Holiday Express 2013, 4449 Inspection

700 Holiday Express, 4449 Maintenance

December 12, 13 2013

I did not volunteer in 2012, but did this year, for the Holiday Express. The volunteers were distributed between the Holiday Express trains and keeping the Oregon Rail Heritage Center open to the public at the same time. I was a docent at the ORHC for the first time since the grand opening on December 12. The attendance was pretty low that day so I was able to get a lot of photos of all going on there, including the 1472 day/15 year FRA inspection of the SP 4449, the SP&S 700 steamed up and ready to head down to Oaks Park to haul the Holiday Express, the OR&N 197, the Nickel Plate PA 190.

The following day I reported to the "tent" at Oaks Park to help with concession sales as the third and final weekend of Holiday Express trains commenced. It took us a while to get all the stock out and displayed, jackets, tee and sweat shirts, DVDs, hats, pins, books, toys, and all kinds of stuff. The trains were to operate at 10 and 11 AM, Noon, then at 2, 3, and 4 PM, 7, 8 and 9 PM. SP&S 700 would haul all Holiday Express trains this year, as 4449 was not operable. I only worked the morning shift and headed home. Photos from the two days follow.

700 steamed up outside the ORHC on Thursday.

Doyle's Nickel Plate PA 190 looking good

SP 4449 undergoing inspection, and looking on as SP&S 700 gets shoved into the ORHC for the night

SP&S 700 arriving back at Oaks Park after a morning trip, and a view looking down from a street above

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