SP&S 700 Portland to Salem, May 14, 2005

There was a Safety Faire held in Salem on May 14, and the biggest visitor there was Spokane, Portland and Seattle Northern 700. She ran basically light from the Portland Brooklyn roundhouse, hauling only Great Northern caboose X40. The Portland and Western Railroad, former Oregon Electric route was run. She stopped in Salem at the Portland and Western yard to collect the Plum Creek, and proceeded into Salem to participate in the faire. Huge lines of people formed to tour the display. It was a typical cloudy Oregon day, and here is what I got.

Started the chase at Wilsonville, bridge over the Willamette River

Near West Woodburn, after leaving Donald

The only "sun break" of the day

Near a chicken farm

Railfans filming, Linda Vanderbeck firing

Wo, street running in Salem, just like Syracuse in the '40's

On display at the AC Gilbert (fitting) facility

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