Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad, RailsNW Tripleheader, May 2011

Subtitle: Can it get any better?

Once again I returned to the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railway to participate in the RailsNW sponsored three engine event. This would be the first time I experienced Polson Logging Co. 2-8-2 No. 70 in action. She had already developed a reputation for her stack talk.

I arrived in Elbe on Friday afternoon, and the trip was set for Saturday. I went out to the Mineral shops and heard a whistle. John showed up and told me that the Heisler had just left for Elbe. I got a few shots of 70 and the other locomotives in this wonderful bright sunshine, which unfortunately was not going to continue. Went back to Elbe and caught West Fork Logging 91 arriving with the cars for Saturday's trip. Stathi was running and we renewed our aquaintance.

Wedge shot of pretty No. 70 on Friday at Mineral

No. 91 arriving at Elbe on Friday

CMO Stathi brought 91 in

Saturday morning dawned (not really) with the ubiquitous Pacific Northwest overcast and drizzle. That did not deter any of the plans, and people began to arrive to ride the train. Jim Abney and Greg Kamholz were running Rayonier Willamette No. 2, and I'm not sure of the engineer on West Fork Logging Co. Heisler No. 91, but Brian B was firing. Both engines backed down to Elbe and the train was made up for a departure about 1/2 hour late.

Our train departing Elbe, led by 70, 2 and 91. What a show!

We had just passed the bridge over the Nisqually River and stopped for our first series of photo runbys.

The next series was held at "the rockpile" which is a great looking down shot

I always have to get a "from the train shot as we went through the sidings area

We stopped for a barbecue lunch at Mineral Lake, and the crew serviced all of the locomotives

This was a neat runby that was set up for us to shoot through the logging cars, staging a logger engine switching log cars while the rod engine powered passenger train roared past

Then the three engines were lined up side abreast, and everyone got to get a quality shot

I couldn't resist getting a 'wedge' of No. 2 at Divide as she ran around the train for the return to Elbe

The last series of runbys were back at the Nisqually River Bridge, on the other side

My friend Jim Abney with No. 2 in the morning before departure

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