2017 Steam Events

Oregon Coast Scenic Revisited

July 2017

It has been a long time since I updated this site, and a long time since visiting a steam operation again. Fellow steam fan Bill Killion and I planned a trip to the Oregon Coast Scenic. We drove there and arrived on July 11 soon after the first train of the day left. As we got to the "station" we observed that McCloud 25, which we had intended to ride behind, was sitting there. Uh-oh. She was undergoing a monthly boiler wash, so we would not get to ride behind steam today. She was there, so photos were in order. Did you ever see a cross compound air pump up close, or two steam fans grinning?

As it turned out, former Great Northern F unit 274, once owned by Doyle McCormack, was the power of the day. Engineer Dennis, identifying the two of us as steam fans, took pity on us. He offered a cab ride on the return trip from Rockaway Beach, which we accepted. Our power and train at Rockaway, a logo on one of the cars to remind us where we were, and engineer Dennis running the 274.

A view from the "fireman's" side of 274 as we returned to Garibaldi. And just to let everyone know that the Oregon Coast Scenic is dedicated to steam, here are a couple of photos showing the rare 2-4-4-2 "Skookum" in process of restoration and Heisler 2 which has to have her 1472 hour inspection to run again. We have also just learned that the Polson Logging Company 2-8-2 number 2 will be arriving at the OCSR this September, all ready to run. This is a great place.

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