A Santa Fe shot. 4-8-4 3751 and F unit 347C

Portland's SP 4449 in all her glory

UP Challenger 3985

UP 844

Santa Fe 3751. Doyle and Jack checking her out

SP Pacific 2467 on her first outing after restoration

Mt. Emily Lumber Shay No. 1

Graham County Shay 1925. The two Shays had a race.

Sierra Railway No. 28 Consolidation

Eureka and Palisade "Eureka"

Tahoe, Trout Creek & Pacific No. 5

Promontory recreated with 3751 and 2467. 4449 looks on

The Big and the Small of it, 3 and 3985

3751 enroute, outside Mojave. Dave Kirkpatrick photo

Me and 3751

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