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    Price includes sampling materials, analysis and laboratory report


    To order a test kit, choose one of the categories below and send a check payable to 

    "Abbey Lane Laboratory"

    Mailing Address:

    Abbey Lane Laboratory
    P.O. Box 1665
    Philomath, OR 97370 USA

    Upon receipt of your check, we will send you the test kit. After you have completed the tests, return the test kit to us for processing and analysis. After analysis is complete, a final report will be sent to you.

    TEST REPORTS: The price of each kit includes analysis and a detailed Report sent to you after processing your sample. The Report includes information about known health effects on humans and other organisms, photomicrographs, worldwide distribution, known growth habitats, as well as detailed physiological, metabolic and growth parameters.

    Test Kit Levels: 

    Level-1, Combination kit: $200 Two tape-lift samplers for surface sampling; 4 snap-lock Petri plates containing sterile growth medium; sterile swabs; sampling instructions; Data Sheet; and a report returned to you on organisms you recover.

    Level-2, Combination kit: $150: One tape-lift sampler for surface sampling; 4 snap-lock Petri plates containing sterile growth medium; sterile swabs; sampling instructions; Data Sheet; and a report returned to you on organisms you recover.

    Level-3, Air and swab testing: $125: 2 snap-lock Petri plates containing sterile growth medium; sterile swabs; sampling instructions; Data Sheet; and a report returned to you on organisms you recover.

    Level-4, Surface sampling, $100. 2 tape-lift samplers; sampling instructions; Data Sheet; and a report returned to you on organisms you recover.

     Level-5. Special Arrangements: We can work with you to provide discounts on large numbers of test kits or variations in the composition of a home test kit. Please contact us directly and we can work together to give you a balance of testing methods, amounts and your cost structure.


    All reports are summarized in an Executive Summary which explains in plain talk what you may expect to be dealing with in terms of exposure to mold contamination. This Executive Summary will help you make the best choices for your individual situation. 

    In cases where we have received a highly toxic mold such as Stachybotrys chartarum, we will phone you immediately upon species determination.

    For each mold reported we provide species name, colored photomicrographs, effects on human health, effects on other organisms, ecology and worldwide distribution, and physiology. The physiology portion is highly detailed, and is provided to assist health providers and rebuilding contractors with the best information about the optimum growth conditions of the molds, and their ability to grow on various building materials. This will help avoid placing the wrong materials into a decontaminated space and help avoid environmental air, humidity and temperature situations that would otherwise encourage toxic mold growth.

    The information we provide is a synopsis compiled from our archives of reports from many years working with large numbers of customers, our network of colleagues in other laboratories (including the National Fungus Collections in Beltsville, MD), and current literature information which, for some molds, fills chapters of Medical Mycology textbooks and Sick Building Syndrome conference proceedings. 


     Test kits can be valuable as an inexpensive first step in determining whether or not you have a serious mold contamination issue in a building air system, living space or other material. These kits are designed for you to easily take a sample and send it in for analysis by our laboratory staff. The analysis report will tell you if we have found molds that are implicated in serious health hazard situations or as common allergens. In some cases, you may find that there is no mold growth, in which case you have inexpensively removed one of a number of possible causes for your contamination problem. Other cases may indicate special maintenance tasks of air handling systems. In severe instances, the analysis report will give you enough information to determine if you have a serious problem that requires more extensive investigation.

    We provide you with a test kit to collect air and swab samples and submit them for identification. In addition, surface testing using tape-lift samples are used to immediately determine the identity of molds that are actively growing on surfaces. The Test Kit contains sterile, prepared growth media in snap-lock Petri plates; sterile swabs; instructions for taking samples; information sheet about where the sample was taken. After sampling, the plates are returned to our laboratory, where the samples are placed in a special incubator that simulates conditions that optimally grow molds for identification. The tape-lift samples are removed from the sampler slide, divided into 3 portions each, and mounted on microscope slides, stained and individually scanned with brightfield transmission light microscopy to determine the identity of molds. We then provide you with a complete report about the organisms that you recovered from your environment.


    You won't know how to control your contamination or testing needs without being absolutely sure of which mold species you are dealing with. Our service provides you with that critical information.

    Our staff are professionals with many years of experience in mold identification and testing. We provide expert analysis of specimens and identification to full fungal species, not just a generic name, for molds such as Aspergillus, Penicillium and Stachybotrys (15 species known - only one reported as a health problem). In cases where health is a risk, this is vital information. Others do not have the expertise to absolutely identify molds to species, often providing only test results with generic names or results such as "mold positive," which tell you little about your problems. 

    Our reporting includes both technical and plain-talk information. We don't expect you to translate scientific jargon, so we provide plain-talk translations for you, and we also provide highly technical information to you about each mold and test result so that you have the most complete portfolio on the molds for which you have tested.