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    Ethical Standards: Abbey Lane Laboratory is committed to the highest ethical standards of testing, reporting and consultation services.  These standards will not be compromised under any circumstances.  We operate on the five principles of Honesty, Responsibility, Fairness, Respect and Compassion.   Abbey Lane Laboratory does not purchase unverified  "certifications" from companies which do not check on lab capabilities.  We believe that by committing to these standards you will receive not only the best service, but one that can be trusted. 

    Scientific Standards: The identification services we provide are based entirely in professional science.  All scientific standards are overseen by Dr. Carpenter, who has an earned Ph.D. in mycology and who has been a member in good standing of the Mycological Society of America for 32 years.  We have a laboratory library compiled of  keys to molds we have prepared, a permanent slide collection of hundreds of species of molds for reference, and  thousands of published references from which to consult.  Our reports are composed of information grounded in scientific evidence, not hearsay or unfounded health claims by non-professionals.  We have a close alliance with the National Fungus Laboratory, a branch of the USDA Agricultural Research Service, in Beltsville, MD.

    Experience: Our staff are professionals with many years of experience in mold identification and testing. We provide expert analysis of specimens and identification to full fungal species, not just a generic name, for molds such as Aspergillus, Penicillium and Stachybotrys. For instance, there are 16 known species of Stachybotrys with only one reported as a health problem: if found in your environment, it would be critical to know the difference. In cases where health is a risk, this is vital information. Others do not have the expertise to absolutely identify molds to species, often providing only test results with generic names or results such as "mold positive," which tell you little about your problems.

    Plain Talk Reports: Our reports include both technical and plain-talk information. We don't expect you to translate scientific jargon, so we provide plain-talk translations for you, and we also provide highly technical information to you about each mold and test result so that you have the most complete portfolio on the molds for which you have tested.

    Abbey Lane Laboratory is a full-service microbial laboratory rated as a Class-100 cleanroom at 0.5 microns, including an 8' Baker Edgeguard sterile transfer hood. We are capable of identification of micro-organisms, specializing in molds and related fungi, microbial isolation, and surface testing. 

    In addition to our own extensive literature resources, we are within 15 minutes of Oregon State University, where the Valley Library houses a rich collection of mycological and other biological literature and journals. 

    Dr. Carpenter has 30 years of experience as a trained mycologist, including 11 years in the semiconductor industry as a contamination control consultant. He provided FDA GMP guidance as a faculty member of the CleanRooms Seminars. He was a Research Assistant in the mycology program at Cornell, Fellow of the New York Botanical Garden's mycology Program from 1975-80, recipient of the Anna E. Jenkins Mycological Fellowship, where he traveled and worked in European mycological laboratories. He also has led and participated in 7 major mycological expeditions to Andean and tropical Latin America, resulting in major contributions to the science of mycology. In the 1980's he worked with the USFS and USGS on mold and fungus recolonization of the Mt. St. Helens devastation area following the eruption of that volcano. 

    Abbey Lane Laboratory also works closely with Dr. Donald Knutson of Biological Laboratory Services. Dr. Knutson has worked for the last decade on contamination solutions for Food Technology and Environmental Air Systems. He has 35 years experience as a plant pathologist, with experience in food products, forest sciences, and product deterioration, and served as Associate Professor of Plant Pathology for 20 years at Oregon State University. 

    K. Paul Durant is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Oregon. He specializes in high purity and ultra-clean air and gas systems for the Semiconductor industry. He has 10 years of experience in cleanroom systems, with an extensive background in design, construction and startup of high technology buildings. His background includes a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Portland State University, and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas.

    Support staff includes Jaime Doerr who has an Associate degree in Veterinary Technology, and who works with incoming laboratory materials and media preparation. Patricia Goodin-Carpenter worked in the Semiconductor manufacturing industry for 5 years and is the laboratory's tracking and isolation technician. We also have the resources to add to support staff from the Graduate student and research technician pools at Oregon State University, 5 miles from the laboratory, when necessary.

    Abbey Lane Laboratory is part of Cascade Research Associates, formed in 1984. The Associates provide a cooperative working environment to solve unique problems that arise in this business. Two laboratories provide complementary services: Biological Laboratory Services is operated by Dr. Knutson to serve our mid-west customers, and Abbey Lane Laboratory is run by Dr. Carpenter to serve our west coast customers. Paul Durant, P.E., provides expertise in HVAC and systems contamination control for building systems issues.

    Our staff includes professional members of the Mycological Society of America and we are networked with the membership. We often share information about unusual fungi with the National Fungus Laboratory, part of the Agricultural Research Service, USDA. We also test identification keys in  preliminary identification publications for that laboratory. Abbey Lane Laboratory is located in an area where leading edge mycological research is conducted at numerous Federal and State laboratories, including the Region 12 EPA laboratory and USDA Forestry Sciences Laboratory, whose libraries and resources are available to us.