Niles Canyon Railroad

Visit on a quiet day

June 10, 2014

My grandson was graduating from UCSB in June, and his mom, daughter Laurie, decided to accompany my long drive from Oregon to Santa Barbara. It just so happened that the Niles Canyon Railroad was hosting visiting steam locomotives all that week and operating five engines. As it turned out, on the day we arrived there was no activity, but we photographed the locomotives anyway.

I guess this is the place

The Santa Cruz Portland Cement 0-4-0 No. 2, better known as the "Chiggen," and Mason County Logging 2-6-2 No.7, the two visiting locomotives

Locomotives resident at Niles Canyon, Quincy Railroad No. 2 and Clover Valley mallet No. 4. Robert Dollar No. 3 was hiding in the engine shop.

Triple domed tank car (being towed by a speeder?) and a view of the yard with the Chiggen featured in the head of the line.

Caboose, a fitting end to the thread.

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