2015 Steam Events

Oregon Coast Scenic, Santa Maria Valley 205 Steam-up

September 2015

This has been a lean year for me, railfanning. Things looked up in September when our granddaughter Taylor visited. A trip to Tillamook and the Cheese Factory was in order, so it was a no-brainer to go to Garibaldi and ride behind McCloud River 25, now with white-walls gone. Making steam at Rockaway Beach

Then my friend Martin Hansen invited me to join the fun at the second steam-up of George Lavacot's Santa Maria Valley 2-6-2 No. 205

On arrival in Independence, OR, at Lavacot Locomotive Works, the engine is just being fired by Martin. Several hours before some smoke finally emerged from her stack

Once up to operating pressure, George Lavacot opens the throttle, as Luke Johnson looks on. The valve covers had been removed so the steam just poured out of them.

Both the McCloud 25 and the Santa Maria Valley 205 are 2-6-2s. Here is a comparison of their running gear.

Which one is which?

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