Holiday Express 2011, with 4449

December 9-10, 2011

This year I volunteered for the second weekend duty, and 4449 was the locomotive in service. 700 had performed the previous weekend. It was fun to renew old aquaintances with the usual group of volunteers. Portland was very cold, so the steam was pretty spectacular. 4449 ran all 24 scheduled trips for the weekend, plus one add-on Sunday, as all Sunday trips were sold out. Good news.

Almost a full moon, and all the Christmas lights on 4449, Friday night

The view of the train from Sellwood Park, looking at Oaks Park

Passengers in the tent, waiting to board the train

The following sequence illustrates how impressive steam can be in cold weather. All of these were taken within seconds of each other Saturday morning on the first departure of the day. It was about 25 degrees outside.

Another successful Holiday Express has been completed. Hopefully next year we will operate from the locomotives new home near OMSI.

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