2018 Steam Event

Oregon Coast Scenic Debut of Polson Logging No. 2

May 2018

It seems as though the Oregon Coast Scenic is the only steam rail operation I can get to these days. This time it was a photographers special organized by Martin Hansen. My daughter Laurie agreed to come to Oregon from her home in California to drive me to Garibaldi for this special. Besides the new (to OCSR) Polson Logging No. 2, the former McCloud 25 also participated. No. 2 hauled empty log cars aquired from the Mt. Rainier Scenic, and 25 pulled a freight which could be considered "mixed" as a coach was added for the participating photographers. I renewed aquaintance with friends Martin Hansen, Jonathan Fischer, Tom Hayden, Nils Huxtable, Thomas Shultz, Victor Hand and others. Later learned that John West and Steve Carter were there, but I did not get to meet them. As usual, Martin picked excellent locations for the photo runbys, and "back east" Pete Lerro was along to plan on spots for his intended future special with the "Skookum," still undergoing restoration.

As a sad postscript, I learned that Bill Killion, who accompanied me to last year's trip to OCSR, passed away earlier this year.

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