Mt. Emily Lumber Co. Shay No. 1 Photographers Special

July 7, 2012

Yet another Martin Hansen photographer's special, this time featuring Mt. Emily Lumber Co. Shay No. 1 at Prineville, Oregon on the City of Prineville trackage. The Shay is owned by the Oregon Historical Society and Martin is her primary caretaker. I arrived in Prineville on Friday, July 6, and went to the City of Prineville headquarters, where I found the Shay in the yard with Martin trying to get her fueled up for the special. They had run her on July 4th and the fuel load that Martin had requested was short, so he was remedying the situation by loading another 400 gallons of oil. It was interesting to see how this is done today, with a forklift hoisting a tote of fuel up to the bunker at the rear of the Shay, then attaching a pipe to the tote and offloading the oil. Things are not like they were during the glorious steam days. Here is the fueling operation.

Hoisting the fuel tote

Martin opening the top cover, allowing the fuel to flow

On Saturday morning with all the railfan participants assembled, the train was made up and a short runby made in the COPR yard, with lots of smoke and the safety valves popped

The train traveled west to the first photo runby spot, and conductor Steve Brown of Amtrak fame conversed with Martin about using hand signals as the photographers set up for the runby

Start of the runby, great butte in the background, plus the moon.

Wide angle shot showing the scenery

No. 1 runs by close up

We boarded the Lehigh Valley caboose and the train went to the next venue, a bridge across a stream, where Osprey were seen

Crossing that same bridge from up on the ROW

We re-boarded and went west to a spot with a reflecting pond. Here are the photographers getting set up for the runbys

Here is a photo from that spot

Here is our engineer

And our fireman, Martin himself

An "In Your Face" shot at reverse curves

Three Sisters in the background, but hard to see

We were running short on water so stopped at a stream and siphoned water into the tank, done by the crew and watched by Warren, Bill and Amtrak Ryan

On the way back to COPR we stopped to try to persuade these horses into getting into our shots at a ranch. We blocked the owner from his own private crossing for a while, and finally the iron horse scared the real horses into a runby of their own

My friend George removed those pesky wires from that shot with Photoshop, better, eh?

We returned the bridge in the earlier shot and got this "That's All Folks" going away shot of the caboose

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