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The 2006 Holiday Express, SP&S 700

December 8 and 9, 2006

The first weekend of Portland's Holiday Express featured the SP&S 700 decked out in holiday garb. Crowds were attracted to the locomotive after every run.

We were running a video from last year's excursion and the children were fun to watch, getting so intent on watching it. This little guy brought along his HO scale Daylight to ride along with him.

The big kids (crew) were likewise enthralled.

ORHF sales volunteers Tom and Susan

Event chairman Dave and NRHS President Arlen

Servicing the engine Saturday morning, Linda and ?

Folks in line to board, excitement!

Nighttime shot looking at the train from onboard, in the bag car.

This is a poor photo, but it shows how much steam happens in winter.

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