This page to Dragons, Wizards, Elves and Magical Crystals has been updated to our  NEW  site at  www.whittlersworkshop.com   to view the Dragons and Wizards in all their Dragon Glory take a fast walk to the store by clicking any link.

Steve Tunturi is a Master Wood Carver on the Oregon Coast. He first carves the Dragons and Wizards from fine wood, then has his Elves mold and cast them from a wood and resin mixture. Each is then hand painted by local Artists of the Oregon Coast.

Magical Dragons and Wizards are his love, but Sorceress's and Crystals also live in his work giving Life to all he does. I will reveal here for the eye that see, "Dragon Lady" is his real love.

Dragons have been apart of Myth and Lore for thousands of years and now Master Dragon Creator " Steve Tunturi" has Dragons coming out of the "Wood Work" so to speak. Dragons Speak many languages, some softly, some Speak loudly, but all Speak naturally.  Breathe of fire, eyes that glow and all children know that Dragons They Are So! The children Speak their language and many believe they are but what adults call Dinosaurs. 

So for all your Dragon and Mystical needs  just click ~~~~ ~~~~~ and go!

If you wish the original animations of the "Whittlers Dragons" we may add a page to this site for them if enough care too. 





~Speak with the Dragon Lady~




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