4449 Maintenance, Cab Ride in SP&S 700

July 13, 2007

A celebration was going on at Oaks Park in Portland, for various reasons, 30 years of Pacific Railroad Preservation Association existence, the Oregon Pacific railroad, Oaks Park, a Lionel convention. Anyway, the PRPA brought the 700 to the OP at Oaks Park and offered cab rides. I had to go. Since I was going to Portland anyway, I decided to swing by the Brooklyn Roundhouse to check out 4449. The crew had separated the tender, jacked her up, removed the pony truck, side and main rods and dropped the No. 2 drivers for bearing maintenance.

Doyle McCormack was at the roundhouse working, and let me take these photos of 4449.

The main drivers are down.

The bearing housings.

You don't often see an engine on jacks like this.

Then it was on to Oaks Park. Here is the 700 waiting for passengers to arrive. The field looks pretty dry. That's what happens when there are a few rainless days in Oregon.

I got my ticket and boarded for the Noon run. Here's John Frazee firing.

Greg Kamholz, engineer, operating the brake valves.

Greg hauling the throttle back to start our reverse move.

Some tourist in the cab, getting in the way.

Pressure just under the 260 psi safety valve setting.

Greg checking the turbogenerator.

SP&S 700 resting after the run.

A great day in Portland for a railfan.

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