JUNE 11, 2005

The Oregon city of Sherwood held their annual car show on June 11, and the biggest visitor there was SP Daylight 4449. She pulled a short consist of tool car, crew sleeper and Maersk diesel 644. The Portland and Western Railroad, Tillamook and Westside Districts were run. The Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation set up sales booths and had a productive day. The weather was typical cloudy Oregon with occasional showers.

Arriving in Sherwood. I always find the daisy pickers!

They arrived just before the train. I had set up some time before.

Getting Closer.

Tied down for the day.

Doyle and another crewmember discuss things.

One of our sales booths at work.

Gus Kamp advertising the ORHF.

Dave Brown and George Lavacot working.

Well, it was a CAR show.

Meantime Skylar was hostling.

Skylar and another crewmember.

The P.T. Cruiser lineup. Who's the big guy?

The guest of honor.

Two Hot Rods. I like the orange one.

Gus is still stumping for the ORHF.

Doyle leaving, making a lot of steam

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