Oregon Coast Scenic Doubleheaded Steam

Annual Special Excursion

June 29, 2013

Once a year, the Oregon Coast Scenic, on its normally scheduled Saturday steam runs, substitutes doubleheaded steam power for the usual single engine. This took place on June 29 this year, and I drove up to Garibaldi to photograph it.

McCloud River 2-6-2 25 pulls up to join the train. 25 would be the trailing engine today, so I got a shot of her alone, prior to the noon departure.

The train being made up, with Curtiss Lumber Heisler 2 in the lead.

Under way, just out of Garibaldi along the rocks and bay.

I misjudged the spot to shoot Smith Lake on the outbound trip, but got a shot going away.

The train approaching Rockaway Beach, where there were tourists galore.

J.J. Thompson, at the throttle of 25 in Rockaway Beach. Congrats on your engineers license, J.J.

I found the right place to shoot the return trip along Smith Lake.

Another Smith Lake shot.

I got the 2 PM departure alongside the siding where Great Northern F-7 274 is stored. Then left for home after another successful day of railfanning.

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