Mt. Rainier Scenic Railway

VIP Event, Dedication of New Facilities

July 19, 2014

This event was originally scheduled in May at the Mt. Rainier Scenic, but was postponed to July, in order to coincide with dedication of new facilities there. Those new facilities include a lot of buildings and logging displays that were moved from the no longer operating Camp 6 logging museum, and they provide a real destination for the MRSR trains from Elbe, Washington at the Mineral shops.

This is what one sees upon arrival at the Mineral shops today. Buildings once resident at Camp 6, but tastefully restored.

Logging equipment displays, Hyster equipment hauling a log, and the "Unit," combination skidder and loader.

And yes, we had locomotives steamed up and running, the newly overhauled Hammond Lumber 2-8-2T No. 17, and Polson Logging 2-8-2 No. 70.

Those two engines hauled us to Elbe and back in a doubleheaded display of steam power. We enjoyed box lunches aboard. Upon return to Mineral we found that Rayonier Willamette No. 2 had joined the live steam group. Cab rides followed and a barbecue at the new picnic area was enjoyed.

Polson 70 at Elbe running around the train, and back at Mineral, Rayonier Willamette joins the fun.

Jim Abney oiling around 17 and my abode for the weekend at the Hobo Inn.

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