Willamette, Rayonier No. 2, Debuts at Mt. Rainier Scenic, Cab Ride in Chehalis

Subtitle: A Foaming Weekend

The crew at Mt. Rainier Scenic did a wonderful job restoring Rayonier Willamette, a very rare locomotive, in their shops. She made a public debut on August 8, 2009. Since I went there, I also booked a cab ride on Chehalis and Centralia No. 15 on August 9. Busy weekend, great fun.

The trip to Mineral, WA was uneventful until I got to Morton, a tiny town, which was filled with logging trucks and police cars. Seems there was an annual logging festival going on and it was necessary to detour around the town to get to Washington route 7. I had booked a "room" at the Hobo Inn in Elbe and drove there first. The room is a caboose, and it was quite nice. After checking in, I went to Mineral and viewed all the logger locomotives, ran into many old friends, and took a lot of photos.

The star of the show, Willamette No. 2.

Side view.

Another. Enough of the star.

Jim Abney was running Hammond Lumber 17 and here he is preparing his steed.

The Willamette leads the first photo runby with smoke.

Hillcrest Lumber Climax 10 was part of the triple header runby.

The Willamette leads the second runby.

No. 2 developed a hot bearing and was set out to cool off.

Meanwhile, the other two locomotives took us across the big trestle.

All the folks in the photo line after the runbys.

Live entertainment from John Sparrow.

Folks in line for the fine barbecue provided to the passengers.

On Sunday, I motored over to Chehalis and found the 15 sitting cold. Later in the day I boarded for my cab ride with Engineer Ray, fireman Josh, fellow cab rider Dustin, age 13. It was great to see that the railroad had recovered from devastating floods of a couple of years ago.

Cowlitz, Chehalis and Cascade No. 15.

Engineer Ray oiling around.

Ray running, cab rider Dustin.

Fireman Josh at work.

We were hijacked by robbers. Dustin challenged the one in the cab.

The Sheriff came to our rescue and got the bad guys.

No. 15 gets ready for the next trip.

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