The Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation is running its annual Holiday Express, featuring Portland's steam locomotives. On the first weekend, December 4, 5, and 6, SP&S 700 did the honors. On December 11, 12, and 13, SP 4449 will operate. I volunteered in the concession stands for the first weekend. Sales were pretty slow and the attendance wasn't great, even though we had great publicity in advance this year. As usual, all the kids enjoyed the trip regardless of their ages, the ORHF had a lot of volunteer help, Santa and his elves toured the train. It was very cold, making for impressive steam plumes from 700. Here are a few photos from the weekend.

When I arrived, 700 was sitting there raring to go

700 all decorated for Christmas

Three views from about the same perspective. In the daylight, at night, and in the early morning freezing fog

Here is a series "coming atcha" as the train departed the station on one of the trips. Steam in winter is great!

Our base of operations, in the early morning fog

Glint shot departing. Hard to photograph with all the obstructions


This little girl wants to buy a shirt from Karen, c'mon mom!

Jean and Tom working sales

Al Hall announcing everything about boarding, Terry listening

Laurel Lyon, ever present for the ORHF

Karen Keller was a hit with the kids, nice hands!

Jim Abney running 700

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