from the forest, we headed to the 804 Trail, where we were met by huge crashing waves. We then looped back to our starting point. In spite of the weather, we all enjoyed our hike. A good way to start the week! Photos courtesy of Brenda, thanks.

On the sunny morning of St. Patrick's Day, March 17, twelve cheerful hikers and three canine companions, gathered for our Thursday hike. Gloria (welcome back!), Pat, Vivian, Heather, Betsy, Marilyn, Marcy, Lynne, Karen (with Westly), Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Margaret and John, headed south to the 804 Trail. From Smelt Sands, we hiked north, enjoying the sight and sounds of the huge crashing waves, and admiring the beds of foam gathering on the rocks. We spotted several migrating whales heading north. We were not able to walk the beach since the tide was too high. We extended our return hike past the Adobe, and then returned to Smelt Sands. On this beautiful sunny day, we had the pleasure of introducing the 804 Trail to two of our happy hikers, who had not previously hiked this magnificent trail. Photos courtesy of Vivian, thanks.

Link to Vivian's Strava Plot

On the morning of Monday, March 14, the strong southerly winds and occasional drizzles discouraged hiking. However, as Margaret, Rich and John gathered at Keady Wayside, the sun broke through the clouds, and we headed off to the well-sheltered forest trail off Blodgett Road. The sun breaking through the treetops magnified the beauty of the huge moss-covered trees. The sound of strongly-flowing Big Creek in the valley below the trail, the patches of trillium blossoms, and the dense sword ferns lining the trail, added to the ambiance. As always, our sea captain awaited us at the turnaround (see photo). Our return hike ended in sunshine, but on our drive back to the highway we experienced a brief downpour. A most enjoyable Monday hike. Photos courtesy of Rich, thanks.

On the morning of Thursday, March 10, the violent winds of the past days had abated, to be replaced by light winds, sunbreaks and occasional drizzles. Lyle introduced brother Jason, Heather introduced her friend Marilyn, and in the company of Brenda, Rick (with Maggie and Briggs), Margaret and John, headed off to the Giant Spruce Trail. Sheltered from the elements, we wended our way through the forest, enjoying the trillium blossoms, dense ferns, and skunk cabbages in bloom. The sound of strongly-flowing Cape Creek was a constant presence. This wonderful trail was new to one of our hikers, and two others last hiked it over 40 years ago! The Giant Spruce was, as always, magnificent. Our hike of just over an hour ended in sunshine, with us enjoying the huge crashing waves along the rocky shore. Photo courtesy of Rick. This was Briggs' second hike.

The continuing unstable weather conditions of March did not deter nine hikers from participating in a milestone 350th consecutive Monday hike on March 7. John, Margaret, Jack, Rich, Rick (with Maggie and pup Briggs), Kevin, Betsy, Heather and Jim, after a long discussion, decided on the Woodland Trail. The trail made it quite clear how much rain we have recently experienced, with a few very muddy spots. A Trail Committee meeting later today will result in the condition of the trail being reported to the City. The new (to me) railings which replaced the ropes on the switchbacks were quite welcome. Let's hope the vandals do not return with hacksaws. Our hike lasted just over an hour and rain greeted us as we completed it.


Link to Kevin's Strava Plot

With the sun breaking through the clouds, and the occasional rainbow, Thursday, March 3 promised to be a good hiking day. Returning hikers Maggie and Bill (welcome back!), joined Lee, Lyle, Lynne, Betsy, Marcy, Margaret and John. We decided to explore new ground, namely the cedar forest trail north of Beaver Creek. From Makai we hiked up a forest road, sharing the trail with a number of rough-skinned newts, and several banana slugs. We left the road and wandered through the dense cedar forest. With spongy staghorn moss underfoot, and huge moss-covered western red cedars surrounding us, we knew that we were in a very special place. We wended our way back to the forest road, returned to Makai, and then briefly hiked the little neighborhood tucked away in the forest. Our hour-long hike was enjoyed by all. Thank you Maureen for introducing us to this delightful place.

On Monday, February 29, Leap Day, Hoyt volunteered to guide us on either Mike Miller Trail or South Beach State Park trails. We chose South Beach and 10 hikers drove to the campground parking lot. Jack, Pat, Vivian, John, Margaret, Hoyt (with Molly and Wini), Betsy, Heather, Rich and Jim navigated the many trails under Hoyt's guidance, and it seemed as though we spent a lot of time on Cooper Ridge Trail, passing several signs indicating that trail. An interesting ampitheater made from nicely portioned stacks of shells was discovered, and as we neared the end of the hike, some flooded areas were crossed. The weather was overcast but fine for the hike, and it was enjoyed by all, thanks Hoyt. Photos courtesy of Vivian.

Link to Pat's Strava plot (Zoom in to the top and find the park section)

On the sunny and rapidly-warming morning of Thursday, February 25, Heather, Betsy, Pam, Vivian, Lyle, Margaret and John, headed south to the 804 Trail. From Smelt Sands State Park we hiked north, and as always, the waves crashing on the rocks were spectacular. When we reached the beach we tried to survey the rocks for surviving sea-stars (as requested by the aquarium), but the tide was so high that it chased us up to the rip-rap. No sea-stars were seen. We returned to the trail, and were surprised by the number of hikers we passed. Frequently pausing to admire the magnificence of the ocean, we headed back past the Adobe, and then back to the park. A joyful hike on a beautiful day. Photos courtesy of Vivian, thanks.

Link to Vivian's Strava Plot

Monday, February 22 was bright, sunny and cold. Jim rejoined the group and resumed blogger duties. Mary was kind enough to deliver him to Keady Wayside, and along with Betsy, Vivian, John, Margaret, Paul, Rich, Hoyt (with Wini and Molly), Rick (with Maggie), and Brenda, motored to the Cape Perpetua spouting horn, where we were joined by Mike and Pam. We went along the trail under highway 101 and merged onto the Pacific Coast Trail south. When we reached the junction with Gwynn Creek trail, we headed for Neptune Beach, and negotiated the trail down to the beach, where we discovered that the surf was all the way up to the trail end, so backtracked to the meadown above Neptune, where the group photo was taken. It was a beautiful and scenic day, enjoyed by all. I would like to thank John for providing all of the hiking messages for the last few weeks, and all the rest of you who have provided photos and Strava plots. Without all of your efforts our blog would not have continued. I also thank all of you for your good wishes and offers of help, much appreciated.

Here are two more pics from Brenda and Vivian, thank you.

Link to Vivian's Strava Plot

On the morning of Thursday, February 18, with strong winds blowing and steady rain falling, Rick (with Maggie and new puppy Briggs) and John, chose to hike a forest trail sheltered from the elements. As we headed south, Rick wisely decided that little Briggs was not ready for the challenge, and dropped him off at home. We hiked east from Blodgett Road under the forest canopy, surrounded by rivulets, and enjoying the views of strongly-flowing Big Creek and the spectacular waterfall below. As we emerged from the forest at the end of our hike, the rain ended and the sun threatened to emerge. Photos courtesy of Rick.

On the drizzly morning of Presidents' Day, Monday February 15, Ineke and Paul, Vivian, Rich, Kevin, Jack, Hoyt (with Molly and Wini), Margaret and John, gathered at Keady Wayside. We were surprised and delighted to be joined by Luke Whittaker from the Newport News Times, who was curious about the Waldport Walkers. We decided to introduce him to the Cummins Creek Trail, a good choice on a wet and windy day. Sheltered from the elements by the forest, we were unaware of the rain, and were able to enjoy the hike. We were surprised to encounter five other hikers and their dogs on this remote trail. Luke was delighted to discover this beautiful trail, and we enjoyed having him with us. Report thanks to John, and photo thanks to Vivian. As a PS, Mary and Jim hiked in Waldport and toured the McKinley Marina RV Park, a huge place with different views of the river and port dock.

Link to Jack's Strava Plot///Link to Kevin's

The light drizzle on the morning of Thursday, February 11 ended as Lynne, Vivian, Margaret, Rick (with Maggie), and John, gathered at Keady Wayside. We decided to introduce Lynne to the delightful forest trail off Blodgett Road. She was awed by the huge moss-covered trees, the beautiful waterfall, and the abundant ferns lining the trail. We saw a few rough-skinned newts slinking across the trail, and several skunk cabbages already in bloom. Near the end of our hike we veered off onto the mossy side trail, and then down to the creek crossing and back. Our hike of just under an hour was most enjoyable. Photos courtesy of Vivian.

Link to Vivian's Strava Plot

After a record-breakingly warm Sunday, Monday, February 8 dawned sunny but windy. Betsy, Vivian, Pam and Mike (welcome back), Karen (with Westly), Ineke and Paul, Kevin, Rick (with Maggie), Rich, Margaret and John, decided to escape the wind by hiking the fish-ladder trail. The trail was in good condition, and its many sunny stretches, and the sound of the strongly-flowing creek in the valley below, made it a pleasure to hike. Report coutesy of John. Mary and Jim found the new Lint Slough Trail and can't understand why the city is not hyping this beautiful trail. Photos courtesy of Vivian.

Link to Vivian's Strava plot/////Link to Kevin's

In a light drizzle on the morning of Thursday, February 4, Betsy, Margaret and John, were joined by new Waldport Walker Lynne, from Seal Rock. As we started our hike, the rain stopped, and soon the sun was shining! We headed east to the unfinished Lint Slough Trail to assess the recent trailbuilding progress. Considerably more hardwood chipping has been done, making the trail a pleasure to hike. The views of the slough and of the abundant bird life were, as always, spectacular. This was new ground for two of our hikers, both of whom expressed their delight at finding this special place.

The first day of February dawned chilly, but sunny and calm. Our Monday hiking group welcomed new hiker Lee (from Yachats), who arrived with Betsy and Heather. They joined Vivian, Brenda, Ineke and Paul, Mary and Rick (with Maggie), Hoyt (with Molly and Wini), Rich, Kevin, Margaret and John, and we headed north to explore the trails in the Beaver Creek Natural Area. This was new territory for four of our hikers. The lower trail, winding along the edge of the marsh, was muddy in spots, but as the trail ascended toward Snaggy Point, it was much drier. The steep climb was a challenge, but well worth the effort, as we were rewarded with spectacular views from the top. We returned to our starting point via the scenic Meadow Trail. On our return trip, along South Beaver Creek Road, we encountered a large herd of elk grazing in a lush green pasture. Report courtesy of John, photos courtesy of Brenda and Vivian, and thanks to all of you. One photo of the missing hikers, Jim and Mary, who walked the streets of Waldport for about 45 minutes.

Link to Vivian's Strava Plot

After a stormy night with over an inch of rain, Thursday morning, January 28, dawned still and warm. Intrepid hikers Lyle and Marcy, joined John in deciding to explore new ground. We headed to the hills north of Alsea Bay and Bayview Road, where we found a labyrinth of gravel roads and forest paths. Scotch broom and Himalayan blackberries have taken over many of the forest clearings, and deer tracks were abundant. Our interesting hike of just under an hour ended with a mix of clouds and blue skies up above.

On the sunny morning of Monday, January 25, Brenda, Pat, Vivian, Heather, Betsy, Ineke, Paul, Rich, Rick (with Maggie), Hoyt (with Molly and Wini), Margaret and John, headed south to the Cummins Creek trail. With the strongly-flowing creek gurgling in the valley below, we ascended through the forest, admiring the huge Douglas firs and Sitka spruces lining the sun-dappled trail. On our descent we were greeted by two raucous ravens above, and then we met a hiker and her dog Olive, who was soon surrounded by tail-wagging Maggie, Molly, and Wini. Our hike on this magnificent trail made us appreciate, once more, the many hiking options that we have on public lands in our area.

Photos courtesy of Pat.

Link to Pat's Strava Plot

Greeted by a rainbow and partly sunny skies on the morning of Thursday, January 21, Vivian, Heather, Betsy, Mary and Rick (with Maggie), Margaret and John, chose to hike Waldport's Woodland Trail. As we meandered up the lower reaches of the trail, we were impressed, as always, by the huge old growth trees and the many nurse stumps. As we emerged from the forest at our turning point, a bald eagle soared overhead; a good omen! The upper reaches of the trail are in good condition, but the heavy rains of the last month have taken their toll, and sections of the lower trail need attention. We ended our delightful hour-long hike in bright sunshine. Photos courtesy of Vivian, thanks.

Link to Vivian's Strava Plot

On Martin Luther King day, January 18, we eleven, John, Margaret, Kevin, Paul, Ineke, Betsy, Heather, Jack, Brenda, Hoyt (with Wini and Molly) and Jim elected to start at Gerdemann Gardens, ascend and descend Ya'Xaik, cross 101 and continue along the 804 trail. This we did, and the surf was riled up as it has been for weeks. We did avoid any rain. Photos of John single-handedly moving a newly downed tree at Gerdemann's (not), the group during the ascent stage at Ya'Xaik, and a group photo along the 804 with a little ocean, foliage and beach. Does it get any better than this?

Link to Kevin's Strava Plot

On the morning of Thursday, January 14, Betsy, Pat, Vivian, Lyle, Marcy and John, met at Keady Wayside. At a low tide the beach beckoned, but with the brisk breezes blowing, our Blodgett trail was a better bet. The forest was, as always, a delightful place to hike. Big Creek was in full spate after two days of heavy rain, and at our turning point, our Sea Captain awaited us as usual. On our return hike we ascended Blodgett Road to where a huge Douglas fir had blocked the road, which had recently been cleared. We returned to our cars just before the rain returned. Photos courtesy of Vivian. Groups, one with Pat, one with Vivian, plus the end of trail.

Link to Vivian's Strava Plot

On Monday, January 11, we could actually see a little blue sky in Waldport. John, Margaret, Paul, Ineke, Betsy, Heather, Rich, Rick (with Maggie), Brenda, Kevin and Jim elected to park at Neptune Beach and attack the Gwynn Creek trail. On the way, we encountered rain. Once we started up the trail, the rain diminished to almost nothing. Brenda referred to National Forest as "my land," once we passed the border between the State Park and the Siuslaw Forest. There wre a few muddy spots where the small streams crossed the trail, but nothing to slow us. We turned around at about the sixth stream crossing, first photo. The group photo was taken where a huge root ball, new since the last time we hiked Gwynn, was obvious. The vertical photo illustrates why we are attracted to the beauty of this trail. We did encounter another squall complete with hail on the way down, and it rained all the way back to Waldport once we reached the cars. This is a very fine trail, and the hike was enjoyed by all.

Link to Kevin's Strava Plot

On the first Thursday of the New Year, January 7, the cool breeze prompted a forest hike. Mary and Rick (with Maggie), Marcy, Lyle and Brenda (welcome back), joined the Maré family, Carl, Lori, Peter, Margaret and John, on a hike to the fish ladder at Dick's Fork. Dick's Creek was flowing strongly, the huge moss-covered trees were, as always, very impressive. Our hike of just over an hour was enjoyed by all. Group photo courtesy of Rick and Mary.

The Waldport Walkers' first hike of 2016 took place on Monday, January 4th. John and Margaret brought their son Carl, newly retired from the Tucson fire department, his wife Lori and their son Peter. The Mare family was joined by returnees Heather, Kevin and Peggy, along with Betsy, Hoyt (with Wini and Molly) and Jim. The hikers motored to the Cook's Chasm bridge parking area at Cape Perpetua and hiked to the Giant Spruce and back. On the return trip a while was spent at the visitors center where some whales were actually spotted. The spindrift on the surf and the spouting horn were enjoyed by all. Photos of some of our group, comedians and comediens all, being lectured by John about their trespassing, and the group at the Giant Spruce.

Link to Kevin's Strava plot

On the cold morning of New Year's Eve, Thursday December 31, with frozen puddles on the roads, Lyle, Marcy, Vivian, Pat, Mary and Rick (with Maggie), Margaret and John,gathered at Keady Wayside. We escaped the cold wind by heading into the shelter of the forest up Blodgett Road. As always, the sun-dappled trail, with its huge moss-covered trees, and Big Creek and its waterfall way below, was a pleasure to hike. At our turning point we were delighted to find our Sea Captain (missing last month), back on his red alder perch, waiting for us. On our return hike we veered off to the river crossing, and then back to our starting point. This was a good way to end a fine year of hiking together.Happy New Year! Photos courtesy of Vivian.

Link to Vivian's Strava plot

Thanks to Mary, here is a history of what we have hiked so far. We have been busy.

1) In-town from baseball field (June 8, 2009)

2) In-town from Range Drive (June15)

3) In-town from Maggie's office, across the bridge and beyond (June 22)

4) From Waldport Heights to Lint Slough (with Ricoh) (June 29)

5) In-town from Ranger Station (July 6)

6) Dick's Fork Road ending up on Wakonda Beach Road (July 13)

7) Dick's Fork Road (just you, Vern and I) detour to Foxglove Meadow (July 20)

8) Eckman Lake (July 27)

9) Second section of Dick's Fork Road Jim, Vern, Gillian and Mary (August 3)

10) Blodgett Road/reservoir road (August 10)

11) Blodgett Road: power line trail and reservoir road (August 17)

12) Amanda's Trail (August 24--11 hikers)

13) Arnold's Creek (7 miles up Alsea Highway) (August 31)

14) Beaver Creek, new Oregon Parks land (September7)

15) Ten Mile Creek (September 14)

16) Along Lint Slough, seeking a new trail (September 21)

17) Cape Perpetua Oregon Coast trail, partway up Cummins Creek (September 28)

18) Repeat of hike number 1, from the baseball fields (October 5)

19) More exploration of The Oregon Parks land off Beaver Creek (October 12)

20) Mary and Margaret only braved trails off Bayview Drive (October 26)

21) Bayview Drive trails investigated by Mary and Margaret, this time with 9 (November 2)

22) In-town, across the bridge (November 9)

23) Dick's Fork Road (November 16)

24) Blodgett Road to the quarry, in search of the peak. (November 23)

25) Cummins Creek (November 30)

26) Waldport Heights to Lint Slough via waterline and powerline roads (December 7)

27) Cape Perpetua trails to the west of Highway 101, along the beach (December 14)

28) Blodgett Road revisited (December 21)

29) Gerdemann Botannical Preserve (December 28)

30) Dick's Fork Road, rainy day (January 4, 2010)

31) Eckman Lake road (January 11)

32) Eckman Lake, the other fork (January 18)

33) North of Alsea Highlands, new trails (January 25)

34) KOA to Bayshore Beach Club along the bay beach (February 1)

35) Blodgett Road to the Peak (February 8)

36) Oregon State Park at Beaver Creek revisited (February 15)

37) Oregon Coast trail from Cape Perpetua, Neptune Beach (February 22)

38) Dick's Fork road to Foxglove meadow, power line roads (March 1)

39) Off Bayview Road about 4 miles out (March 8)

40) Waldport Heights revisited (March 15)

41) Keady Wayside, beach, Patterson Park, Seabrook, Norwood, etc. (March 22)

42) Cummins Creek in early Spring (March 29)

43) Dick's Fork road in stormy weather (April 5)

44) Legion Road and side trails (April 12)

45) Reprise of Oregon Coast trail, Cape Perpetua to Neptune Beach (April 19)

46) Around the City of Waldport, partway on Woodland Corridor (April 26)

47) Eckman Lake, further along the January 11th fork (May 3)

48) Our favorite rainforest alongside Big Creek (May 10)

49) Oregon State Park at Beaver Creek, finally found Canyon Loop (May 17)

50) Beachside State Park beach, Dick's Fork side trail (May 24)

51) In town to Crestline cemetary, then along the beach (May 31)

52) Return to Waldport Heights access roads (June 7)

53) Check of Foxglove Meadow then on another road off Dick's Fork (June 14)

54) Cummins Creek again, quite muddy (June 21)

55) Waldport Beach south of Keady, up to Norwood Heights and return (June 28)

55a) First Thursday hike, through the Woodland corridor and Norwood Heights (July 1)

56) North of Alsea Highlands, then to the KOA beach access and return (July 5)

56a) In the forest west of the golf course (July 8)

57) Gerdemann Botanical Preserve and Starr Creek, Yachats (July 12)

57a) Cummins Creek (July 15)

58) From Eckman Lake, along road 417 to the fish ladder, beautiful (July19)

58a) Cape Perpetua Giant Spruce trail (July 22)

59) Legion Road to the north, almost to Fern Ridge cemetary (July 26)

59a) Woodland corridor, exploring access to other points (July 29)

60) From George's house to Fern Ridge Cemetary, Seal Rock (August 2)

60a) Along the beach to the Port, then Lint Slough (August 5)

61) Once again a return to the rain forest off Blodgett Road (August 9)

61a) Waldport Heights revisited (August 12)

62) The logging road maze starting at Dahl Disposal (August 16)

62a) Along the beach, up the trail from the Forest Service to Norwood Heights (August 19)

63) The Oregon State Park at Beaver Creek, staying "down low" (August 23)

63a) Behind the Forest Service Center on the trail to Norwood, cleaning up trash (August 26)

64) In Yachats along the 804 and city trails (August 30)

64a) Revisiting the Oregon Coast Trail segment north of the bridge (September 2)

65) Uncharted trails off Bayview, return to Legion Road (September 6)

66) Road 417 to the fish ladder revisited (September 13)

67) Eckman Lake, the "other fork" which is road 5360 (September 20)

68) Cape Perpetua trails west of 101, the Oregon Coast Trail to Neptune Beach (September 27)

68a) Back to the top of Beaver Creek Natural Area, Snaggy Point. (October 1)

69) The 804 Trail in Yachats from Perch Street to the State Park and back (October 4)

70) Keady across the bridge, KOA to the beach, around Bayshore to the jaws and back (October 11)

71) Beaver Creek Natural Area, exploring new trails (October 18)

72) Dick's Fork Road to the Foxglove Meadow and return (October 25)

73) Our favorite rain forest road off Blodgett, a new road further up Blodgett (November 1)

74) Cape Perpetua revisited, a little further along the Coast Trail this time (November 8)

75) Gerdemann Botannical Garden (November 15)

76) Return to road 5360 and 413 off the Eckman Lake road (November 22)

77) Return to logging roads south of Range Drive (November 29)

78) Once again Dick's Fork Road, Foxglove Meadow and power line trails (December 6)

79) Side trails off Dick's Fork Road, roads 412 and 413 (December 13)

80) Rain forest road off Blodgett, down to the creek, up Blodgett (December 20)

81) Local beach, in-town trails to Norwood Heights (December 27)

82) Road 5360 south of Eckman Lake (January3, 2011)

83) Return to Road 417 and the fish ladder (January 10)

84) Dick's Fork to Road 414 and back (January 17)

85) Gerdemann Botanical Preserve, to reservoir (January 24)

86) Logging roads north of Dahl Disposal revisited (January 31)

87) Oregon Coast and Gwynn Creek trails, Cape Perpetua (February 14)

88) Return to our favorite road off Blodgett to the Reservoir (February 21)

89) Wandering aimlessly all over Waldport (March 7)

90) Dick's Fork and side roads (March 14)

91) Road 5361 off Eckman Lake road (March 21)

92) Return to Road 5361 and beyond to Mt. Yachats (March 28)

93) Local hike on beach then across the bridge and back (April 4)

94) Blodgett Road beyond the Quarry, Roads 1046 and 5360 (April 11)

95) Along the beach south, all over Waldport again (April 18)

96) Return to Dick's Fork (Road 1046) to get out of the weather (April 25)

97) Once again to Dick's Fork, up higher, side trails (May 2)

98) Blodgett Road, five miles up from 101, to the berm on 5360 (May 9)

99) Legion Road after a long absence (May 16)

100) Along the beach and up into Norwood Heights (May 23, 2011)

101) Across the bridge, around Bayshore and return (May 30)

102) Beaver Creek Natural Area revisited (June 6)

103) Dick's Fork and Foxglove Meadow (June 13)

104) Local beach hike (June 20)

105) Favorite road off Blodgett, plus Gerdemann Gardens (June 27)

106) Starting from "the top" of Cummins Creek at Cape Perpetua (July 4)

107) A return to the fish ladder, road 417, Dick's Fork creek (July 11)

108) Waldport Heights trails (July 18)

109) Risely Creek and Road 3446 (July 25)

110) Yachats, the 804 Trail (August 1)

111) Trails near Dahl Disposal (August 8)

112) Giant Spruce trail, Cape Perpetua (August 15)

113) Up the hill, St. Perpetua trail (August 22)

114) Return to the fish ladder (August 29)

115) New territory, Mike Miller Park, South Beach (September 5)

116) More new territory, Beaver Creek Marsh trail plus (September 12)

117) Return to Beaver Creek, new North Beaver trail (September 19)

118) Local Bridge and beach (September 26)

119) Dick's Fork road and beyond, in the rain (October 3)

120) Trails south of Range Drive, again raining (October 10)

121) The 804 South and Amanda's Trail to the bridge (October 17)

122) Cape Perpetua and the Pacific Coast Trail (October 24)

123) Woodland Corridor and side trails (October 31)

124) The 804 Trail-wild surf (November 7)

125) Amanda's Trail a little beyond the bridge (November 14)

126) Rained out. John did a solo hike on the Woodland Corridor (November 21)

127) Across the bay bridge and in Bayshore (November 28)

128) Rainforest road off Blodgett, and along the beach, Waldport (December 5)

129) Road 5360 South of Eckman Lake (December 12)

130) Legion Road (December 19)

131) Rainforest road and Gerdemann Gardens (December 26)

132) A return to the fish ladder (January 2, 2012)

133) Return to the "berm" and tee trails above (January 9)

134) Along the beach to the south, in the snow (January 16)

135) Across the Bay bridge to investigate sand drifts (January 23)

135a) Thursday, through the Woodland trail (January 26)

136) Rainforest road along Big Creek, plus the Woodland trail (January 30)

136a) Thursday, the Woodland trail and beyond (February 2)

137) Return to the fish ladder (February 6)

137a) Thursday, across the Alsea Bay bridge to the Soul center (February 9)

138) North on the beach to the Port, then the Lint Slough trail (February 13)

138a) Checking progress on the Woodland trail (February 16)

139) Cummins Creek trail revisited (February 20)

139a) More inspection of the Woodland trail (February 23)

140) South on the beach, in town, down the Woodland trail (February 27)

140a) The proposed new Lint Slough trail (March 1)

141) Dick's Fork and side roads, in the rain (March 5)

141a) The Woodland trail, new parts (March 8)

142) In town, gale force winds (March 12)

142a) John visited possible trails, another bad weather day (March 15)

143) Cape Perpetua trails along the shore (March 19)

143a) More investigation of new progress on the Woodland trail (March 22)

144) Our favorite rainforest road along Big Creek (March 26)

144a) John went out in the storm (March 29)

145) Return to the fish ladder (April 2)

145a) Along the beach at Waldport (April 5)

146) Return to Fern Ridge Cemetery and beyond (April 9)

147) Showing Vern the Woodland Trail progress (April 16)

147a) Another Woodland trail hike-very popular (April 19)

148) Blodgett Road up above our usual haunts (April 23)

148a) Searching for the "top" of the Woodland Trail (April 26)

149) Once again to the fish ladder (April 30)

149a) Logging roads off Lint Slough (May 3)

150) Legion Road (May 7)

150a) The forest west of the golf course (May 10)

151) Return to Beaver Creek State Park (May 14)

151a) Woodland Trail, swinging on the rope (May 17)

152) Return to Blodgett, along Big Creek (May 21)

152a) On the beach, collecting treasures (May 24)

153) Return to the fish ladder, welcome Sentilla (May 28)

153a) Once again the Woodland trail with more of Kristi's family (May 31)

154) Across the bridge and around Bayshore (June 4)

154a) John alone examined local trails (June 7)

155) Reprise at Gerdemann Gardens (June 11)

155a) More exploration of the Woodland trail (June 14)

156) Side road off Dick's Fork, Power line road (June 18)

156a) Exploration of Joe Vandehey's land (June 21)

157) Policed Woodlland Trail, more Vandehey trails (June 25)

157a) Woodland trail (June 27)

158) Cummins Creek Trail (July 2)

158a) On the Beach (July 5)

159) Amanda's Trail (July 9)

159a) Exploring between Legion Rd. and Alsea Bay (July 12)

160) Across the bridge and along the Bayshore beach (July 16)

160a) John and Margaret's visiting family on the Woodland Trail (July 19)

161) Return to Beaver Creek natural scenic area (July 23)

161a) Forest roads south of Range Drive (July 26)

162) Two groups, one on Woodland, one Cape Perpetua (July 30)

162a) Along the beach and in town (August 2)

163) Return to roads south of Eckman Lake (August 6)

163a) From Patterson Park into town, two ways (August 9)

164) Return to Fern Ridge cemetery and vicinity (August 13)

164a) Another Woodland Trail hike-rope theft (August 16)

165) Cape Perpetua, Coast trail to Neptune Beach (August 20)

165a) Top portion of the Woodland Trail (August 23)

166) Rainforest road to the reservoir off Blodgett (August 27)

166a) Woodland trail with Cincinnati visitors (August 30)

167) The 804 Trail in Yachats (September 3)

167a) In search of a trail (September 6)

168) Legion Road, dry for a change (September 10)

168a) Trails off Waldport Heights (September 13)

169) Return to Beaver Creek natural area, Snaggy Point (September 17)

169a) Gerdemann Gardens (September 20)

170) The 804 southbound, and a new trail in Yachats (September 24)

170a) The Woodland trail, new folks (September 27)

171) Our beach, north of Bayshore (October 1)

171a) West side of Eckman Lake (October 4)

172) Back to Beaver Creek Natural Area (October 8)

172a) West side of Lint Slough, in search of trails (October 11)

173) Cummins Creek at Cape Perpetua (October 15)

173a) Along the beach in Waldport (October 18)

174) Dick's Fork in the weather (October 22)

174a) Forest Service trail to Norwood, town (October 25)

175) Gwynn Creek, just beautiful (October 29)

175a) Woodland Trail, bad weather (November 1)

176) Back to Gwynn Creek (November 5)

176a) Woodland Trail, nearly completed (November 8)

177) Woodland Trail on a rainy day (November 12)

177a) More Woodland Trail (November 15)

178) Big storm, wearing out Woodland Trail (November 19)

179) Return to "the berm" off Eckman Lake Road (November 26)

179a) Woodland Trail, only two hikers (November 29)

180) Return to the Fish Ladder road (December 3)

180a) John and Mary, Woodland Trail (December 6)

181) The 804 Trail on a nice day (December 10)

181a) John solo exploring Lint Slough connections (December 13)

182) Woodland Trail, after the storm (December 17)

183) The fish ladder with visitors (December 24)

183a) Woodland Trail, visitors and Karen (December 27)

184) Legion Road and the Wagon Road (December 31)

184a) The usual Thursday Woodland Trail (January 3, 2013)

185) Cummins Creek after another stormy night (January 7)

185a) The usual Woodland Trail. Progress on the top end (January 10)

186) Return to upper Blodgett Road past the quarry (January 14)

186a) The Woodland Trail and old trails (January 17)

187) Return to Beaver Creek Natural Area, big group (January 21)

187a) Woodland Trail (January 24)

188) Pacific Coast and Gwynn Creek trails at Perpetua (January 28)

188a) Woodland trail, new work (January 31)

189) Another nice day on the 804 trail (February 4)

189a) Woodland Trail, workers finishing up (February 7)

190) The new Fisterra Trail, Gerdemann Gardens (February 11)

190a) Woodland, John and Margaret Valentine hike (February 14)

191) Return to the reservoir off Blodgett, Kristi's family (February 18)

191a) Woodland trail, maintenance (February 21)

192) Short trails off Dick's Fork road (February 25)

192a) The usual Woodland Trail Thursday, with visitors (February 28)

193) Gwynn Creek, beautiful day (March 4)

193a) Woodland Trail with new hikers (March 7)

194) Return to the Fish Ladder with new folks (March 11)

194a) Woodland Trail with more new hikers (March 14)

195) East from Carson cemetery off Yachats River Road (March 18)

195a) Woodland, discovery of vandalism (March 21)

196) Once more to the reservoir off Blodgett Road (March 25)

196a) On the beach and around town (March 28)

197) Cape Perpetua, Pacific Coast and Gwynn Creek trails (Apri 1)

197a) Woodland with guests. More vandalism found (April 4)

198) Return to Amanda's Trail (April 8)

198a) On the beach and around town (April 11)

199) Gerdemann Gardens, Fisterra, 804 trails (April 15)

199a) The Woodland Trail (April 18)

200!) Heceta Head lighthouse, party at Outtagas Pizza (April 22, 2013)

200a) New recruit experiences Woodland Trail (April 25)

201) Back to the Fish Ladder (April 29)

201a) Welcome back Bill and Maggie, Woodland (May 2)

202) Return to Legion Road, fairly dry (May 6)

202a) Only Three, on the Woodland Trail (May 9)

203) Dick's Fork, Foxglove and other roads (May 13)

203a) Woodland, with dogs (May 16)

204) Gerdemann Gardens, Fisterra, new hikers (May20)

204a) Woodland, new hikers (May 23)

205) Blodgett Road rainforest in rain, Memorial Day (May 27)

205a) Seven hikers on the Woodland Trail (May 30)

206) New territory, roads north of Fern Ridge cemetery (June 3)

206a) Old logging roads south of Range Drive (June 6)

207) Cummins Creek trail, 23 of us (June 10)

207a) Measuring the Woodland Trai (June 13)

208) Return to Beaver Creek natural area (June 17)

208a) Woodland Trail with new hiker Mark (June 20)

209) Return to the fish ladder road (June 24)

209a) Woodland Trail Mapping Expedition (June 27)

210) The Foxglove Meadow and Dick's Fork road (July 1)

210a) Along the beach, cleaning up after fireworks (July 4)

211) Cape Perpetua, Pacific Coast and Gwynn Creek trails (July 8)

211a) Woodland Trail. Welcome back George.(July 11)

212) Gerdemann Gardens and Fisterra Trails (July 15)

212a) Woodland Trail (July 18)

213) Legion Road. Our first lost hikers (July 22)

213a) Woodland Trail (July 25)

214) Beaver Creek, Elk Meadow Trail (July 29)

214a) Exploring the old Lint Slough trail (August 1)

215) New hikers, return to Blodgett Road (August 5)

215a) Giant Spruce Trail with 17 hikers (August 8)

216) Along the 804 Trail (August 12)

216a) Woodland Trail (August 15)

217) Pacific Coast, Neptune Beach to Cummins Creek (August 19)

217a) Waldport Loop Trail (August 22)

218) Cummins Creek (August 26)

218a) Woodland Trail (August 29)

219) Return to Road 411, the Fish Ladder (Sept.2)

219a) Woodland Trail, discovered vandalism (Sept.5)

220) Cape Perpetua Pacific Coast Trai to Neptune Beach (Sept. 9)

220a) Lint Slough Trail (Sept. 12)

221) Roads on the State Parks property north of Fern Ridge cemetery (Sept. 16)

221a) Beach and trails in Waldport to Norwood Heights (Sept. 19)

222) Beaver Creek Natural Area (Sept. 23)

223) Blodgett Road rainforest (Sept. 30)

223a) Woodland Trail, found storm damage (Oct. 3)

224) Gerdemann Gardens, Fisterra Trail, 804 (Oct. 7)

224a) Woodland Trail, check new signs (Oct. 10)

225) Return to the 804 Trail (Oct. 14)

225a) New trails near Forest Service HQ (Oct. 17)

226) New territory, north of Fern Ridge to ODOT facility (Oct. 21)

226a) Woodland with guests. Vandalism to new signs (Oct. 24)

227) Cape Perpetua, Oregon Coast Trail, Neptune Beach (Oct. 28)

227a) Amanda's Trail, new memorial to Norman Kittel (Oct. 31)

228) Return to Blodgett Road rainforest (Nov. 4)

228a) The Woodland Trail (Nov. 7)

229) Two groups, one Dick's Fork, the other Woodland (Nov. 11)

229a) Woodland Trail and Maintenance (Nov. 14)

230) The Fish Ladder (Nov. 18)

230a) In Town, beach loop (Nov. 21)

231) Cummins Creek (Nov. 25)

231a) Lint Slough, Thanksgiving day (Nov. 28)

232) Giant Spruce trail (Dec. 2)

233) Blodgett Road rain forest (Dec. 9)

233a) Woodland Trail plus (Dec. 12)

234) Amanda's Trail revisited (Dec. 16)

234a) Legion Road (Lakes District) (Dec. 19)

235) Gerdemann Gardens and 804 Trails (Dec. 23)

235a) Woodland Trail on Boxing Day (Dec. 26)

236) Fish Ladder, last of 2013 (Dec. 30)

236a) Blodgett Road "First Day" (Jan. 1, 2014)

236b) A first, three hikes this week. Woodland Trail (Jan. 2)

237) The Berm Trail, Road 5361, Tough (Jan. 6)

237a) Woodland Trail (Jan. 9)

238) Amanda's Trail (Jan. 13)

238a) New territory west of Crestview schools (Jan. 16)

239) Cummins Creek Trail (Jan. 20)

239a) Exploring Lint Slough trails (Jan. 23)

240) Gwynn Creek Trail (Jan. 27)

240a) Woodland Trail with guests (Jan. 30)

241) Roads north of Fern Ridge Cemetery (Feb. 3)

242) Woodland Trail (Feb. 10)

242a) New territory in Seal Rock (Feb. 13)

243) Return to Blodgett between storms (Feb. 17)

243a) Gerdemann Gardens & "YaHike" (Feb. 20)

244) Mike Miller Trail (Feb. 24)

244a) Woodland Trail (Feb. 27)

245) Dick's Fork Road, Kristi and family return (Mar. 3)

246) Giant Spruce Trail (Mar. 10)

246a) The Waldport Bridge and beyond (Mar. 13)

247) Cummins Creek trail, 21 hikers, Pub stop (Mar. 17)

247a) The local beaches (Mar. 20)

248) The 804 trail in search of whales (Mar. 24)

249) Blodgett Road rain forest trail (March 31)

250) Gerdemann Gardens and Y'Hike trails, 804 (April 7)

251) Hobbit Trail and Washburne campground trail (April 14)

251a) Checking Lint Slough trail (April 17)

252) Return to the rain forest off Blodgett Road (April 21)

252a) Gerdemann Gardens and "YaHike" trails (April 24)

253) Gerdemann, Ya 'Xaik, 804 trails (April 28)

253a) 804 Trail (May 1)

254) Amanda's Trail (May 5)

254a) Waldport Heights, east of Lint Slough (May 8)

255) Upper Cummins Creek Trail off highway 55 (May 12)

256) Across Waldport's bridge, around Bayshore (May 19)

256a) St. Perpetua Trail (May 22)

257) The Fish Ladder (road 417) (May 26)

257a) The Woodland Trail (May 29)

258) Beaver Creek Natural Area (June 2)

258a) ? (June 5)

259) Gwynn Creek (June 9)

259a) Legion Road (June 12)

260) Blodgett Road (June 16)

260a) Proposed Lint Slough trail (June 19)

261) State Park property north of Fern Ridge Cemetery (June 23)

261a) Woodland Trail (June 26)

262) Cummins Creek Trail (June 30)

262a) Forest Service trails, clearcut and gone (July 3)

263) Amanda's Trail (July 7)

263a) Woodland Traik (July 10)

264) The beach from Driftwood Park to Seal Rock (July 14)

264a) Blodgett Big Creek (July 17)

265) Cummins Creek (July 21)

265a) Woodland Trail (July 24)

266) Big Creek, Blodgett Road, then to Quarry (July 28)

266a) Waldport beaches (July31)

267) Beaver Creek Natural Area (August 4)

267a) Giant Spruce trail (August 7)

268) Legion Road and new territory (August 11)

268a) Woodland Trail (August 14)

269) Gerdemann Gardens and the reservoir (August 18)

269a) In Waldport (August 21)

270) Cape Perpetua Giant Spruce Trail (Ausgust 25)

270a) Trails to Norwood damaged by clearcut (August 28)

271) Blodgett Road with new hikers (September 1)

271a) 804 Trail (Sept. 4)

272) Pacific Coast and Neptune Beach (Sept. 8)

272a) Along the beach, Waldport (Sept. 11)

273) Legion Road, Dry (Sept. 15)

274) Beaver Creek Marsh Trail and beyond (Sept. 22)

274a) Trails south of Waldport Highlands (Sept. 25)

275) Cummins Creek Trail (Sept. 29)

275a) Blodgett Road (October 2)

276) Trails north of Fern Ridge Cemetery (Oct. 6)

276a) Woodland Trail evaluation (Oct. 9)

277) Giant Spruce Trail, Cape Perpetua (Oct. 13)

277a) 804 Trail (Oct. 16)

278) Return to the "fish ladder" (Oct. 20)

278a) Woodland Trail, access maintenance needs (Oct. 23)

279) Amanda's Trail (Oct. 27)

279a) Woodland Trail, damage check (Oct. 30)

280) Woodland Trail in the rain (Nov. 3)

280a) Lint Slough future trail (Nov. 6)

281) Gerdemann Gardens, YaHike, 804 Trails (Nov. 10)

282) Blodgett Road, Reservoir (Nov. 17)

282a) Our Woodland Trail (Nov. 20)

283) Cummins Creek Trail (Nov. 24)

283a) Woodland Trail on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 27)

284) Return to the "fish ladder" (Dec. 1)

284a) Woodland Trail (Dec. 4)

285) Blodgett Road with 6 new hikers (Dec. 8)

285a) Proposed new trail in Seal Rock (Dec. 11)

286) Cummins Creek Trail (Dec. 15)

286a) Woodland Trail, new folks (Dec. 18)

287) 804 Trail (Dec. 22)

287a) Waldport beaches (Dec. 25)

288) "Fish Ladder" with new hikers (Dec. 29)

288a) "First Hike" of 2015, 34 people, Newport (January 1, 2015)

289) Cape Perpetua, Pacific Coast Trail (Jan. 5)

289a) Woodland Trail, new hikers (Jan. 8)

290) 804 Trail, 25 hikers (Jan. 12)

290a) Blodgett Road (Jan. 15)

291) Trails at South Beach State Park (Jan. 19)

291a) Amanda's Trail (Jan. 22)

292) One group to Cummins Creek, another Yachats River Rd. (Jan. 26)

292a) Trails north of Fern Ridge Cemetery (Jan. 29)

293) Blodgett Road, welcome back Kristi (Feb. 2)

293a) New trail off Breakers Drive (Feb. 5)

294) Woodland Trail in a storm (Feb. 9)

294a) Gerdemann Gardens and beyond (Feb. 12)

295) Beaver Creek Natural Area (Feb. 16)

295a) Woodland Trail (Feb. 19)

296) The Beach, Drift Creek to Seal Rock (Feb. 23)

296a) Lint Slough, both ends (Feb. 26)

297) Giant Spruce Trail (March 2)

297a) Big Creek, Blodgett Road (March 5)

298) Cape Perpetua, Pacific Coast trail, Neptune (March 9)

298a) Fish Ladder (March 12)

299) The 804 Trail (March 16)

299a) Trails S. of Range, W. of golf course (March 19)

300) Blodgett Road in the rain (March 23, 2015) YES 300!

300a) Waldport, beach and Lint Slough (March 26)

301) Gwynn Creek Trail (March 30)

301a) Woodland Trail with Travel Portland (April 2)

302) Beach north of Bayshore (April 6)

302a) The "Fish Ladder" (April 9)

303) Cummins Creek trail (April 13)

303a) Blodgett Road (April 16)

304) 804 Trail (April 20)

304a) Gerdemann Gardens and Y'Xaik trail (April 23)

305) Amanda's Trail (April 27)

305a) The Fish Ladder (April 30)

306) Road north of Fern Ridge Cemetery (May 4)

306a) Around Waldport (May 7)

307) Giant Spruce (May 11)

307a) Woodland Trail (May 14)

308) Cummins Creek (May 18)

308a) Blodgett Road (May 21)

309) Memorial Day, Gerdemann, Y'Xaik, 804 (May 25)

309a) Legion Road (May 28)

310) Fish Ladder (June 1)

310a) Along the beach, Waldport (June 4)

311) Oregon Coast trail (June 8)

311a) Woodland Trail (June 11)

312) Beaver Creek Natural Area (June 15)

312a) Beach, Waldport (June 18)

313) Beach north of Beach Club (June 22)

313a) Blodgett Road (June 25)

314) Cummins Creek (June 29)

314a) Legion Road (July 2)

315) Giant Spruce (July 6)

315a) Woodland Trail (July 9)

316) Mike Miller Park (July 13)

316a) Starr Creek (July 16)

317) Beach to Big Stump (July 20)

317a) Amanda's Trail (July 23)

318) Legion Road (July 27)

318a) 804 Trail (July 30)

319) Blodgett Road (August 3)

319a) Gerdemann, Y'Haix, 804 (August 6)

320) Two hikes, Newport bridge, Cape Perpetua (August 10)

320a) Beach from Driftwood State Park (August 13)

321) Carson Cemetery road (August 17)

321a) Legion Road (August 20)

322) Cummins Creek trail (August 24)

322a) Fish Ladder and Woodland Trail (August 27)

323) Beaver Creek (Brian Booth) (August 31)

323a) Waldport beach trail and Lint Slough (Sept. 3)

324) 804 Trail (Sept. 7)

324a) Waldport Heights, Lint Slough (Sept. 10)

325) Fish Ladder (Sept. 14)

325a) Blodgett Road (Sept. 17)

326) Gerdemann Gardens, SLW reservoir (Sept. 21)

326a) Lint Slough (Sept. 24)

327) Pacific Coast trail to Neptune Beach (Sept. 28)

327a) Along the beach, Waldport (Oct. 1)

328) Legion Road, fire site (Oct. 5)

328a) Search for the Lint Slough Trail (Oct. 8)

329) The 804 Trail on a beautiful day (Oct. 12)

329a) Blodgett Road (Oct. 15)

330) Blodgett Road in rain (Oct. 19)

330a) The 804 Trail (Oct. 22)

331) The Fish Ladder (Oct. 25)

331a) Lint Slough, Waldport (Oct. 29)

332) Pacific Coast, Neptune Beach, part Gwynn Creek (Nov. 2)

332a) Woodland Trail (Nov. 5)

333) Cape Perpetua Giant Spruce Trail (Nov. 9)

333a) Fish Ladder (Nov. 12)

334) 804 Trail and Gerdemann's, Ya"Xaik (Nov. 16)

334a) Pacific Coast, Gwynn Creek (Nov. 19)

335) Cummins Creek trail (Nov. 23)

335a) Woodland Trail (Nov. 26)

336) Fish Ladder (Nov. 30)

336a) Lint Slough (Dec. 3)

337) Woodland Trail (and Red River) (Dec. 7)

337a) Woodland Trail (Dec. 10)

338) Blodgett River, er Road (Dec. 14)

338a) Waldport (Dec. 17)

339) Giant Spruce Trail (Dec. 21)

339a) John alone, Lint Slough (Dec. 24)

340) Cummins Creek Trail (Dec. 28)

340a) Blodgett Road (Dec. 31)

341) Giant Spruce (Jan. 4, 2016)

341a) Fish Ladder (Jan. 7)

342) Gwynn Creek Trail (Jan. 11)

342a) Blodgett Road (Jan. 14)

343) Gerdemann, Ya'Xaik, 804 (Jan. 18)

343a) Woodland Trail (Jan. 21)

344) Cummins Creek (Jan. 25)

344a) New ground north of Alsea Bay (Jan. 28)

345) Beaver Creek Natural Area (Feb. 1)

345a) Lint Slough (Feb. 4)

346) Fish Ladder (Feb. 8)

346a) Blodgett Road (Feb. 11)

347) Cummins Creek (Feb. 15)

347a) Blodgett Road (Feb. 18)

348) Pacific Coast Trail (Feb. 22)

348a) 804 Trail (Feb. 25)

349) South Beach State Park (Feb. 29)

349a) New ground north of Beaver Creek (March 3)

350) Woodland Trail (March 7)

350a) Giant Spruce (March 10)

351) Blodgett Road (March 14)

351a) 804 Trail (March 17)

352) Gerdemann Gardens (March 20)

352a) Pacific Coast Trail (March 24)

353) Beach, Bayshore north (March 28)

353a) Legion Road (March 31)

354) Fish Ladder (April 4)

354a) Old town loop/Lint Slough (April 7)

355) Cummins Creek (April 11)

355a) Woodland Trail (April 14)

356) Giant Spruce (April 18)

356a) Blodgett Road (April 21)

357) Beach, Driftwood to Seal Rock (April 25)

357a) Woodland Trail (April 28)

358) Beaver Creek Natural Area (May 2)

358a) North of Seal Rock (May 5)

359) Cummins Creek (May 9)

359a) Hilltop Farm (May 12)

360) Gwynn Creek (May 16)

360a) Gerdemann Gardens and YaHike (May 19)

361) Woodland Trail (May 23)

361a) To the cell tower (May 26)

362) The Fish Ladder (May 30)

362a) In town trails revisited (June )

363) Return to the newly reopened Amanda's Trail (June 6)

363a) The Beach (June 9)

364) Gerdemann Gardens and beyond (June 13)

364a) Blodgett Road (June 16)

365) Cummins Creek (June 20)

365a) Woodland and surrounding trails (June 23)

366) Amanda's Trail (June 27)

366a) Fish Ladder (June 30)

367) Blodgett Road (July 4)

367a) The Giant Spruce Trail (July 7)

368) Pacific Coast Trail (July 11)

368a) The Fish Ladder (July 14)

369) Fern Ridge cemetery to former ODOT site (July 18)

369a) Amanda's Trail (July 21)

370) Giant Spruce Trail (July 25)

370a) Lint Slough Trail (July 28)

371) Gerdemann Gardens and beyond (August 1)

371a) Woodland Trail (August 4)

372) Cummins Creek (August 8)

372a) Giant Spruce (August 11)

373) Amanda's Trail (August 15)

373a) 804 Trail (August 18)

374) The Beach, Driftwood to Seal Rock (August 22)

374a) Big Creek (Blogett) (August 25)

375) Cummins Creek (August 29)

375a) Legion Road (Sept. 1)

376) Pacific Coast, Neptune Beach (Sept. 5)

376a) Woodland Trail (Sept. 8)

377) Beaver Creek Loop Trail (Sept. 12)

377a) Lint Slough Trail under construction (Sept. 15)

378) The "fish ladder" (Sept. 19)

378a) Seal Rock, beach (Sept. 22)

379) Gerdemann Garderns, Starr Creek reservoir (Sept. 26)

379a) Giant Spruce trail (Sept. 29)

380) Blodgett Road (Oct. 3)

380a) Cummins Creek (Oct. 6)

381) The 804 Trail (Oct. 10)

381a) Lint Slough Trail (Oct. 13)

382) Woodland Trail (Oct. 17)

382a) Blodgett, Big Creek (Oct. 20)

383) Cummins Creek (Oct. 24)

383a) Fish Ladder (Oct. 27)

384) Gerdemann Gardens, reservoir (Oct. 31)

384a) Woodland Trail (Nov. 3)

385) Cummins Creek (Nov. 7)

385a) Fish Ladder (Nov. 10)

386) Blodgett Road (Nov. 14)

386a) Amanda's Trail (Nov. 17)

387) The Beach (Nov. 21)

389) Woodland Trail (Nov. 28)

389a) Giant Spruce (Dec. 1)

390) Blodgett Road (Dec. 5)

390a) Blodgett Road (Dec. 8)

391) 804 Trail, King Tide (Dec. 12)

391a) Gerdemann, Reservoir (Dec. 14)

392) Giant Spruce (Dec. 19)

392a) Fish Ladder (Dec. 22)

393) Blodgett Big Creek (Dec. 26)

393a) Giant Spruce (Dec. 29)

394) Woodland Trail (Jan. 2, 2017)

394a) 804 Trail (Jan. 5)

395) Fish Ladder (Jan. 9)

395a) 804 Trail (Jan. 12)

396) Pacific Coast Trail to Neptune Beach (Jan. 16)

396a) Gerdemann Gardens (Jan. 19)

397) Cummins Creek Trail (Jan. 23)

397a) Big Creek, Blodgett Road (Jan. 26)

398) The Beach north of Driftwood (Jan. 30)

398a) Woodland Trail (Feb. 2)

399) Fish Ladder (Feb. 6)

399a) Blodgett, Big Creek (Feb. 9)

400) The 804 Trail (Feb. 13, 2017)

400a) Giant Spruce (Feb. 16)

401) Old Town Loop and Lint Slough Trail (Feb. 20)

401a) Amanda's Trail (Feb. 23)

402) Fish Ladder (Feb. 27)

402a) South of Legion Road (March 2)

403) Blodgett Road (March 6)

403a) Woodland Trail (March 9)

404) Cummins Creek (March 13)

404a) 804 Trail (March 16)

405) Pacific Coast and Gwynn Creek Trails (March 20)>P> 405a) Blodgett, returning the captain to his home (March 23)

406) Giant Spruce (March 27)

406a) Fish Ladder (March 30)

407) Two groups, 804 and Amanda Trails (April 3)

407a) Blodgett Road (April 6)

408) Oregon Coast Trail (April 10)

408a) Fern Ridge Cemetery, Brian Booth (April 13)

409) Cummins Creek (April 17)

409a) Trails along the ocean, Cape Perpetua (April 20)

410) Blodgett Road (April 24)

410a) Woodland Trail (April 27)

411) Driftwood Beach (May 1)

411a) Blodgett Road (May 4)

412) Fish Ladder (May 8)

412a) Gerdemann Gardens and beyond (May 11)

413) Local Beach (May 15)

413a) 804 Trail (May 18)

414) Amanda's Trail (May 22)

414a) Blodgett Road (May 25)

415) Giant Spruce (May 29)

415a) Gerdemann Gardens, Ya Xaik, 804 (June 1)

415) Woodland Trail (June 5)

415a) Lint Slough (June 8)

416) Ona Beach (June 12)

416a) Fish Ladder (June 15)

417) Cummins Creek (June 19)

417a) 804 Trail (June 22)

418) Fish Ladder (June 26)

418a) Foxglove Meadow (June 29)

419) Gerdemann Gardens and beyond (July 3)

419a) Lint Slough Trail (July 6)

420) Legion Road (July 10)

420a) Fish Ladder (July 13)

421) Giant Spruce (July 17)

421a) Blodgett Road (July 20)

422) Cummins Creek (July 24)

422a) Woodland Trail (July 27)

423) Beaver Creek Natural Area (July 31)

423a) Amanda's Trail (August 3)

424) Gwynn Creek (August 7)

424a) Fish Ladder (August 10)

425) Giant Spruce (August 14)

425a) Lint Slough (August 17)

426) Eclipse day on the beach (August 21)

426a) Fish Ladder (August 24)

427) Brian Booth State Park north of Fern Ridge Cemetery (August 28)

427a) 804 attempt, Gerdemann Gardens and Y'Xaik (August 31)

428) Beach to Seal Rock (Sept. 4)

428a) Big Creek, Blodgett (Sept. 7)

429) Two Groups, Beach and Woodland (Sept. 11)

429a) Several beach venues (Sept. 14)

430) Gwynn Creek (Sept. 18)

430a) Fish Ladder (Sept. 21)

431) Cape Perpetua Trails (Sept. 25)

431a) Lint Slough Trail (Sept. 28)

432) Cummins Creek Trail (Oct. 2)

432a) Fish Ladder (Oct. 5)

433) Amanda's Trail (Oct. 9)

433a) Blodgett Road (Oct. 12)

434) Gerdemann Gardens and the reservoir (Oct. 16)

434a) Blodgett Road (Oct. 19)

435) Fish Ladder (Oct. 23)

435a) Gwynn Creek (Oct. 26)

436) The Beach north of Driftwood (Oct. 30)

436a) Blodgett Road (Nov. 2)

437) The John Mare´Trail (Nov. 6)

437a) Cummins Creek (Nov. 9)

438) Blodgett Road (Nov. 13)

438a) Gerdemann Gardens and beyond (Nov. 16)

439) Cummins Creek (Nov. 20)

439a) Fish Ladder (Nov. 23)

440) St. Perpetua Trail (Nov. 27)

440a) Blodgett Road (Nov. 30)

441) Fish Ladder (Dec. 4)

441a) Woodland Trail (Dec. 7)

442) Gwynn Creek (Dec. 11)

442a) Woodland Trail (Dec. 14)

443) Pacific Coast/Gwynn Creek (Dec. 18)

443a) Lint Slough improvements (Dec. 21)

444) The 804, on Christmas (Dec. 25)

444a) Fish Ladder (Dec. 28)

445) First Day hike, South Beach (Jan. 1, 2018)

445a) Woodland Trail (Jan. 4)

446) Pacific Coast, Neptune (Jan. 8)

446a) Blodgett Road (Jan. 11)

447) Fish Ladder (Jan. 15)

447a) Giant Spruce (Jan. 18)

448) The 804 (Jan. 22)

448a) Woodland Trail (Jan. 25)

449) South Jetty Trails (Jan. 29)

450) Lint Slough Trail (Feb. 5)

450a) Amanda's Trail (Feb. 8)

451) The 804 (Feb. 12)

451a) Fish Ladder (Feb. 15)

452) Woodland Trail (Feb. 19)

452a) Driftwood Beach (Feb. 22)

453) Cummins Creek (Feb. 26)

453a) Fish Ladder (March 1)

454) Beach north of Curtis Street (March 5)

455) Brian Booth State Park (March 12)

455a Fish Ladder (March 15 Ides)

456) Ya'Xaik and beyond (March 19)

456a) Woodland Trail (March 22)

457) Gwynn Creek (March 26)

457a) Lint Slough (March 29)

458) Beach north of Curtis Street (April 2)

458a) Fish Ladder (April 5)

459) Oregon Coast Trail to Neptune Beach (April 9)

460) Cummins Creek (April 16)

460a) The Beach (April 19)

461) The 804 Trail (April 23)

461a) Woodland Trail (April 26)

462) Beach from Curtis Street (April 30)

462a) Fish Ladder (May 3)

463) Lint Slough Trail (May 7)

463a) Fish Ladder (May 10)

464) Blodgett Road (May 14)

464a) Curtis street beach (May 17)

465) Oregon Coast Trail to Neptune Beach (May 21)

465a) 804 Trail (May 24)

466) Driftwood Beach north (May 28)

466a) Curtis Street beach (May 31)

467) Cummins Creek (June 4)

468) Amanda's Trail (June 11)

469) Woodland Trail (June 18)

469a) Woodland Trail (June 21)

470) St. Perpetua Trail (June 25)

470a) Curtis Street beach (June 28P

471) Cape Perpetua, Giant Spruce/Cook's Ridge (July 2)

471a) Lint Slough (July 5)

472) Gwynn Creek Trail (July 9)

473) Brian Booth State Park (July 16)

473a) Blodgett Road (July 19)

474) Giant Spruce (July 23)

474a) Patterson Park Beach (July 26)

475) Curtis Street Beach (July 30)

475a) Alsea Bay Bridge (Aug. 2)

476) Fish Ladder (Aug.6)

476a) Woodland Trail (Aug. 9)

477) Beach north of Drift Creek (Aug. 13)

477a) Amanda's Trail (Aug. 16)

478) Blodgett Road (Aug. 20)

478a) Lint Slough (Aug. 23)

479) Bay Bridge to Bayshore (Aug. 27)

479a) Curtis Street (Aug. 30)

480) Woodland Trail on Labor Day (Sept. 3)

481) Curtis Street (Sept. 10)

482) Driftwood Beach north (Sept. 17)

482a) Patterson Park beach (Sept. 20)

483) South Jetty Trails (Sept. 24)

483a) Driftwood (Sept. 27)

484) Driftwood (Oct. 1)

484a) Alsea Bay Bridge (Oct. 4)

485) Waldport streets and Lint Slough (Oct. 8)

485a) Woodland Trail (Oct. 11)

486) Pacific Coast trail to Neptune beach (Oct. 15)

486a) Giant Spruce (Oct. 18)

487) Brian Booth (Beaver Creek) (Oct. 22)

488) Amandas, and 804 (Oct. 29)

488a) The 804 (Nov. 1)

489) South Jetty trails (Nov. 5)

489a) Cummins Ridge (Nov. 8)

490) Fish Ladder (Nov. 12)

490a) Curtis Street beach (Nov. 15)

491) Amanda's Trail (Nov. 19)

492) Blodgett Road (Nov. 26)

493) Gwynn Creek (Dec. 3)

494) Oregon Coast and Gwynn Creek (Dec. 10)

495) Linda Marie led (Dec. 17)

496) Linda Marie again led (Dec. 24)

497) Twice across the bridge (Dec. 31)

498) Woodland Trail and old Forest Service trail (Jan. 7, 2019)

499) Lint Slough Trail (Jan. 14)

500) Legion Road (Jan. 21)

501) Woodland Trail, Frisbee Golf (Jan. 28)

I think it is a great idea to document our Trekking


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